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Forbidden Love (Chapter 9)

Forbidden Love (Chapter 9)



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Published by Charlene Taylor

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Published by: Charlene Taylor on Jul 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 9---- 
"What?!?!?", I am pissed. Why would she do that to myman?"I just told you. She hypnotized me and forced me to haveintercourse with her. You are acting like I liked it.", his voicegets a little firm. I sense a little guilt in his voice."
Did you 
?", I struggle to get out fighting off my tears. I amnow fed up with him. His facial expression is blank. He islooking down at the beautiful white expensive sand. I don'tbother to hear his answer. I attempt to walk off, but Chasegrabs my arm."Did you!", I yell as I snatch away. I can't believe he liked it."Yes, but-", I stop him in his tracks with a hard slap. I walkaway, but again Chase runs up to me, and gives me a longkiss. "I love you Hailey. She meant nothing to me. How doyou think I feel. You kissed Nathan more than once and
liked it.", he says this with jealousy."That would have never happened if you would have never left.", I remark smartly. Chase grinds his teeth together,trying to ignore what I had just said to him."Look. If you want me to leave, then I will. You keep bringingthat up, when I told you it was for a good cause. I wouldhave never left if I wasn't thinking about the sake of your life,and even your sister's life! Why would I, or anyone want toleave the love of their life? It hurts Hailey. Every second.Every minute. Every day. Hell,every moment without you islike hell on Earth. I want to spend the rest of my life with you,and I want you to feel the same way, but it can't happen if you keep bringing up the past.", he sounds very emotional. I
love him, it's just that we have this missing wall now thatwe need to rebuild. "Look. I brought you here so that we can
have a good time, so let's not talk about that now.", he rubsmy chin looking me right in the eyes. This makes me smile incomfort. He holds my hand, and shows me to a beautifulpicnic set out in front of the ocean. It's a perfect view of thewater, and trees."What is she like.", I bring up the conversation even thoughhe suggested we had not bring it up."Who?", he looks at me a little confused."Niya? Whatever her name is.", I wave my hand as if I didn'tcare."Oh, you mean Nala.", he sighs atfer saying this. "She isforceful, and somewhat aggressive.", he glances at thewaves swifting up on our feet and back off the sand."Did you ever go out with her?", I try to make him look me inthe eyes, but he doesn't budge. He continues to watch thewater."Isn't it beautiful?", he tries to ignore the question. He finallylooks up at me slightly smiling."Did you ever go out with her?", I say firmly. His half-smilefades away."Well. . .we went out off and on from 1694 to 1720, then, in1814 we got married. We divorced in 1899, because things just didn't work out between us. We still saw each other after the divorce, because we both worked at the VGA, but I leftfor a while.", he explains "Don't worry about her. I am
over Nala.", he finishes. He looks very nervous. If they were together that long, I am sure that he still has
feelings for her deep down inside."When you left me, did you two see each other at theVGA?", I look at his nervous face."She always came to my room, and we talked, andoccasionally she tried to get intimate with me, but I turnedher down; but I don't think that counts as 'seeing' eachother,", he isn't lying. I can see it in his eyes. I am a little jealous by this though. He could have done anything with her 
while he was there. Especially when you work there you getyour own room. There isn't any telling what they did in eachother's rooms. But I can't let my imagination get the best of me. I have to trust him if we're trying to get past this. I don'twant to talk about this anymore. I want this date to be aboutChase and I. Not Chase, Nala, and Nathan. No discussionsabout Nala and Nathan."I am still in shock that you bought me this huge place.", Isay smiling."I did it because I love you.", He nuzzles my nose. (rubs hisnose against mine) He always does this instead of kissingme."You know it would be better if you just kissed me.", I flirt."Okay. Kiss on aisle one!", Chase yells clapping his handstogether looking aaround as if people were watching. Weboth break out into laughter."You are so stupid!", I playfully shove him in the arm. Chaseleans fowards and kisses me passionately.When we finish smooching, I notice the horizon caused bythe setting sun."Isn't it beautiful?", I am now resting my head on Chase'sshoulder. I know that this is sort of an inresponsive question,so I am not surprised that Chase didn't answer."You know this island is all yours, and you can come herewhenever you want. When you feel sad, or down, or justneed some time alone. This is the place to come and cooldown and relax.", he looks at me, then up at 4 passingseagulls."I know that now.", I watch the seagulls also. Chase'sbeautiful blue eyes are sparkling in the sun. Nathan's grayeyes are much more beautiful, although they are on thesame level of appearance."You know, this isn't all I have for you.", Chase looks at meas the water glistens in his eyes. Wow. I am so appauled."Chase, this island is enough. You had to have spent a

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