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Anthony Brown 2013 MSEA Survey Responses

Anthony Brown 2013 MSEA Survey Responses

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Published by David Moon
http://www.marylandjuice.com - Anthony Brown's responses to Maryland teachers union survey for 2014 Governor's race (October 2013).
http://www.marylandjuice.com - Anthony Brown's responses to Maryland teachers union survey for 2014 Governor's race (October 2013).

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Published by: David Moon on Oct 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CANDIDATE: Lt. Governor Anthony G. BrownCAMPAIGN ADDRESS: 1101 Mercantile Lane, Suite 220, Largo MD 20774POINT OF CONTACT: Justin Schall, Campaign Manager PHONE NUMBER(S): 240-667-2321EMAIL: jschall@anthonybrown.com WEBSITE:www.anthonybrown.com 
 I confirm that the responses provided here are my official positions in seeking the office of Governor of Maryland and I understand that MSEA reserves the right to share my responseswith members and interested parties.
Candidates: In order to be considered for a recommendation during the MSEA Representative Assembly October 18-19, 2013 in Ocean City, you must:1.
 Indicate your response to each question. Clarifications, explanations, and other information may be attached, but please be certain to indicate clearly the questions(s)
towhich you refer.
Return your completed and signed questionnaire to MSEA no latethan August 23, 2013.
 Participate in a one-on-one interview with MSEA President Betty Weller.
The interviemust be taped no later than September 13, 2013.
Your interview and completed questionnaire will be shared with all delegates to the MSEA Representative Assembly. If you are the recommended candidate, we ask that you agree to participate in our Educate for a Day Project, a day-in-the-life of an MSEA member, during American Education Week in November 2013.
State Aid for Education
Do you support or oppose legislation to create a “Thornton
like Commission”?
 __ Support _____ Oppose
 If you support, will you include this legislation as an administration bill in 2015?
Background Points
In 2002, lawmakers passed the Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act (also known as the Thornton Plan)based on the recommendations of the Thornton Commission. While this increased investment has helped
Maryland’s public schools and students achieve outstanding results and develop a reputatio
n as a nationalleader, many unmet needs remain. MSEA supports increasing the per pupil expenditure, offsetting the impactof continuing inflation and growth, full funding of programs mandated by the General Assembly and/or theState Board of Education, additional state funding to reduce class size, funding to provide state of the arttechnologies that promote student achievement, increased funding for the education of students receivingspecial education services, and legislation to support high-quality programs for all students at-risk.
During challenging economic times, the General Assembly made changes to the Thornton Funding formula byslowing the growth of funding according to inflation. This resulted in $718 million less in state funding thanoriginally projected for 2014.
The cost of educating students continues to increase. Over the last 10 years, Maryland has seen an increasein our Title 1 student population of 129 percent and limited English proficiency students of 88 percent. Withyear to year increases in special education needs, it is clear that the changing student population is asignificant driver of costs.
But the return on investment is incredible. In 2001, 49 percent of students were ready for school whenentering kindergarten. In 2011, that number was 83 percent. In addition to being the number one publicschool system in the country for five straight years, Maryland is also #1 in student achievement growth(1992-2011); 4
grade reading and math improvement (proficient level); and AP performance (2008-2012).
And Maryland’s graduation rate is at 87 percent –
the highest ever.
There is continued room for improvement in closing education gaps, expanding programs and services, andimproving student achievement.
The next governor will have a significant impact in the future funding and success of Maryland schools. TheThornton Plan required the State to study the adequacy of education funding by June 30, 2012. The 2011session of the MD General Assembly, however, acted to delay this study until 2016.
MSEA supports legislation to be introduced in 2015 to create a “Thornton
like Commission” to study
education funding, recruitment and retention of educators, appropriate facilities, and student achievement inMaryland to determine the many factors and mandates impacting education since the passage of Thornton in2002. This Commission should report on a parallel timeline of the 2016 adequacy study.
 Despite the toughest economy since the Great Depression,
the O’Malley
-Brown Administration was the first Administration to fully fund Thornton. By working togethewe were able to make record investments in our public schools and in our educators -increasing annual state education funding by more than a $1.5 billion dollars for a total increase of 35% since 2007. And because of these investments, your leadership and our 
educator’s hard work 
 , Maryland 
public schools have much to be proud of:
Our highly educated workforce is one of the top reasons that businesses continue to start, grow and be attracted to Maryland;
 Education Week magazine has ranked 
 Maryland’s public schools #1 in America
 for  five years running;
elementary school students have raised their  MSA scores nearly 40% inboth reading and math.
 Maryland’s middle school students
have nearly doubled their  MSA scores in math;
 Maryland’s students are #1 in AP success for the 7 
consecutive year;
students are graduating high school at the highest rate in history, and 
together we’ve driven down the drop
-out rate 14% since 2010;
 Maryland has made more progress to close the income achievement gap than anyother state in the nation
. Maryland’s low
-income students raised their math and reading test scores by 55 points over the past 8 years- the greatest improvement inthe country,
according to the Nation’s Report Card;
Since 2007, we have reduced the achievement gap between white and black studentsin elementary school math and reading by more than a 25%; and  
Since 2007, we have made substantial progress in reducing the achievement gapbetween white and black students in middle school math and reading.
made great progress, but we must continue to build on our successes. That meansmaking sure that our public schools receive the financial resources they need to support our educators and prepare every child for success. That is why I would fully support introducing legislation t 
o create a “Thorton
like Commission” in 2015
which ensuresour schools are properly funded for future generations.
Please provide your general and specific thoughts on how education funding challengescan be addressed during your first term as governor? How would you prioritize state aidfor education in your budget proposals?
 Educating our children and pro
viding for the public’s safety
are the top obligations of  state government.
 In order to build on our progress, we must continue to make therecord investments in public education that we have made during the past seven years sothat every child in Maryland has the opportunity to succeed. This is true in both growing and stagnant economic and budget environments. As your Governor, I would approach education funding as a partnership with MSEA. I will honor our educational funding formulas and revisit them periodically to ensure that they reflect our needs and our values. I believe that we are at our best when all partiesare at the table, working together to build comprehensive solutions for all Marylanders.

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