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Published by gumm238
Basic CQB
Basic CQB

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Published by: gumm238 on Oct 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Compiled by A. AMORETTI
This handout is to reinforce the basic tactics and conceptsregarding CQB (Close Quarters Battle). For a more in depthinstruction, please refer to FM 3-06.11 (Doctrine for JointUrban Operations); FM 90-10 (Military Operations onUrbanized Terrain); FM 90-10-1 (An Infantryman
s Guide toCombat in Built-up Areas; Sharp Corners: Urban Operationsat Century
s End Dr. Roger J. Spiller, US Army CombatStudies Institute, April 2001
CQB = Swift, Silent, Deadly
Tangos will know your entry point (the fatal funnel) and will defend against thatentry point. This gives tangos the advantage. Enter the room quickly, clear thefunnel. DO NOT STOP IN THE FUNNEL.Never look away from your gun. At the ready in clear areas, firing position indanger areas. If your head moves, the weapon goes with it.Know your field of fire. Do not engage targets of opportunity. Engage targets inyour field of fire. If there is a threat in your field of fire (opening, window,doorway, an obstacle that needs to be cleared), cover the threat.OODA
Observe, Orient (yourself to the situation), Decide, Act.Go the opposite way of the operator in front of you when entering a room, unlessordered otherwise by team leader.Point man is never wrong. If you
re the point man, make a decision; commit toyour action. Remember to use the path of least resistance. If the door opensinward, move away from the hinges. If the door opens outward, move towards thehinges.Fill in the blanks. If a team member deviates from SOP, fill in the blanks to makethe situation work.Remember your angles.Learn to
slice the pie
without barrel leading.It takes at least two to clear a room. Divide the attention of the tangos. Two infast, make them hesitate.If you fall down, stay down. Do not get up until signaled by another member of the team. You may stand up in the line of fire or impede the movement of the restof the team.Find an area to cover or support someone. Find a threat area to cover. If all areasare covered, support someone. Engage bodies, then doors and openings, thenclear hides.Don
t flag your team members. Muzzle awareness. Flagging is pointing your weapon or sweeping your weapon across another team member.
Point Man;Second Man;

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