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Sad Beautiful Story

Sad Beautiful Story



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Published by Florin Dumitru

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Published by: Florin Dumitru on Jul 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sad beautiful story 
On the dusty road that came out of the Legendary forest alinear mass of people was walking slowly as returning from afuneral…in fact they kinda did just that because they had just hada fight with the barbarians…and now the barbarians are all dead…these people here were so tired that they barely crawling…most of them were wounded and their piercing cries were heard from milesaway. In front of this army of poor souls on a beautiful black horsewas a big knight in a black armour. He and his horse were blackentirely, so you could swear they are best friends with the night. The greatness of this knight was obvious not only because theother people were looking up toward him but mostly because hewas the only one in the army who was standing erect. And thatwas not because he wasn’t tired, but he wanted to give anexample to this army : that nothing could bend a true knight. Andhe wanted to be a true leader, not an ordinary man…and he surewas a leader to this army…an army that wasn’t even his, yet. Hewas indeed the favorite knight to the king of this realm, but nowthe king was dead…he had fallen in this battle…and the blackknight made part of the king’s personal staff which was made of the very best knights from the court. And the black knight was thefinest…he had won all the arena competitions that were held in thelast three years… that means he was the best knight even since he
was 22 years old…The only thing the people didn’t understand,was that the knight has had always the helmet on his head alongwith the armour…so nobody have ever seen his face…there wererumors that he has an ugly face with cuts from the many battleshe made part of…he’d appeared the first time on the wedding of King Alexandru and his beautiful bride Queen Katherine…nobodycould tell where did he come from…rumors were also that he wasanother pretender of the beautiful Katherine’s hand and becausehe didn’t have a chance against the king he chose to close hisheart forever.Now, returning victorious from this battle only one thoughtwas in his mind… how was he suppose to tell the queen that theking is dead ?…he vowed that he’s gonna protect the king’s lifewith his own life…and now he was alive and the king was not.Entering the gates of the castle he gave the horse to his servantand head to the queen chambers…”she probably heard thehappyness in the palace and now she’s happy too…that will makeit worst for me…”Walking slowly because of the heavy armour and speciallybecause of the tough thoughts, he finally reached to the queen’sdoor…he knocked on the door and wait. The queen who was amagnifecent woman opened the door and wanted to throw herself in the hands of the man before her…but in stead of flesh shetouched metalshe moved back frightened and looked
paralyzed…when she saw the black knight she realized thatsomething bad happened…Is he dead ?…asked the queen with a trembling voice.Amazed by the beautiful face of the princess he looked paralyzedas well…he actually didn’t now what to say and even if he did hecouldn’t. He stayed stunned in her face and kept on looking ather…he had never seen this creature so close before…he thoughtthat the king must have been very lucky to have her beside him…Because of his silence the queen burst into tears anticipating theknight’s answer. For the first time since the queen’s wedding hefelt like needing to take off his helmet…and he did… The queen was still crying and she didn’t noticed what the knightwas doing…but after a while she raised her face from the groundand with a despiteful look wanted to break the knight into pieces…but when he met the knight features she looked astonished for thesecond time in that short while since the knight knocked on herdoor. She looked surprized because he didn’t expect the blackknight to do this, also because the man before her was veryhandsome and because she saw that face before…Yes…he’s dead, said the knight with a firm voice…You are… you were the king’s counselor before our weddingwhy did you run away ? the king had allways regreted nothaving your wisdom next to him…said the queen with the voicemore soften then previosly…I didn’t run away…I just couldn’t bear seeing you

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