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Oct13d Health Econ Immig

Oct13d Health Econ Immig

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Published by CBS_News

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Published by: CBS_News on Oct 23, 2013
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CBS NEWS POLLFor Release: Tuesday, October 22, 20136:30 pm ETHealth Care, Economy, Immigration
October 18-21, 2013
More Americans continue to disapprove (51%) than approve of the health care law(43%). Most expect their own health care costs to rise and four in 10 think the quality willfall because of the law.Only 12% of Americans think the sign-up for health insurance exchanges is going well;49% say it is not.Most (66%) still say the economy is in bad shape, and 38% now think it is getting worse
the highest since December 2011.77% of Americans support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants if certainrequirements are met, but more think border security should be a higher priority (50%)than addressing the status of illegal immigrants (43%).
The Affordable Care Act
The signup process on the web site for the new health care exchanges has had well-publicizedproblems since its launch earlier this month. Many Americans seem to be aware of thoseissues: only 12% think the sign up process is going well, while far more -- 49% -- say it is notgoing well.
However, more than a third of Americans can’t evaluate how signup is going.
So Far, How is Signup on Health Care Exchanges Going?
Well 12%Not well 49
Don’t know enough to say
38Overall views of the 2010 health care law are the same as they were when the programlaunched earlier in October. More Americans disapprove (51%) than approve of it (43%).Views continue to be highly partisan: 74% of Democrats approve of it, compared to 87% of Republicans who disapprove. 55% of independents disapprove.
Views of the Health Care Law
 Now 10/1-2/2013 9/2013 7/2013 5/2010 3/2010 Approve 43% 43% 39% 36% 43% 32%Disapprove 51 51 51 54 47 53
Don’t know
6 6 10 10 10 1543% of Americans overall
think the law goes too far in changing the country’s health care
system. Among those who disapprove of it, 75% think it goes too far, but another 12% think itdoes not go far enough.
How Far Does Health Care Law go in Changing the Health Care System?
View of Health Care LawTotal Approve DisapproveToo far 43% 8% 75%Not far enough 22 36 12 About right 29 53 10Throughout CBS News
polling on the subject, Americans have consistently expected that thenew health care law will lead to an increase in their own health care costs. Also, 40% think thequality of their own health care will get worse. Views have changed little since the law wasenacted in March 2010.
How will Health Care Law Affect
Now 3/2012 3/2010The cost of your health careIncrease 53% 52% 52%Decrease 14 15 14No effect 27 27 27The quality of your health careGet better 16% 17% 17%Get worse 40 33 39No effect 40 43 38Those who disapprove of the law are especially likely to say they expect their costs to rise andthe quality of their care to worsen.
The Economy
Most Americans continue to view the condition of the national economy negatively. Two thirdsthink it is in bad shape; just 32% think it is good.
Condition of the Economy
Now 9/2013 1/2013 10/2012 12/2011Good 32% 35% 32% 32% 13%Bad 66 63 66 67 86 And
there’s more pessimism
about the direction the economy is headed. 38% now think theeconomy is getting worse
up 11 points from last month and the highest number in nearly twoyears. Only 21% now feel the economy is improving; 41% say it is staying the same.
Direction of the Economy
Now 9/2013 1/2013 10/2012 12/2011Better 21% 29% 33% 38 21%Worse 38 27 30 27 39Same 41 44 36 34 40The economy and jobs remain the top concern for Americans, but more are now concernedabout the budget deficit and partisan politics then last month.
Most Important Problem
Now 9/2013 5/2013Economy & Jobs 26% 34% 34%Budget deficit/debt 12 6 6Partisan politics 8 4 3Health care 8 8 5
Government Spending
With more budget negotiations on the horizon, Americans were asked to choose which of thelargest items in the federal budget they would be most willing to change in order to cutspending. More choose military spending (41%), over Medicare (23%) or Social Security (16%).Cutting military spending is the top choice of Democrats (51%) and independents (41%), whileRepublicans are more inclined to choose Medicare (30%).
Which Would You Change to Cut Spending?
Total Reps Dems IndsMilitary 41% 27% 51% 41%Medicare 23 30 18 24Social Security 16 24 8 18
There is widespread support for providing a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants in the U.S.if they meet certain requirements, including a waiting period, paying fines and back taxes,passing criminal background checks and learning English. 77% favor that; just 20% oppose.Support cuts across partisan lines.
Path to Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants in U.S. if Conditions Met
 All Reps Dems IndsFavor 77% 69% 87% 75%Oppose 20 28 11 22Still, more Americans (50%)
think securing the nation’s border should b
e a higher priority thanaddressing the status of illegal immigrants (43%). Republicans are more likely than Democratsand independents to place a priority on border security.
Which Should be a Higher Priority?
 All Reps Dems IndsSecuring the border 50% 56% 47% 48% Addressing status of illegal immigrants 43 37 46 44 _______________________________________________________________________ 
This poll was conducted by telephone October 18-21, 2013 among 1,007 adults nationwide. Datacollection was conducted on behalf of CBS News by Social Science Research Solutions of Media, PA.Phone numbers were dialed from samples of both standard land-line and cell phones. The error due tosampling for results based on the entire sample could be plus or minus three percentage points. The error for subgroups may be higher. Interviews were conducted in English and Spanish
This poll releaseconforms to the Standards of Disclosure of the National Council on Public Polls.

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