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Modification on the Uri Geller method

Modification on the Uri Geller method

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Published by Turiyan Gold
A method for developing a spoon bending power with tools and a new theory.
A method for developing a spoon bending power with tools and a new theory.

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Turiyan Gold on Oct 23, 2013
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Uri gellerTake a bundle of shish-kabob sticks, the traditional method calls for a bundle of chopsticks but I likethese better. Except the ends are pointed so when you hold them between the palms lengthwise ithurts.Bind these close to the ends with wire. So you have a roll of bamboo skewers, kind of like a rolled upsushi mat. The method to use these is to roll them between the palms like a rolling pin. And alternatlyhold them between the palms, so the ends are in the center of the palms, like a tai chi ruler.You will have to consider the pointed ends but you can twist the palms alternatly to twist them to andfro. You do this ad libitum. Now, considering the uri geller method of bending spoons prepare the nextstep right away.Take some iron rods, or chromium steel, never aluminum, it reflects qi and has no diamagnetic
properties anyways. Make them about ¼” in diameter. In a pinch you can use tie rods be careful of the
sharp ends.Now I suggest to bind the ends not with wire, but with surgical tubing. This is there is constant pressureon the rods. You have the same bundle as before, only instead of skewers, which are obviously a bitskinner than the chopsticks. The iron will rust, so you can immerse them from time to time in strongblack tea solution and allow to dry.The special consideration here is that if you are a spoon bender and you use the intention against thebamboo skewers, you will get a different result. I have personally seen a few of the skewers actuallywarp.But the key here is consistency. This is to strengthen the power. Think Debroglie waves here ie. Stick vs.Slip probabilites. Now the test, and I suppose you can ignore the sweat equity step, and go right to themetal rods. Roll them between the palms with the intention to thin the rods.They should in fact elongate. And they should be even. If you test on the metal rods, and its uneven,then you will need to hone your abilities on the skewers and the chopsticks. Because you are goingAGAINST the grain.As to the tai chi ruler. The importance of this training is as thus. This has never been explained beforein this manner so sit up and take notice:The intention here is MOLECULAR PSYCHIC CONTACT. The emission of qi through air and water SPEEDSUP he qi. The transmission through wood or metal, will SLOW DOWN the qi. Take for example standingon a pile. A log buryed in the ground. Your feet are grounded through feet of the log, requiring the qi inthe body to tune itself to the medium.

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