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Nuclear - Israel - US - Ten Explosive U.S. Government Secrets About Israel

Nuclear - Israel - US - Ten Explosive U.S. Government Secrets About Israel

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Published by dustinshay

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Title describes it...

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Published by: dustinshay on Oct 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In 1968 Director of Central Intelligence Richard Helms wrote urgently to Attorney GeneralRamsey Clark and President Lyndon B. Johnson that some highly enriched uraniumfueling Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor was stolen from America.LBJreportedly uttered,"Don't tell anyone else, even [Secretary of State] Dean Rusk and [Defense Secretary]Robert McNamara." The FBI immediately launched adeep investigationinto theinexplicably heavy losses at theNuclear Materials and Equipment CorporationNUMEC inPennsylvania and the highly suspicious activitiesand Israeli connectionsof the Americansrunning it. The CIA was tasked to find out what was going on in Israel, and compiledthousands of documents about the incident. (PDF) Although CIA officialsin a position tonow unofficiallywent on record claiming a diversion had occurred, for decades the CIAhas thwarted declassification and release of the LBJ memos. OnOctober18, 2013 theonly appeals panel with the power to overrule the CIA—theInteragency SecurityClassification Appeals PanelISCAPsentnotification that Americans are not yet ready toknow the contents of the memos (ISCAPdecisionPDF).This denial of public release of decades-old secrets concerning U.S.-Israelrelations is far from unique. Although theObama administration promisedunprecedentedtransparency, it has emasculated the public'sability to give informed consent on a wide rangeof key foreign policy issues. A review of tenparticularly toxic U.S. secrets about Israelsuggests stakeholders should start assumingthe worst but most logical explanation.In 2006 former Secretary of Defense DonaldRumsfeld famously told reportersat an Iraq war briefing "There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There areknown unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But thereare also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know."Bushadministration secrecy andRumsfeld's pithy quotes failed to quell gradual publicawareness that the ill-fated invasion was launched on purposely fabricated pretexts.Andyetthe Iraq debacle could have been avoided if Americanshad beenbetter informed over time how government truly functions through greateraccess to the fourth categoryleftunmentioned by Rumsfeld: "unknown knowns.""Unknown knowns" aretheparadigm-shifting bits of information knownonlybya selectfew ingovernmentbut kept fromtheir fellowAmerican citizens because they would revealindefensible, secret policies and institution-level corruption that favor a special interest.By locking "unknown knowns" under heavy guard in document archives, covering them insecrecy classification stamps and making an example out of whistleblowers who releasethem without authorization, busy bureaucratswith the highest security clearancesmaintain a vast and growingtrove of "unknown knowns." Historiansand watchdog
organizationsare continually thwarted intheir mandate tocontextualize and educatethepublic aboutrelevantpast events that could deeply inform the governed—andultimatelyimprove governance. Senator Carl Schurz said, "My country right or wrong, if right,to bekept right, and if wrong, to be set right." "Unknown knowns" obliterate the public'sability toexecute the latter two-thirds of thatsageadvice.Even the passage of time does not guarantee "unknown knowns" ever become "knownknowns."Under current government records preservation guidelines—particularly foinformationthatresearchers are not actively seeking to declassify— some "unknownknowns" quietly become "unknown unknowns" as they decay, arephysicallydestroyed,erased or "lost."Many knowledgeable former officials take their secrets to the grave.As aproduct of theill-gotten power and influence of the Israel lobby, the pile of "unknownknowns" about U.S.-Israel policyis particularlylarge.Curious Americans whorightfullyquestion official narratives about the U.S.-Israel "special relationship" haveoftenrequested"known unknowns"under the Freedom of Information Act. Former governmentinsiders who knowfirsthand aboutexplosive secrets oftenseek their public release toalertothers using the Mandatory Declassification Review, evenrequesting documents byname, subject, location, author and date.After such "unknown knowns"(like the LBJmemos)are unsuccessfullysought for decades by multiple researchers,well-warrantedsuspicions arise about the reasons behindthe impermeable government wall of refusal.The followingtenUS-Israel policy "unknown knowns" suggest the Israel lobby's ongoingcorrupt power is the only possible explanation for why they are stillsecret.
1. Henry Morgenthau Jr's Israelpolicy
is the stuff of legend inaccounts about the birth of Israel.Some researchers claim thatFDR's former Treasury Secretarywas present at the original 1945meeting of American Zionists withJewish Agency executive director David Ben-Gurion to set up themassive Haganah smugglingnetwork to steal,illegallybuy andsmuggle surplus WWII arms fromthe U.S. to Jewish fighters in Palestine.(reportPDF) This was the firstmajorbroadlyorganized Israel lobby challenge to U.S. sovereignty. It successfully overrode Americanpolicy enshrined in neutrality and arms export laws. Others claim Morgenthau was alsoinstrumentalin theillicit financing Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons program in directopposition topolicy set byAmerican presidents.The FBI's dusty 10,000 page file on Morgenthau, numbered 105-HQ-188123 (the105codesignifies "foreign counterintelligence") including intercepts to Morgenthau from Israel,could finally clear up many of these allegations, especially when compared to currentresearch.Although the FBI—afteraprocess that began in 2010—in September 2013claims it has fully declassified the Morgenthau file, censors have blanked out nearly everypage with a paint-roller of black ink (sample PDF). How do high officials with strong ties toIsrael and its lobby who are politically appointed to the U.S. Treasury Department floutU.S. laws with their ownforeign-coordinatedforeign policy movements? The FBI andJustice Department do not believe Americans are quite yet ready to know.
2. Eisenhower and the LavonAffair.
In 1954, the Israeligovernment launched its"Operation Susannah"false flagterrorist attack on U.S. facilities inEgypt. Israel's operatives werequickly arrested when bombsexploded prematurely. Theoperation's utter failure resulted ina political crisis known as theLavon Affair. President Dwight D.Eisenhower, periodically swarmedby American Zionist Councillobbyists urging him to sendmoney and arms to Israel, must have learned some very hard lessons about U.S.-Israelrelations from the incident. Yet the Eisenhower presidential archive—which is not subjectto FOIA—has never released anything revelatory about the administration's reaction to theattempted false flag attack. A narrow request for such files yielded only a singlenon-specific declassified opinion that the commander-in-chief believed the Israelis were"fanatics." (National Security CouncilPDF) Yet the false flag operation's objective,attacking to keep U.S. troops stationed in the Suez Canal Zone to respond to "Egyptianmilitants," seemed entirely rational to Israel, and possibly to some of its U.S. supporterswho struggled for years afterwards to minimize the importance of theaffair. TodayEisenhower library archivists claim that huge quantities of Eisenhower's papers are still"unprocessed,"butmay hold some private reflections or lessons learned.
3. Israeli theft of nuclear material fromNUMEC.
In 2013, the CIA continues toresist release of thousands of files aboutthe NUMEC diversion byreferring to CIADeputy Director for Operations John H.Stein's secret decision in 1979 (2013 FOIAdenialPDF). Stein claimed that release of even a few of CIA's closely-held files—especially if they werecompared with Science Advisor of the Interior Commission HenryMeyer'sblunt allegations(PDF) to Congressman Morris Udall in 1979 that NUMEC wasan Israeli smuggling front—was impossible "because of the need to have a coordinatedExecutive Branch position and our desire to protect a sensitive and valuable liaisonequity." In plain English, that appears to mean Americansstillcannot have officialCIAconfirmation of the uranium theft because the U.S. president would have to drop theongoing nonsense of "strategic ambiguity" and forego intelligence Israel is funneling to America.
4.FBI files ofIsraeli(but not Russian)spies
Russia'sdashingred-headed spy, AnnaChapman, was arrested in 2010 and sentpacking back Russia. Any interested Americancan now watch Chapman's moves insurveillance videos and read theFBIcounterintelligence files. Not so with most o

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