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October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013

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Published by The Delphos Herald
The Delphos Herald
The Delphos Herald

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Published by: The Delphos Herald on Oct 23, 2013
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BY STEPHANIE GROVESStaff Writersgroves@delphosherald.com
DELPHOS — Lastmonth, Green Thumb GardenClub members unanimouslyapproved Judy Pohlman asthe new vice president of theclub. At Monday afternoon’smeeting at the library, shewas officially installed intoher accepted position.Club members began pre-paring for the upcoming holi-day season by finalizing theclub’s Christmas Tree theme,which will be miniatureplastic clay pots and water-ing cans brought into themeeting by Treasurer KarenHartman. In addition, driedflowers like Hydrangea andStatice and decorated pinecones will be used to createornaments for the tree, whichwill be on display at theCanal Commission this year.Christmas Tree Committeemember Laura Roach saidthe Canal Commission willnotify the club when to bringin the tree and set it up in themuseum.“We will decorate itsometime in the early partof November,” Roach stat-ed.Also, the club has beeninvited by Gary Levitt tohold its annual Christmasparty at the Postal Museum,which will be on Dec. 11 andcatered by a local restaurant.The buffet-style dinner willinclude chicken, Swiss steak,mashed potatoes, steamedvegetables and a salad bar.
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013
50¢ dailyDelphos, Ohio
Telling The Tri-County’s Story Since 1869
Kalida boys advance to districtfinals, p6St. John’s Fall Festival winners, p3
Letter from EMT gives sobering effects of layoffs
By NANCY SPENCERHerald Editornspencer@delphosherald.com
DELPHOS — A large crowdwaited through back-to-backexecutive sessions of DelphosCity Council Monday evening.Councilman Kevin Ostingcalled the first executive sessionfor the discussion of contracts andwages with council and MayorMichael Gallmeier attending.Safety Service Director GregBerquist called the second fordiscussion of contract negotia-tions with council, Law DirectorClayton Osting, Berquist and themayor in attendance.Once back in regular ses-sion, Council Clerk MarshaMueller read correspondencefrom Diane Pack, a Delphosmedic. It read:
Mr. Mayor, Mr. Berquist andcity council members, 
You have stated that theDelphos EMS would not be affect-ed by the layoffs of the fire depart-ment. I would like to take thisopportunity to explain to you howincorrect this statement is andhow devastating these layoffs of our firemen will indeed be to theDelphos EMS.With only one fireman on dutyinstead of two, there is the pos-sibility that we will have no firstresponder. This means that when acitizen has a heart attack, insteadof our firemen arriving on scenein three to five minutes, the cit-izen will instead wait between15-20 minutes for the arrival of anambulance. After six minutes of no oxygen to the brain, this citizenwill either be deceased or left withpermanent and irreversible braindamage. This, of course, is justone example.Our firemen are on the scene of an EMS call 12-15 minutes beforethe ambulance arrives. They havethe scene safe for us to enter,secured and under control. Theyhave any bleeding controlled, oxy-gen on the patient and vital signsobtained. When necessary, theyhave CPR started as well. They areable to radio to the ambulance crewand let us know what equipment tobring in or have set up and readyupon our arrival. This is called thetier system and has been provento be the most effective in savinglives and providing the highest-quality patient care.Given the number of elderlyresidents in Delphos, in additionto all our children, one wouldthink that keeping our fire andEMS as it is now, effectively sav-ing lives, would be a priority.By reducing the number of ourfiremen, the potential for our citi-zens to die while waiting on thearrival of an ambulance is greatlyincreased. Imagine that citizen isyou, or a loved one. Would yourather wait three minutes or 15minutes for emergency medicalservices?At times, in severe cases, theambulance crew needs another setof hands. If we are short -staffedor if there is no advanced EMT orparamedic in the ambulance, thefirefighter will go on the squadrun with the EMS crew. With nofirst response, we may not be ableto staff an ambulance in all situ-ations.The layoffs at the fire depart-ment will cost us our only twofirefighter/paramedics. Thisleaves the city with only threeparamedics on the EMS side andzero on the fire side.One of our medics is only ableto work midnight to 6 a.m. fivedays a week and limited hoursthroughout the day and eveningon the weekends. Another onlyworks from 6 p.m. to midnight afew nights a week.The third works a limitedamount of shifts throughout theweek. The citizen who has a car-diac-related emergency will belucky to time his or her emergen-cy properly so that one of thesethree medics will be available toadminister cardiac medications.EMT basics and EMT advanced,our other two levels of EMS per-sonnel, are not able to provideadvanced cardiac are or administerthese cardiac drugs.
Library hosts techdrop-in today
The library willhost a “Tech Drop-In” at 6 p.m. today.In October, patrons canbring their devices in andhave one-on-one assis-tance with learning howto use the device. Patronsare encouraged to stopby and ask questions.
See COUNCIL, page 12Jack Holden
Former paper boy Holdenrecounts friendships
BY STEPHANIE GROVESStaff Writersgroves@delphosherald.com
DELPHOS — Back in 1944, when JackHolden was a sprite 12-year-old, he and theother paper boys spent countless hours fold-ing papers in the basement of the DelphosHerald.“My friend, Jim McKowen, and I foldedpapers together,” Holden said.“All the paper boys went around the backof the building and down the steps to thebasement to fold papers. Sometimes the presswould break down and they would have to waiton papers, so they would play ball out back.”Holden said he delivered papers in theevening by bicycle on Route K, which encom-passed South Main Street down Suthoff andinto the country on Route 66.“I delivered about 40 papers every day,”Holden said. “The weather never stalled us.When it poured, we waited and when itsnowed, I still rode my bicycle.”Holden said that Saturday delivery includedcollecting money for subscriptions from hiscustomers. When they paid their subscrip-tions, he would hole-punch a card with thecustomer’s information on it to show they paid.“It was important to have a job; it was justenjoyable working with my friends,” Holdenreminisced.
Finance Committeereceives six 2014Budget options
BY NANCY SPENCERHerald Editornspencer@delphosherald.com
DELPHOS — The Delphos City Finance Committee held ashort meeting following the regular council meeting Monday.Committee members were given six different variations of athe 2014 budget by Safety Service Director Greg Berquist to goover.“If you have any questions, please email me and include theother members so everyone knows what was asked and I willanswer to all of you,” Berquist said. “I need guidance from coun-cil as to what to do and what direction to go.”The variations include the recent staff reductions, furloughs,cuts in seasonal employees and health care costs.City Auditor Tom Jettinghoff reported he had made contactwith the Ohio Water Development Authority about deferringthe loan payment on the wastewater treatment plant. He said theOWDA had a few questions for him, which he answered, and hehad not heard back.Jim Knebel asked if the current figures for the General Fund,Water Fund and Wastewater Fund were available. Jettinghoff saidthose numbers would be generated at the end of the month andprovided at the first meeting in November.Rural resident Brenda Hoersten questioned cuts to the firedepartment and police department and “throwing more money” atthe wastewater treatment plant.“You guys are just approving more and more money to theplant that’s only six or seven years old and you don’t even knowif it’s going to fix it,” she said. “We are just throwing more moneyinto what I think is a money pit and not addressing the elephantin the room. Where is the dialog? It seems this side chit chats andthis side doesn’t know what’s going on.”Sandy Wilhem also spoke.“So we’ve seen the problem; what are we going to do aboutit?” she asked.Councilman Josh Gillespie asked how many employees takeadvantage of the health care plan offered by the city and was toldthere are 43.Finance Committee President Joe Martz asked for any ques-tions on the six budget proposals and added that if anyone felt theneed to have additional Finance Committee meetings to contacthim.
See PAPER BOY, page 12Green Thumb Garden Club members installed theirnew vice president Monday afternoon during theirmonthly meeting held in the First Edition building atthe Library. Incumbent Judy Pohlman, left, is affirmedby Club President Judy Jester as the new vice president.(Delphos Herald/Stephanie Groves)
Green Thumb Garden clubinstalls new vice president
Village chief reports fourdaytime coyote sightings
BY STEPHANIE GROVESStaff Reportersgroves@delphosherald.com
SPENCERVILLE — Spencerville Police Chief Darin Cooktold village council Monday of resident sightings of coyotesprowling around in the daytime and one was close enough to ahouse to eat from a dog food bowl. He said seeing them in thedaytime is alarming and they will attack small dogs and cats.“Residents need to be cautious about leaving small childrenout in the yard unsupervised,” Cook warned. “These animalsare sick or hungry.”Cook says the plan is to put snares in the ditches to captureand destroy them.The police department has been running on a skeleton crew.With both full-time officers absent, Cook is the only full-timeofficer manning the department.“I have a lot of vacation time coming and I should not haveto forfeit the time,” Cook said.Cook also reported the police vehicles are in need of serviceand the department will not be responding to calls — fires orEMS — outside the village.“One has a check engine light on — which may be a sensorlight — and the other is being prepared for winter,” he detailed.Village Administrator Sean Chapman reported that he islooking for a new contract administrator for the WastewaterTreatment Project. During the Oct. 7 council meeting, Chapmanasked council to consider passing/accepting change order 2Gfrom Kirk Brothers Construction which changes the scope of the Water Treatment Project. Councilman Miller first referredto a motion he had made at the Aug. 5 council meeting wherehe moved “to move forward with Richard Kirk’s proposal andwith some thought, we need to figure a scope of work to keepCT Consultants on as contract administrator.”
Grant deadlineset Nov. 1
Applications for grants tonon-profits from the ArnoldC. Dienstberger Foundationmust be postmarked Nov. 1.Recipients must qualifyas a not-for-profit and tax-exempt under the regu-lations of the IRS.Mostlycloudytoday witha chance of rain show-ers possiblymixed withsnow showers this morning.A chance of rain throughoutthis afternoon and againafter midnight with snowshowers possible. Highsin the mid 40s and lows inthe lower 30s. See page 2.
See COYOTE, page 12See GREEN, page 12
Turkey Trotset Nov. 23
The Landeck 5K TurkeyTrot for Technology will beheld at 10 a.m. Nov. 23 atLandeck Elementary School.Registration is at 9 a.m.The fee is $25 and includesa Dri-fit Shirt. Deadline isNov. 15. Registration afterNov. 16 is $20 with no shirt.Forms can be found onthe Facebook page: searchLandeck 5K Turkey Trot forTechnology or request a formby emailing schraderhomes@gmail.com. Mail form andpayment to: Schrader Realty,c/o Landeck Turkey Trot, 202N. Washington St., DelphosOH 45833. Registrantswill receive a confirmationemail. Checks are payableto Landeck Parents Club.All proceeds benefitLandeck Elementary School.
2 The Herald Wednesday, October 23, 2013
For The Record
The Delphos Herald wantsto correct published errors inits news, sports and featurearticles. To inform the news-room of a mistake in publishedinformation, call the editorialdepartment at 419-695-0015.Corrections will be publishedon this page.
The DelphosHerald
Vol. 143 No. 93
Nancy Spencer, editorRay Geary, general managerDelphos Herald Inc.Don Hemple, advertising manager
Lori Goodwin Silette
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Wheat $6.71Corn $4.08Soybeans $12.80
WEATHER FORECASTTri-countyAssociated PressTODAY
: Mostly cloudy with a chance of rainshowers. Possibly mixed with snow showers in themorning. Then partly cloudy with a chance of rainshowers in the afternoon. Highs in the mid 40s.West winds 5 to 15 mph. Chance of measurableprecipitation 30 percent.
: Partly cloudy. A 20 percent chanceof rain showers and snow showers after midnight.Lows in the lower 30s. West winds 5 to 10 mph.
: Mostly cloudy with a chance of rain showers. Possibly mixed with snow showers.Highs in the lower 40s. West winds 5 to 15 mph.Chance of measurable precipitation 30 percent.
: Mostly cloudy throughmidnight then becoming partly cloudy. Lows in thelower 30s. West winds 5 to 15 mph.
: Partly cloudy. Highs in the upper 40s.
: Mostly clear. Lows in thelower 30s.
: Partly cloudy. Highs in the lower50s.
: Partly cloudy with a 20percent chance of rain showers. Lows in the mid30s.
: Partly cloudy. Highs in the lower50s.
: Mostlyclear. Lows in the upper 30s. Highs in the mid 50s.
: Partly cloudy with a 30percent chance of showers. Lows in the mid 40s.
: Mostly cloudy with a 50 percentchance of showers. Highs around 60.
Dear Delphos Community
On behalf of St. John’s Catholic Church, I want tothank each of you for all you did to support our 101stFall Festival. Thanks to you, the Festival was a success.For more than a century now people have pulledtogether to create a weekend of fun, food and friendship.This year’s festival built on that tradition.I want to thank each of our sponsors, volunteers,student workers and patrons for all each of them did tomake this past weekend such an uplifting event.Thank you!
Sincerely, Father Dave ReinhartPastor and Superintendent
Jayne A. Midtgard
July 2, 1957-Oct. 14, 2013
Jayne A. Midtgard, 56,of Delphos died Oct. 14 ather residence.She was born July 2,1957, in Lima to Carl“Bus” and Rose (Klier)Brown, who preceded herin death.She married JamesMidtgard, who also pre-ceded her in death.Survivors include fivebrothers, Jim (Shelly)Brown of Van Wert, Joe(Vickie) Brown of Troy,Jay (Lauri) Brown and Joel(Lori) Brown of Delphosand Jamie (Robin) Brownof Sidney.She was also precededin death by a brother, JohnBrown.Mrs. Midtgard wasthe bar manager for theAmerican Legion inSpencerville and was amember of the AmericanLegion Auxiliary Post 191in Spencerville. She was a1975 graduate of JeffersonHigh School.A celebration of her lifewill begin at 11 a.m. Fridayat Harter and Schier FuneralHome, the Rev. Gary Fishofficiating. Burial will beat a later date.Friends may call from2-8 p.m. Thursday at thefuneral home.Preferred memorials areto American Legion Aux.Post 191 in Spencerville.
One Year Ago
Fort Jennings Elementary School’sRed Ribbon Week themed “Life is Madeup of Choices; Choose Wisely” kickedoff Monday and will run through Sunday.Students are encouraged to participate inthe week-long campaign with special-themed days.
25 Years Ago – 1988
Ottoville native Arthur G. Miller, nowof Ocala, Fla., will appear in the CBStelevision movie, “Pancho Barnes onOct. 25. Miller, who flew an antiqueairplane from Florida to Texas for thefilming June through August in Texas,has several small parts in various scenes.Miller, who has been flying planes since1964, was hired as a mechanic for the 10to 12 antique planes used in the movie.Twenty-four members attended therecent Landeck Catholic Ladies of Columbia potluck dinner hosted by theYellow Jackets, the losing team. KathleenZimmerman’s name was drawn for thepot of gold but she was not present. Aturkey party is planned Nov. 6 in thechurch basement for members, spousesor guests. Members are asked to contactVelma Wehri or Lena Miller for reserva-tions.In a ballgame that featured two of thewell-known football powers in DivisionV football, Jefferson took advantage of a pair of Allen East Mustang turnoversand turned them into a pair of scores, oneeach in the second and third quarters, andthen held on for their eighth win of theseason against no losses.
50 Years Ago – 1963
Secretary of State Ted Brown hasgranted articles of incorporation to acharitable foundation organized as agreater Delphos community project.Arnold G. Dienstberger, in memory of his late wife and himself, has agreed toestablish an endowment for the primaryobjects of the foundation by means of an irrevocable trust with a substantialamount of money.Ottoville’s Miss and Master Chapterof the Child Conservation League heldits October meeting in the home of Mrs. Richard Wurst with Mrs. WilliamHorstman, Jr., and Mrs. H. H. Koesteras hostesses. Mrs. Jack Devitt conductedthe business session. The next meetingwill be Ladies Night Out with membersattending a cooking demonstration at theOhio Power Company office in Delphos.Rebecca Circle of Trinity MethodistChurch met Tuesday evening at the homeof Mrs. Roger Briggs with 17 membersand one guest, Margaret Mericle, present.Mrs. Don May gave a report on WesleyFoundations and Mrs. Charles was incharge of the program. Mrs. Gary Brentsread a poem and led the group in prayer.
75 Years Ago – 1938
A mass evacuation of Hankow Chinawas started Saturday as the Japanese,following up their occupation of Canton,reached a point within 30 miles of the emergency capital. Sir A. ClarkeKerr, British ambassador to China, wasexpected to go to Chungking and conferwith Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shekon the possibilities of British-Germanmediation.A change has been made in thearrangements for the Democratic rallywhich will be staged in Delphos on Oct.27. The rally will start with a dinner tobe served at the Presbyterian Church.Because of the limited space at the din-ing room at the church, those planningto attend the dinner must have theirtickets in advance. Tickets are beingsold by Syl Baumgarte, Dr. F. A. Young,King and Stallkamp Drug Store andFred Geier.The members of the Junior W.B.A.organization enjoyed a wiener roast andmarshmallow toast Friday in the Sueverwoods, south of Delphos. Mrs. FrankKriscamp, a member of the W.B.A.Lodge, was in charge and assisted byMrs. George Wallen. The honors in thecontests were awarded Joan Wallen andMona Lou Bardo.
Associated Press
Today is Wednesday, Oct. 23, the296th day of 2013. There are 69 days leftin the year.Today’s Highlight in History:On Oct. 23, 1983, 241 U.S. servicemembers, most of them Marines, werekilled in a suicide truck-bombing atBeirut International Airport in Lebanon;a near-simultaneous attack on Frenchforces killed 58 paratroopers.On this date:In 1864, forces led by Union Gen.Samuel R. Curtis repelled ConfederateGen. Sterling Price’s army in the CivilWar Battle of Westport in Missouri.In 1910, Blanche S. Scott becamethe first woman to make a public soloairplane flight, reaching an altitude of 12feet at a park in Fort Wayne, Ind.In 1915, tens of thousands of womenmarched in New York City, demandingthe right to vote.In 1941, the Walt Disney animat-ed feature “Dumbo” premiered in NewYork.In 1942, during World War II, Britainlaunched a major offensive against Axisforces at El Alamein in Egypt, resultingin an Allied victory.In 1954, West Germany was invit-ed to join the North Atlantic TreatyOrganization, which it did the followingyear.In 1956, a student-sparked revoltagainst Hungary’s Communist rulebegan; as the revolution spread, Sovietforces started entering the country, andthe uprising was put down within weeks.In 1973, President Richard Nixonagreed to turn over White House taperecordings subpoenaed by the Watergatespecial prosecutor to Judge John J. Sirica.In 1980, the resignation of SovietPremier Alexei N. Kosygin wasannounced.In 1987, the U.S. Senate rejected,58-42, the Supreme Court nomination of Robert H. Bork.In 1991, Cambodia’s warring factionsand representatives of 18 other nationssigned a peace treaty in Paris.In 1995, a jury in Houston convictedYolanda Saldivar of murdering Tejanosinging star Selena. (Saldivar is serving alife prison sentence.)In 2001, The nation’s anthrax scare hitthe White House with the discovery of asmall concentration of spores at an offsitemail processing center. President GeorgeW. Bush announced he had authorizedmoney for improved post office securityfollowing the deaths of two postal work-ers from inhalation anthrax.Ten years ago: As thousands of anti-war demonstrators protested outside,President George W. Bush thankedAustralia for sending troops to Iraq andAfghanistan as he spoke to the country’sParliament. Later in the day, the presidentconcluded his Pacific trip with a visitto Hawaii, where he dropped flowersinto the water at the sunken battleshipUSS Arizona. Madame Chiang Kai-shek,widow of the Chinese nationalist leader,died in New York at age 105. In Game 5of the World Series, the Florida Marlinsbeat the New York Yankees 6-4, bringingthe team within one game of winning thebaseball championship.Five years ago: Badgered by lawmak-ers on the House Oversight Committee,former Federal Reserve Chairman AlanGreenspan denied the nation’s economiccrisis was his fault but conceded the melt-down had revealed a flaw in a lifetimeof economic thinking and left him in a“state of shocked disbelief.” The TampaBay Rays evened the World Series at onegame apiece by beating the PhiladelphiaPhillies, 4-2.One year ago: In a debate withDemocratic rival Joe Donnelly, IndianaRepublican Senate candidate RichardMourdock said that when a womanbecomes pregnant during rape, “that’ssomething God intended.” Former PennState football assistant Jerry Sanduskywas transferred to a Pennsylvania stateprison from the county jail where he’dbeen held since his conviction on childmolestation charges.Today’s Birthdays: Baseball Hallof Famer and former U.S. Senator JimBunning, R-Ky., is 82. Movie directorPhilip Kaufman is 77. Soccer great Peleis 73. Rhythm-and-blues singer BarbaraAnn Hawkins (The Dixie Cups) is 70.ABC News investigative reporter BrianRoss is 65. Actor Michael Rupert is 62.Movie director Ang Lee is 59. Jazz singerDianne Reeves is 57. Country singerDwight Yoakam is 57. Community activ-ist Martin Luther King III is 56. Moviedirector Sam Raimi is 54. Parodist “WeirdAl” Yankovic is 54. Rock musician RobertTrujillo (Metallica) is 49. Christian/jazzsinger David Thomas (Take 6) is 47.Rock musician Brian Nevin (Big HeadTodd and the Monsters) is 47. Countrysinger-musician Junior Bryant is 45.Actor Jon Huertas is 44. Movie directorChris Weitz is 44. CNN medical reporterDr. Sanjay Gupta is 44. Country singerJimmy Wayne is 41. Actress Vivian Bang(TV: “Sullivan & Son”) is 40. Rockmusician Eric Bass (Shinedown) is 39.TV personality and host Cat Deeley is 37.Actor Ryan Reynolds is 37. Rock singerMatthew Shultz (Cage the Elephant) is30. Rhythm-and-blues singer Miguel is28. Actress Masiela Lusha is 28. ActressBriana Evigan is 27. Actress JessicaStroup is 27.A boy, Paul Kenneth,was born on Oct. 19 to Jilland Joel Denton of GroveCity. He weighed 8 pounds,1 ounce and measured 21inches long.His grandparents areSteve and Lisa Reckerof Delphos. Great-grandparents are Georgeand Carol Hellman and PatRecker.A boy, Conner James,was born Oct. 21 at MiamiValley Hospital in Dayton toJim and Jessica Odenwellerof Vandalia. He weighed 8pounds, 7 ounces and was20 1/2 inches long. Connerwas welcomed by his sister,Eleanor.Grandparents are Edand Carol Odenweller of Delphos and Paul and KarenCyphers of West Milton.Area great-grandparent isMargaret Schimmoeller of Fort Jennings.
FDA reviews 2promising newdrugs for hepatitis C
WASHINGTON (AP) —Doctors may soon have twonew drug options for patientswith hepatitis C, just as the liv-er-destroying virus becomes amajor public health concernfor millions of baby boomers.The Food and DrugAdministration holds a publicmeeting this week to reviewtwo experimental medicationsfrom Johnson & Johnson andGilead Sciences. The newdrugs, if approved, couldoffer a quicker, more effectiveapproach to eliminating hepa-titis C, a blood-borne diseaseblamed for 15,000 deaths inthe U.S. this year.In a review posted onlineTuesday, the FDA reportedthat J&J’s drug simeprevir hasa slightly higher cure rate thancurrently available treatments,though it also caused rashesand sunburn in some patients.On Thursday, the FDA willask a panel of outside expertswhether the drug shouldcarry warnings about rashesand sunburn on its label. Theagency is not required to fol-low the panel’s advice, thoughit often does.The meeting comes at atime when federal health offi-cials are urging baby boomersto get tested for the virus,which can go unnoticed fordecades before causing symp-toms.
CLEVELAND (AP) — TheseOhio lotteries were drawn Tuesday:
Mega Millions
02-03-19-52-71, Mega Ball: 14
Pick 3 Evening
Pick 3 Midday
Pick 4 Evening
Pick 4 Midday
Pick 5 Evening
Pick 5 Midday
Estimated jackpot: $216 million
Rolling Cash 5
03-05-15-18-20Estimated jackpot: $265,000
Good Selection
7  ½  T    T  E  E  T  
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 Please fill out one form for each veteran.
Photos (most any size) canbe submitted to The DelphosHerald or email withinformation tographics@delphosherald.com
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013 The Herald 3
YWCA fall travelpreview set
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VAN WERT — The pub-lic is invited to attend theFall Travel Preview at theVan Wert YWCA at 3 p.m.Sunday.A full and varied sched-ule of trips has beenplanned which will includeseveral one-day excursionsas well as many extend-ed vacations. The verypopular Grandparents andGrandchildren Trip and theAll-Girls Mystery Trip willagain be included.There will also be doorprizes and refreshments.For more information,call the YWCA at 419-238-6639 or write or stop in at408 E. Main St., Van Wert.Winners in the St. John’s Fall Festival cash drawing were:$1,013 - Nathan Gable$300 - Steve and Dorothy Rayman$200 - Cheryl Kimbel$100 - Doris Lindeman$50 - Mary Nichols, Sue Long, Paul Metzger, Mary Ann Lisk, Barb Hesseling, DonnaSanders, Richard Dukes, John Trentman, Arthur Bonifas, Ruth Verhoff, Brenda Metzger, KevinArdner and Stephanie Will.The winner of the doll house was Holly Liebrecht.St. John’s faculty and staff has announcedwinners in their booth raffle at St. John’sFall Festival. Items can be picked up in theelementary school office.Navy and yellow afghan - Roger WilhelmFamily wall decoration - Shawn ArdnerBethlehem lighted tree - Ann BenfieldArch mirror with two fall arrangements -Linda BrinkmanWrought iron magazine rack with floralarrangement - Janet HomiesWrought iron brand with votive candles -Gina WileyPeterboro divided serving basket with cen-terpiece - Barb HesselingGold decorative table lamp- Ron DuscheidBethlehem sconces/chandelier with can-dles on timer- Deb BuettnerPeterboro gift basket with Gold Canyoncandles - Sue MayBrown filigree run with candle on timer -Kelly ReckerWhite floral temptations serving bowlswith wrought iron holders - Nancy SpencerReversible outdoor mat with leaf design -Rosemary KramerCalla lily candles on timer with copperydecor - Barbara GrothouseMetal lantern with candle on timer - DarlaRahrigBaseball wreath and magnet - AnnBensfieldAmethyst chips Chinese crystals bracelet -Steve ConleyPatriotic bracelet - Eileen BonifasWalnut/cherry magazine rack - MichelleBendeleFall harvest wreath - Lori KramerGold decorative wreath - Donna SandersBlue and gold scarf - Irma HilversBlue and gold scarf with flower - PhudCalvelageBasket of goodies - Kristen RickerMulti-colored flower patten lap afghan -Janet TrentmanMulti-colored flower patten afghan -Charlie LuersmanBlue and gold snuggie blanket - RosieHoerstenBlue and gold snuggie blanket - SabrinaWileyBlue and gold snuggie blanket - RitaWrasmanBlue and gold snuggie blanket - BarbaraMuellerBlue plaid snuggie blanket - MarilynSicklesQuilt with St. John’s Church and schoolpictures - Donna GermanVariegated baby afghan - Gina WileyTreasure box with flowers, candle andpumpkin - Joann HempflingFall Wreath - Deb LooserLast Supper puzzle with picture - KarenMartinUSA decorative trunk - Rose HesselingLarge fern - Roger CalvelageLarge fern - Diana NienbergLarge fern - Debra CalvelageBallerina throw pillows - Sandy RostorferRed and gray afghan - Roger WilhelmMirror and etching - Barbara Kroeger$100 gift certificate - Roger WilhelmAustrian crystal rosary - Ruth CalvelageBlack golf bag - Michelle BendeleRed Tupperware bowl set - Pat WegerGreen Tupperware bowl set - LisaHohenbrinkWhite, pink and blue baby afghan - ZackGroneBaby gift basket - Kevin and Katie Siefker$40 Chief gift certificate - MichelleKlausing$40 Chief gift certificate - MarilynHoffmanAmerican Girl Doll and school house -Amy HoffmanRaggedy Ann and Andy - Julie FuerstVera Bradley purse - Joyce HoldgreveOSU watch - Tom OstingOSU watch - Jo DuncanSanta top sign - Laura HammonsOwl decorative lighted gourd - JudyKundertBrowns XL jacket - Ruth RupertWhite baby afghan - Myrtle SeffernickBlue and white baby afghan - Chris LooserWooden tractor with wagon - Kelly ReckerSilver and bronze bracelet - Amie BuettnerSwarovski crystal bracelet - Jo DuncanPeach and green afghan - Janet TrentmanFall basket - Mary Jo Foust2008 Delphos St. John’s State Championpicture - Dawn PohlmanAngel Figurine - Linda BockeyMusical horse carousel - Jeffrey LaudickMusical carousel - Beth HoerstenMulti-colored creme carpet - Pam HummelLight brown carpet - Clint Gable$50 Speedway gift cards - Brian Clark$40 Speedway gift cards - Leah LongWooden book shelf - Pam HummelMovie night basket - Katie Evans
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St. John’s Fall Festival raffle winners announced
St. John’s Fall Festival winners announced
Elida council addressescampaign sign issue
BY CYNTHIA YAHNADHI Correspondentnews@delphosherald.com
ELIDA — Concerns about election campaign signs dominated the Elida VillageCouncil meeting Tuesday.Council member Chris McNamara brought up the signs.“I have people coming to me complaining about the campaign signs that are in therights of way and in vacant lots,” McNamara said.Mayor Ron Klopfenstein said campaigners are not allowed to put the signs on therights of way.Village Administrator Scott Fessler re-iterated the zoning laws prohibiting the signsin those areas and said he will take a tour around the village and make some phone calls.McNamara added that she is still working on the donations for the cookies that will beprovided for the annual Halloween festival.“I have prices from a bulk supplier and they are close to what we paid at the supermar-ket, which would be $20 more,” she said.Council approved McNamara going forward with purchasing the cookies from the bulksupplier.Fessler also reported he received the final plaque for the dedication of BulldogBoulevard and North Street from Elida Local Schools.The pay ordinance for the Elida village for the month of October totaled to $72,713.12.Fiscal Officer Janet Bonifas said she was preparing the pay ordinance for the year end andwanted to let the council members know she will be putting together a packet and whenthey receive it to look it over.The next village council meeting will be held on Nov. 12.
Village explores sewer line washout
BY STEPHANIE GROVESStaff Writersgroves@del-phosherald.com
FORT JENNINGS —Mayor Jim Smith discusseda washout area between StateRoute 634 and the river and anadditional three areas close toState Route 190 which couldcause potential problems inthe future during Tuesday’svillage council meeting.“We could get a camerafrom Columbus Grove —they have a tractor drivencamera — to see inside theline,” Smith said. “The costis $100 per hour to film it.”Smith would like to get afirm price on video taping theline. He also said because of the safety issues, he wouldlike to keep the farmers fromfarming those areas, whichrun perpendicular to the high-ways. Early conjecture is thepipe may have overflowedand caused blown seams dur-ing the flood in 2008.Council member GregBrown gave the PoliceCommittee report and saidthings have been quiet.At last month’s meeting,Brown reported a resident,who lives on Main Street, hasbeen refusing to pay a waterbill and although he reportshe is moving, the propertyis still in his name and heis responsible for the bill.Police Chief Ethyl Vaughnsaid that she has hand-deliv-ered the water bill to theresident explaining that theyhave to pay the water billuntil they sell the property.The resident has also beencited for junk cars.“The Main Street houseis collecting more cars andmore junk,” Brown said.Smith advised Vaughn tomeet with the resident andpoint out and explain all theviolations, take pictures,write it all down and havehim sign the paper.“I’ll have him sign anddate it,” Vaughn stated. “He’llhave 10 days .”“We’ll just follow up withthe court,” Smith said.Smith also gave Vaughna directive about upcomingschool sporting events.“Start working the sched-ule for boys and girls bas-ketball games,” Smith said.“Get with Todd Hoehn. Mostgames are out around 9 p.m.and start at 6 p.m.”Park Board Vice PresidentKari Amstutz said the 2014Park Giveaway will startNov. 1.“Tickets and a mailer tobe sent out are in process,”Amstutz said. “Proceedsfrom the 2013 Giveaway andFort Fest will be used for theconcession stand at the park.”Smith reported that a con-tractor has been hired to com-plete the electrical work con-necting the water pumps tothe existing wiring at the poleat the concession stand.“Once the electrical isconnected, the Lions willcomplete the remaining work— pouring concrete — aslong as the weather permits,”Smith said.
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