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Walking in the Spirit.

Walking in the Spirit.

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Gal. v. 25. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

Gal. v. 25. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WALKIG I THE SPIRIT.BY REV. CHARLES SIMEO, M. A.Gal. v. 25. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.ME, as creatures, may be called " the offspringof Jehovah," " in whom they live, and move, and havetheir being^" Bat, as created anew in Christ Jesus,we have a nearer relation to God, seeing that hisSpirit dwelleth in us : and consequently, we are boundin a more peculiar manner to glorify him by a suitablelife and conversation. This is strongly intimated inthe words of our text : in which we see,L The Christian's character — It is here assumed that the Christian '' lives in theSpirit." That the Christian's character, as here de-scribed, may be fully understood, let us mark,1. The import of the assumption — [Two things are implied in the expression " living in theSpirit," namely, that the Christian is endued with the Spirit ;and that he lives under the influence of the Spirit. TheChristian has not merely the powers and faculties which hebrought into the world with him, and which an heathenpossesses as well as he ; but he has received the Spirit of God,a Acts xvii. 28.240 GALATIAS, V. 25. [2086.by whom he has been quickened from a death in trespassesand sins, and been made a partaker of a new principle of Hfe,
whereby he is enabled to live to God. This new principle isdistinct from any thing which man, by any powers of his own,can acquire, and from any thing which can by any means bederived from man. It is a sovereign gift of God, as much asthe natural life is : and they who have received it, are said tohave " been born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh,nor of the will of man, but of God." They who have expe-rienced this heavenly birth, have the Spirit of God dwellingand abiding in them ; enlightening their minds, directing theirsteps, sanctifying their hearts, and " fulfilling in them all thegood pleasure of their God " ]2. The truth of this assumption — [It is taken for granted by the Apostle, as an unques-tionable truth, that every real Christian " lives in, and by,the Spirit." And well may this be taken for granted ; sincethe Spirit of God is to the soul of man, what the soul itself isto the body. Without the soul, the body is dead ; and thebody, when bereft of it, is no more a man, but a mere corpse.So the soul without the Spirit of God is dead ; and the persondestitute of the Spirit, is not a Christian, but a mere man, likeany heathen man. This is expressly asserted by the ApostlePaul : " If any man have not the Spii'it of Christ, he is noneof his^." To the same effect, also, our blessed Lord mostsolemnly affirms, " Verily, verily, I say unto you, except aman be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter intothe kingdom of God''." The point, then, is clear and indis-putable : a Christian is one who is born of the Spirit, and wholives under the Spirit's influence : and if any person wouldestimate his own chai-acter aright, he must inquire into thesetwo points. It is not sufficient that he has been baptizedinto the faith of Christ, or that he gives a speculative assent toall the truths of Christianity; he must possess a principlewhich none but God can give him, and which regulates all hisviews, desires, and pursuits. I pray you, brethren, before yougo any further, examine yourselves in relation to this matter :for I must declare to you before God, that if Jesus Christdwell not in you in this manner, you are not Christians, butmere baptized heathens : and so unquestionable is this truth,
that St. Paul makes it a matter of appeal, to be decided byyour ownselves : " Know ye not your ownselves, how thatJesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates''?"]Answerable to this high character are,^ Rom. viii. 9. "^ John iii. 3, 5. '^2 Cor. xiii. 5.2086. J WALKIG I THE SPIRIT. 211II. His obligations — " If we be in the Spirit, we should also walk in theSpirit ;" that is, we should walk,1. In compliance with his motions — [There are inward motions of the Spirit, which a personwho lives nigh to God may discern, and which it becomes himvery carefully to follow. ot that they can with certainty bedistinguished from the voice of a man's own conscience, exceptby the quality of the suggestions themselves ; (for it is in andby the conscience that the Spirit speaks :) but they are soagreeable to the mind of God, that they manifest from whomthey come ; and God himself, " who knoweth what is the mindof the Spirit," when he beholds them in us, acknowledgesthem to be of divine origin ^ When temptations to evil arise,the Spirit softly whispers to the soul, " O, do not that abomi-nable thing which I hate*^." So also, when doubts arise in themind respecting the path of duty, he causes us to " hear a voicebehind us, saying, This is the way; walk ye in it^." And in amind that is at all well regulated, I believe that the firstintimations of conscience will be found to be, for the mostpart, most accordant with the mind and will of God : andthough I would on no account discourage the closest possibleexamination of what is so suggested, and the trial of it by thetouchstone of God's word, yet I cannot but say, that in oursubsequent reasonings the voice of the Spirit is too often

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