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Angels Made Wiser by the Gospel.

Angels Made Wiser by the Gospel.

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Eph. iii. 10. To the intent that nozv unto the principalities
and powers in heavenly places might he known by the Church
the manifold zvisdom of God.

Eph. iii. 10. To the intent that nozv unto the principalities
and powers in heavenly places might he known by the Church
the manifold zvisdom of God.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AGELS MADE WISER BY THE GOSPEL.BY REV. CHARLES SIMEO, M. A.Eph. iii. 10. To the intent that nozv unto the principalitiesand powers in heavenly places might he known by the Churchthe manifold zvisdom of God.CHRISTIAITY is altogether a deep stupendousmystery ; such as could never have entered into themind of man ; such as never could have been devisedby the highest archangel in heaven. Even subor-dinate parts of it, such as, the calling of the Gentiles,and the uniting of them in one Church with theJewish people, are spoken of under this character,even as a " mystery, which in other ages was notmade known unto the sons of men, as it is nowrevealed unto his holy Apostles and Prophets by theSpirit; even that the Gentiles should be fellow-heirs,and of the same body, and partakers of his promisein Christ by the Gospel." Indeed, so mysteriouswas this particular appointment in the eyes of the2103.3 AGELS MADE WISER BY THE GOSPEL. 317Apostle Paul, that, in the contemplation of it, heexclaimed, *' O the depth of the riches both of thewisdom and knowledge of God ! how unsearchableare his judgments, and his ways past finding out''!"It is upon that subject primarily that the Apostle isspeaking in the whole preceding context. He de-clares himself to have been expressly ordained byGod as " a preacher to the Gentiles," that, throughhim " all 7nen" not Jews only, but Gentiles also,might " see what was the fellowship of the mystery,which from the beginning of the world hath been hid
in God, to the intent that now unto the angels alsomight be known by the Church the manifold wisdomof God." Here the mystery which he refers to is theGospel, in which are contained " the unsearchableriches of Christ," and in which also is pre-eminentlydisplayed " the manifold wisdom of God."In imfolding this great subject, I shall endeavour,as God may help me, to set forth,I. The manifold wisdom of God, as exhibited in theGospel — Verily, it is wonderfully displayed,1. In making salvation possible — [As far as any finite intelligence could see, it was impos-sible for man to be saved, when once he had transgressed thelaw of God : for the honour of God's law demanded theexecution of its sanctions on those who had violated its com-mands. Divine justice must be satisfied ; nor could it in anyway relax its claims of vengeance. The truth of God, also,was pledged to inflict on man the penalty of death ; nor couldthe decree, once passed, be in any wise rescinded. What thencould be done ? Shall mercy triumph at the expense of allthe other perfections of God ? Shall it be said, that God hasno regard for the honour of his law, for the rights of justice,for the sacredness of truth? Shall the holy God be thusdivested of the attribute of holiness, in order that unholybeings may escape the sentence which, by their iniquities,they have incurred ? It cannot be : yet how shall man besaved without it ? Here the wisdom of Almighty God foundout an expedient, which should at once solve every difficulty,•■^ Rom. xi. .33.318 EPHESIAS, III. 10. [2103.
and open a way for the exercise of mercy, in perfect con-sistency with every other perfection of the Deity. A suretyshall be found ; a substitute for sinful man ; one, by whoseobedience the law should be honoured ; by whose sufferings,also, justice shall have its claims fully satisfied ; by executingthe penalty of transgression upon whom, as the representativeof our fallen race, shall truth be kept inviolate ; and the holi-ness of the Deity shall not be tarnished, even though thesinner be re-admitted to the bosom of his God. This onepoint of substitution clears the whole. But how can this be?To stand in man's place, he must be a man ; and, to renderhis substitution available for the whole race of mankind, hemust be possessed of infinite dignity and worth. Both thesethings combined in the substitute that Divine wisdom pi-o-vided. God's co-equal, co-eternal Son was sent to take ournature upon him ; and, in that nature, to obey the law whichwe had broken, and to endure the penalty which we hadincurred. Thus was salvation brought within the reach of fallen man.]2. In devising a salvation suitable to man — [Desperate, beyond measure, was the state of man. otthe fallen angels themselves were more incapable of restoringthemselves to the favour of their God, than he. But in theprovision which Divine wisdom made for him was every wantsupplied. Was he laden with gviilt ? it shall be removed bya sacrifice. Was he lying under a curse ? he shall be deli-vered from the curse, by one " becoming a curse for him." Didhe need a righteousness wherein to stand before God? arighteousness shall be wrought out for him, and imputed tohim. Is he, by reason of his natural depravity, incapable of enjoying God's presence, or of doing his will ? A new natureshall be given him, and, " through the strength of Christ, heshall be enabled to do all things''." Is he unable to do anything whereby he shall merit any of these things ? they shallall be given to him freely, " without money and withoutpriced" Is he, even when restored, unable to keep himself?the Lord Jesus Christ shall *' carry on and perfect in him the

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