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Bison Courier, October 24, 2013

Bison Courier, October 24, 2013

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Oct 23, 2013
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Main Street issues continue to plague Town Board
James and Marcie Sandgrenwere present at the Town Boardmeeting, October 16th, to discussthe condition of Main Street.They feel that west main needs tohave some priority, it is almostimpassable and is only one laneon good days. Driveways on westmain have been almost inaccessi-ble since the beginning of theproject. M Sandgren asked,"What is the plan, what do wehave to look forward to?" Chap-man replied, "We kinda turned itover to Branden." J Sandgrensaid, " If there was an emergencyon west main, an emergency ve-hicle can not make it down thestreet."Before BL Construction cancomplete west main he needs tocut ditches and put culverts in.Sandgrens stated that they donot want a culvert in their drive-way, they feel that the bridge intheir driveway takes on way morewater than a culvert that wouldbe put in there. The water thatflows through Sandgrens comesfrom the south not the east.Perkins County Title Company,a business on the south side of main street would like to be in-cluded in the curb and gutterquote. there is 25 feet of curb andgutter needed in front of theirbusiness. Chapman will get anestimate from BL Constructionand it will be discussed at thenext meeting.Main Street businesses arewhat bring people to town, whichin turn fund street projects fromthe two percent sales tax that isset aside for street repairs andmaintenance. The Town as wellas the Main Street businessesshould all take pride in our town.J Sandgren commented, "BLConstruction has done an excel-lent job!" The street project com-pletion date is July 1, 2014.The question was also asked,why the town is buying up lotsand taking them off of the taxroll? The town recently pur-chased a lot between Main Streetand Carr Street. The plan is tobuild a street that doesn't matchup with any other street. It alsogoes through a main water waythat drains the north central partof town. Is this necessary? Chap-man stated, " maybe we can movethe driveway to the BentleyBuilding east to join the newstreet." M Sandgren asked, Doesthe Town have the finances to dowhat needs to be done on thestreets that are currently tornup?" Butsavage replied, "we havea plan."SDSU Extension Representa-tive Paul Thares of Lemmon pre-sented a very impressiveexplanation of what is availablethrough SDSU Extension withthere Community DevelopmentProgram. Thares stresses the Youth Entrepreneurship Pro-gram. This program gets youngpeople involved and helps themtake ownership in their commu-nities. This program helps youthbuild valuable relationships withadult leaders in the communitywho care about their communi-ties future. Youth can get in-volved by job shadowing andvolunteering.Thares is working at Market-
continued on page 4 
the survey and have activities setup to gather additional commu-nity input regarding communitystrengths and opportunities forPerkins County. Refreshmentswill be served.
Bison Cemetery Assn
will meetWednesday October 30 at 7:00p.m. at the Buzz Stop. Any inter-ested persons are welcome to at-tend.
October 31st is thedeadline date for the Taxes.Taxes postmarked by October31st will be considered on time.Interest will accrue starting No-vember 1st.
Highlights & Happenings
Trees & White Goods Pick-up
The Town of Bison will pick uptrees first and then white goods,starting immediately throughFriday, October 25. White goodsmust have Freon removed and betagged by Grand Electric.
Benefit supper and auction
for the Tracy Wolff family will beSaturday, October 26th at 5 p.m.at the Bentley Building. Auctionitems can be left at DacotahBank.
Perkins County Comprehen-sive Planning CommunityOpen House
: Thursday, October24th, 7 pm at the Bentley Build-ing. We will reveal the results o
Bison Courier
Official Newspaper for the City of Bison, Perkins County, and the Bison School District A Publication of Ravellette Publications, Inc.
 P.O. Box 429 • Bison, South Dakota 57620-0429  Phone: (605) 244-7199 • FAX (605) 244-7198 
Volume 31Number 19October 24, 2013
Includes Tax
Bison blizzard bonanza
 By Anna McNuff The story of one British Girl’s12,000 mile, 7 month cyclethrough all 50 US states, and herstay near Bison during the Octo-ber snowstorm Atlas. Raising money for Right to Play and talk-ing about her adventure by bikealong the way. She left Alaska inthe summer of 2013 an will end inHawaii.
Well stone me, it’s been aneventful few weeks. I’ve hadsmall storms, big storms, off-roadadventures, truck riding, cowmilking and a degree of localfame. Smothered over the top islashings of human kindness, witha side order of wonderful peeps.
I’ll keep this brief, although thetorturous riding was anythingbut. Riding on gravel is one thing.Riding on sand, sludge, rocks andmud is entirely another. Toss inthe added Brucey bonus of ‘whoknows how long this goes on for’and ‘here’s a 30mph cross windfor you’ and I’ll admit things inSouthern Montana got a little …frustrating. I maintain that ade-quate route research had beenconducted. I was to follow a net-work of minor roads and put mygood faith in names like ‘High-way 446’ and ‘Old US Highway10’. Aye, foolish me. Apparentlyit’s not illegal to call a few looselyplaced stones a ‘highway’ (FYI itshould be. Who do I need to call?).There was nothing for it but to goBritish on the gravel’s ass - keepcalm, and carry on. Although Idid later adapt this to “developmild Tourette’s, and carry on”.
Gravel gravity aside, Montanais an incredibly picturesque state,and I was sad to wave it’s beauti-ful mountains goodbye. After abrief and illicit tarmac affair withNorth Dakota I made my wayinto South Dakota. With the USGovernment shutdown havingscuppered plans to get the fullMount Rushmore experience (Se-riously Obaams? How could you.Sort it out already), and warningsof another storm headed directlyfor the Black Hills, I pedalledEast as far and as fast as I could. Apparently, I am yet to masterthe art of out-cycling weather…
The day I met the Weichmannfamily, was actually the worstday I’d had on the bike so far. AndI don’t say that lightly. As I rolledinto the small town of Bison (pop-ulation 340), I was in a slump.Overtired, run down and havingbeen passed by a total of 4 carsthat day - I was just about on theverge of cracking out the emer-gency volleyball and naming itWilson.To my delight, someone, some-where heard my weary cries. Andas if by magic, Katie appeared.She drove past, waving so enthu-siastically from within the carthat I feared her whole right armmight just detach and fly into thewindscreen. I, being the dignifiedlady I am, retorted with a wave of equal magnitude. She pulled thecar over and we had a mutual ex-change of who’s, why’s, when’sand where’s - imagine two overex-cited puppies meeting in a park(minus the butt sniffing). Katieoffered up a spare bed at herhome, and sure enough thatevening I was back at Casa We-ichmann, meeting the family, eat-ing pizza and drinking hot choccy(avec marshmallows).continued on page 5
Looking down Main Street to the west.
Periodicals Postage Paid at Bison, SD 57620POSTAL PERMIT #009-944
Published weekly every Thursday by Ravellette Publ., Inc.at PO Box 429, Bison SD 57620-0429
 Telephone: 605-244-7199 • Fax: 605-244-7198
E-mail Addresses: courier@sdplains.comcouriernews@sdplains.comSUBSCRIPTION RATES:
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Includes all Hettinger addresses.) 
...$39.00 (no tax)
Send address changes to The Bison Courier, PO Box 429, Bison SD 57620-0429
Display and Classified Advertising: Mon-days at 12:00 p.m. Legals: Fridays at 12:00 p.m. 
Don Ravellette
Editor/Office Manager:
Arlis Seim
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Lita Wells
Ad Sales:
Beth Hulm
(605-244-5231), Beth@sdplains.com
Ravellette Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Nothing may bereprinted, photocopied or in any way reproduced from this publication, in wholeor in part, without the written consent of the publisher.
Blood Drive
, November 18, 2013 atthe Grand Electric Social room 12:45 p.m. -5:15 p.m. contact Bernice Kari for information244-5472.
 Alcoholics Anonymous
is meeting weekly in Bison.The group meets every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in thebasement of the Presbyterian Church. Everyone is wel-come.To have your NON-PROFIT meeting listed here, pleasesubmit them by calling: 244-7199, or e-mailing to:courier@sdplains.com. We will run your event notice thetwo issues prior to your event at no charge.
 T h is 
2 • The Bison Courier •
Thursday, October 24, 2013
Perkins County CFEL small but mighty
 By Beth Hulm
While it’s true that PerkinsCounty now has only one activeCommunity and Family Exten-sion Leaders (CFEL) group plustwo members-at-large, it remainsa viable organization. More thanhalf of the group’s 18 members at-tended Perkins County FallCouncil on Saturday morning inBison.Plans were finalized for the An-nual Christmas Fair to be held atthe Bentley Building in Bison onNovember 2 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.Booth space is filling up but a fewremain for crafters who wouldlike to sell their wares. As always,CFEL will serve a noon meal,complete with homemade pie!Shoppers and a lunch crowd arewelcome!Proceeds from the ChristmasFair are used to sponsor two $500college scholarships each spring.Last year’s winners were KatieSchopp from Lemmon HighSchool and Lane Kopren fromBison High. Both sent notes of appreciation, which were readduring Saturday’s morning meet-ing. Another annual event, comingsoon, is the Parade of Trees at thePerkins County Courthouse. Anygroup or organization who wouldlike to decorate a Christmas treeshould contact Bernice Kari, 244-5472. The prize distribution willbe different this year. There willbe two winners – one for lightedand one for unlighted trees. Eachwinning group, as determined bythree independent and anony-mous judges, will receive $25cash.Several members from PerkinsCounty CFEL attended the re-cent state convention in Huron.Teddi Carlson and Donna Erhart,president and secretary, reportedon the meetings and workshopsthat took place there. Member-ship in the statewide organiza-tion is also declining. In 2012there were 612 members; in 2013,only 560. At the state meeting, DianaLandis’ historian’s report forPerkins County was judged thirdbest in the state for 2012. OtherPerkins County members re-ceived purple ribbons for culturalarts exhibits and others wereawarded reading certificates aspart of the statewide literacyproject. There are a couple of localwomen on the state board. Ber-nice Kari is the state vice presi-dent in charge of programs and Aletha Adcock is completing herterm as Area I Director. She willbe replaced on January 1 by an-other Perkins County member,Teddi Carlson.Perkins County, as part of thelarger Area I, will host the 2014state convention next September,in Sturgis. That year also marksthe 60th anniversary for Townand Country CFEL club, Bison,the only remaining club inPerkins County.There was election of officerslast Saturday morning for countyvice president/cultural artsleader and secretary/treasurer.Sara Weishaar, Bison, will re-place Adcock, who chose not toseek re-election, for the first postand Donna Erhart, Lemmon, willcontinue as secretary/treasurer.Both will have two-year terms.The next council meeting willbe held in conjunction with the Area I meeting on May 1 inBison.Edith Meland had clipped thefollowing poem from a local paperand it was read by Beth Hulm atthe meeting last weekend. Inlight of the recent early stormthat crippled Perkins County andresulted in heavy livestock losses,club members felt it would be ap-propriate to publish it as follows.It was written by a northwestSouth Dakota rancher.
The Rancher's Prayer
By Bobette SchofieldThe rancher looked towardheaven and said,"God where have you been?Do you know we had a blizzard,With rain and snow and wind? You know I built this herd of mineWith blood and sweat and tears. You know the work and worry, As I struggled through the years.Now as I stand and look around,I see that it is gone.I don't know if I have thestrengthTo rebuild or go on."God looked down from heaven,Saw the pain there in his eyes.He heard the sadness in his voice.He knew the sacrifice.He said, "My son, you're notalone.I'm walking there with you.I'll give you all the strength youneedFor what you have to do.I'll give you courage to go on,Through all this loss and pain.I'll give you hope to start oncemore, And build your herd again.I know that this is who you are And not just what you do. And as you're making your freshstart,I'll be right there with you.Do not think this is a failure,Or that you've done somethingwrong. You're an example of the spiritThat makes South Dakotastrong.So stand up straight and tall myson,For I have faith in you.Put yesterday behind you now,For we've got work to do!"
The Bison Courier •
Thursday, October 24, 2013
• 3
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Weitschat
Jessica Arndt, of Pierre, South Dakota and JonathanWeitschat, Pierre, South Dakota were united in marriage onJune 22, 2013 in Winona, Minnesota.Their colors were teal blue and chocolate brown.The maid of honor was Nicole Hentges and bridesmaid wasJoyce Fort, both of Rollingstone Minnesota. Ben Simbeck wasbestman and Brandon Anderson was groomsman. Ushers wereNick Wegenke and Leon Blumhardt. All of the men hail fromPierre, South Dakota.Jessica is the daughter of James and Gayle Arndt of Rolling-stone, Minnesota. Jonathan is the son of Pastor Arthur andDoris Weitschat of Hot Springs, South Dakota.The couple will make their home in Pierre, South Dakota.
Illegally dumped snow causing problems
The South Dakota Department of Transportation reminds the publicand commercial snow removal oper-ators that it is illegal to place ordump excess snow on highway rightof way, which includes driving sur-faces, shoulders and ditches.“The recent snowstorms in partsof western and central South Dakotahave deposited a large amount of snow already this year and we areseeing an increase in violators,” saidTodd Seaman, Rapid City region en-gineer. ”The space within the rightof way needs to be reserved for fu-ture snow that may fall on the road.If the department’s plow operatorsdo not have a place to put that snow,it severely hampers their ability toclear roadways.” Violation of the anti-dumping lawis a Class 1 misdemeanor, with apenalty of up to one year in jail,$2,000 in fines, or both. It is the pol-icy of the SDDOT to remove snowthat has been illegally piled withinthe highway right of way that maybe a safety hazard. In addition, vio-lators will be billed for the costs of removing illegally dumped snow.“Piling snow in the state highwayright of way can be very dangerous,”says Greg Fuller, director of opera-tions. “Snow piles can restrict sightdistance, as well as present an ex-treme hazard if a vehicle leaves theroadway. Snow piles that remain ad- jacent to the road may cause addi-tional drifting and visibilityproblems posing more safety haz-ards to travelers, as well as addi-tional expenses for manpower andequipment to remove the illegallydumped snow.”Property owners and access usersare reminded it is their responsibil-ity to remove snow from the ends of driveways and around their ownmailboxes.Fuller asks landowners and com-mercial snow-removal operators tokeep excess snow on private prop-erty or haul it to legal dumping sites.
Geraldine Peck offers program for local club
Master Gardener GeraldinePeck was a guest speaker whenTown and Country CFEL met atthe Bentley Building for theirSeptember 26 meeting. Shedemonstrated how to separateand transplant iris rhizomes.She announced the MasterGardeners Annual Pumpkin Festto be held on October 19 during atriangular volleyball meet inBison.Changing to an entirely differ-ent topic, Peck also spoke about Annie’s Project, an educationalprogram dedicated to strengthen-ing women’s roles in agriculture. As an insurance agent, Peck re-cently offered a program to an Annie’s Project group of widowed,divorced and single women inFaith. She shared her notes withTown and County club membersabout the importance of main-taining crop and hail insuranceand livestock risk insurance.Linda Howey hosted that Sep-tember meeting and made thearrangements for Peck to speak.Recent statewide Spirit of CFEL winner Edith Meland, amember of Town and Country,thanked her peers for nominatingher for the honor, which led to herreceiving the award in Huron lastmonth, during the CFEL stateconvention.Plans were made for the dis-bursement of EMS magnets,which was a club project this fall.
Nutrition SiteMenu
Thursday, October 24
Chunky chicken vegetable soupgarlic breadcheesecake w/fruit &slivered almonds
Friday, October 25
French dip sandwichpotato saladgrape juicebanana vanilla ice cream
Monday, October 28
Spaghetti w/meat saucepeas, tossed salad w/dressingfrench breadpeaches
Tuesday, October 29
Turkey & noodlesseasoned spinachfruity slaw & pears
Wednesday, October 30
Chili, marinated vegetable salad whole wheat crackersapple
 Anybody in Bison and surround-ing communities who has not yetreceived one should contact Car-olyn Hendricks, 244-7488.Upcoming events include FallCouncil on October 19 at Mom’sPlace, the CFEL Christmas Fairon November 2 at the BentleyBuilding and a United BloodServices blood drive, which hasbeen rescheduled for November25.Town and Country’s reorgani-zation for 2014 begins in Octoberwith the election of new officersand members paying their duesof $20 each. Anybody who wouldlike to join the club – or simplyvisit - should contact Beth Hulm,secretary, 244-5231Perkins County State’s Attor-ney Shane Penfield announcedthat a Utah man has beencharged with one count of At-tempted Murder and one count of  Aggravated Assault. Mr. Selvigappeared in Perkins County Cir-cuit Court on October 16, 2013.Judge Jerome Eckrich set a pre-liminary hearing for both countsto be held on October 29, 2013 inBison.Charges were brought in con-nection with an incident that tookplace in rural White Butte. Themaximum penalty upon convic-tion of the Attempted Murdercharge is twenty-five years in thestate penitentiary, and the maxi-mum penalty upon conviction of the Aggravated Assault charge isfifteen years, in addition to anyfines the court may impose.“Due to the prompt actions of 
Utah man charged with attemptedmurder and aggravated assault
the Perkins County Sheriff’s Of-fice and the assistance and coop-eration of the victim, thesecharges were made possible,”stated State’s Attorney Penfield.The charges are merely an ac-cusation, and Selvig is presumedinnocent until and unless provenguilty.Mr. Selvig was indicted by aGrand Jury and will be arraignedon October 29, 2013.

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