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False and True Love for Christ

False and True Love for Christ

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"And he said unto Him, Lord, Thou knowest all things. Thou
knowest that I love Thee." JOHN xxi : 17.

"And he said unto Him, Lord, Thou knowest all things. Thou
knowest that I love Thee." JOHN xxi : 17.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FALSE AD TRUE LOVE FOR CHRISTTHE REV. J. H. VICET, D.D."And he said unto Him, Lord, Thou knowest all things. Thouknowest that I love Thee." JOH xxi : 17.WHE Peter stood that day by the Sea of Galilee,and looked into the face of Jesus Christ, he saw themost remarkable character in human history. Whatever may have been Peter s thought at the time, concerning the worth and dignity of the one to whom hespoke, we, who live in this nineteenth century afterthe ages have gone by, are filled with wonder at thenobility of Jesus character and the divinity of Hiswork in the world. Even those who refuse to acknowledge the miraculous elements in His life confess Him superior to all men on His moral side.Strauss, the German rationalist, declares that"Among the improvers of ideal humanity, Jesusstands in the very first class, . . . and remains thehighest model of religion within the reach of ourthought." Renan, the French historian and sceptic,says : " Jesus is unique in everything, and nothingcan compare with Him. . . . He is a man of colossaldimensions. . . . Whatever may be the surprises of the future, Jesus will never be surpassed. His worship will grow young without ceasing; His legendwill call forth tears without end ; His sufferings willmelt the noblest hearts ; all ages will proclaim thatamong the sons of men there is none greater than2692/0 The Peoples Church Pulpit.
Jesus." Byron, at the thought of this wonderful life,cries out : " If ever man was God, or God man,Jesus Christ was both." Paul, who knew JesusChrist in the kingdom of His grace, and who knewHim also as the King of Glory, beheld Him, theBeloved, "far above all principality, and power, andmight, and dominion, and every name that is named,not only in this world, but also in that which is tocome." And the church has sung :" Angels, archangels glorious,Guard of the church victorious,Sing to His name.Crown Him with crowns of light,One of the Three by right,Love, majesty, and might,The great I Am. "It was into His face whom sceptics, philosophers,apostles, and poets have glorified, that Peter looked ;and it was to Him that Peter said : " Lord, Thouknowest all things, Thou knowest that I love Thee,"Peter in saying this made a great claim for himself.It is a great thing for one in a gallery of art, lookingupon a master-piece, to say : " I appreciate and delight in this painting." A man must himself besomething of an artist thoroughly to enjoy a work of art It was a great thing for a man like Peter tolook upon a man like Jesus and say : "Thou knowestthat I love Thee." But Peter said it.You and I are somewhat puzzled to know howPeter could, with his recent record, make such aprofession. It was but a short time before that hehad solemnly declared, " Though all men forsakeThee, yet will not I ; " yet he was one of the first toforsake and flee from his Master in the hour of trial.
False and True Love for Christ. 271It was this same Peter who, when charged with being a follower of Jesus, replied, " I know not theman ; " it was this same Peter who, with oaths, inthe high priest s palace, declared, " I know not theman ; " and now, but a few days after, Peter, look ing into the face of Jesus, says : " Lord, Thou knowestall things, Thou knowest that I love Thee."Did Peter in this profession mistake ? It is easily possible for any one to mistake in this matter.One may admire certain separate acts in the life of Christ, and confound the natural admiration withgenuine love ; nothing is more common. One mayin this way look upon that picture of Christ takinglittle children in His arms and blessing them, speak ing sweet words that have come down through thecenturies : " Suffer the little children, and forbid themnot to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Who can look upon that matchless picture, and see His condescension and gentleness towards children, and not admire Him ?Take that scene (which, whatever the revisionistsmay say concerning it, addresses itself to my heartas a divine record) where the woman is brought intothe presence of Christ for condemnation. A bittercharge is pronounced by Scribes and Pharisees.Christ said : " He that is without sin among you, lethim first cast a stone at her." Then He writessomething on the floor of the temple. When Helifted up His eyes He found that, "convicted bytheir own conscience, one by one they had goneout." Then He turned to the woman, prostrate inher guilt and grief, and said : " Hath no man condemned thee ? " And she answered : " o man,

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