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AP Manual

AP Manual

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Published by jdg487
USP Labs Anabolic Pump Manuel
USP Labs Anabolic Pump Manuel

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Published by: jdg487 on Jul 31, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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USP Labs’ Official Anabolic Pump Manual
The What:
An easy reference manual guiding you, the consumer, to maximize results from the most potent Glucose Disposal product on the market - Anabolic Pump! In these pages, we're going toset out to create a mistake-free, easy to understand manual which touches on all the diet,workout, and timing concerns surrounding Anabolic Pump. Unsure of how to dose AnabolicPump with your body type? Your answer is here. Worried about when and how to dose AP?Likewise. Wondering how and if you can customize your dosage? You know it, here is the place.We don’t want to bog you down with the scientific literature here either, that is for a differenttime and place; at USP Labs we feel confident in the legitimate information we produce on our  products, and, plus, if you are reading this, you are probably somewhat familiar with the basicscience behind Anabolic Pump already. Here, in this manual, we would rather focus on the howinstead of the why, making it easier for you to get the most efficacy for your dollar.
The Why:
USP Labs as a company has recognized the need to guide consumers in the use of Anabolic Pump. In spending your hard-earned cash on our products, we create a relationship,and we want to do everything to make this the most fruitful relationship it can possibly be. Wehave recognized that as Anabolic Pump continues to reach unprecedented sales numbers,individuals who are not 'supplement versed' will be taking our product. As such, we want toequalize the knowledge surrounding Anabolic Pump, giving the casual consumer just as much of an advantage in maximizing Anabolic Pump as the regular forum poster! The fact that AnabolicPump is what one may call a ‘diet dependent’ product, also necessitates some explanation on its
use. In an ideal world, all who use our products would be versed in the finer points of an athletic-lifestyle diet; unfortunately, not all have the time or information, and that is where we come in!
The Who:
You! Yes you! But you may be asking, “Who am I?”. Fantastic question, unfortunatelyhere at USP Labs we can only assist you in narrowing down what carb-reaction type you are. Allexistential questions will be covered in our next manual “USP Labs’ Guide toExistentialism” (joking). There is quite a bit of controversy and debate surrounding how manymetabolic types there are (3, 30, 300?) and all these opinions depend on exactly what one iscategorizing the body as. There are body-frame categories, categories surrounding metabolicrate, blood type, fat-level, etc., As it becomes pretty difficult to quantify these things, and theyare rather subjective, we are going to forego this types of categorizations in this manual andsimplify things a great deal by creating categories based solely on one’s reactions tocarbohydrates; in this manner, we can avoid over-complicating this issue, and get down to thenitty-gritty about Anabolic Pump, which is how it uses the carbohydrates you place into your  body. So, without further adieu, let us lay down the main carb-reaction types we have noticed atUSP Labs.
Carbohydrate Non-Responsive:
As the name suggests, individuals in this category have a little to no reaction tocarbohydrates, and generally calories in general; in other words, the classic ‘hard-gainer’. Thekey point in being included in this category is a complete ‘non-reaction’, for all intensive purposes. Individuals in this category see very little residual adipose gain from an excess incalories, but very little muscle gain as well. Those of you who are Carb Non-Responders are

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