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2013 (5. May) - ASEANeHealthBulletin

2013 (5. May) - ASEANeHealthBulletin

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Published by ASEAN

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Published by: ASEAN on Oct 24, 2013
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e-Health Bulletin
Issue No. 3
31 MAY 2013
The Tobacco Fighters
The 4
Meeting of the ASEAN Focal Point on Tobacco Control (AFPTC) in Siem Reap, Cambodia on 7-9 May 2013.
Excerpts from the speech of 
Minister of Health of the Kingdom of Cambodiaduring Opening Ceremony of the Fourth Meeting of the ASEAN Focal Point on Tobacco Control
The health implication fromtobacco use is a serious publichealth concern in Cambodia and inthe ASEAN region. It is one of therisk factors of non-communicablediseases that it kills nearly six millionpeople every year from tobaccorelated diseases. Tobacco is theonly legal consumer products thatkills half of its regular consumersand kills 600,000 of non-users whoexpose to tobacco smoke.In order to reduce burdenof tobacco epidemic, the RoyalGovernment of Cambodia underthe strong and brilliant leadershipof Samdech Akka Moha Sena PadeiTecho Hun Sen, the Prime Ministerof the Kingdom of Cambodia hasput outstanding commitment towardcomprehensive tobacco controlefforts ranging from legislationdevelopment and implementation,monitoring legislation compliance,program implementation and healtheducation and research.For example, with multi-sectoral collaboration and partner-ship, the Royal Government ofCambodia has already bannedcigarette advertisement, promotionand sponsorship, and requiredhealth warning on cigarette packs.Cambodia has also been working topromote smoke-free environment byenforcing government institutions toimplement smoke-free workplaces,as well as promote awareness ontobacco harm among general public. As result, we have observed
signicant reduction of prevalence
of tobacco users in the last 5 years,particularly among adult men aged18 and over from 48.98% in 2005to 43.3%. We expect that we wouldproduce more achievements overthe period from now up to 2015.This achievement resulted fromthe effort and commitment of theRoyal Government and Ministry ofHealth of Cambodia, other relatedgovernment institutions with thesupport provided, both technical
and nancial, from WHO and other
ASEAN e-Health Bulletin
World No Tobacco Day 2013 Special Issue
health partners in this kind ofintervention and I would like to callfor more support on this area thatimpact on health by tobacco canbe much greater reduced or evenavoided.Although remarkable pro-
gress has been made in the ght
against tobacco epidemic but weare still facing a continuing challengeof working collaboratively oninterference from tobacco industriesand putting more emphasis onchanging behavior toward smokinghabit. We need to work more tofurther bring down the prevalenceof tobacco use in our country andto prevent premature death anddisability caused by tobacco relateddiseases.
 As tobacco ghters, we
understand that to ensure successof tobacco control we need tounderstand and appreciate social,economic and political contexts ofeach ASEAN country especially ourcoordinated program interventions
The ASEAN Health Cooperation onTobacco Control, through the ASEAN Focal Points on Tobacco Control (AFPTC) and guided by ASEAN Senior 
Ofcials on Health, will soon release a follow-up report on the
The completed and endorsed report will 
 be made available soon in the ASEAN 
Website through the ASCC-Health link.
including mass media campaigns,price measure, comprehensive banof tobacco product advertising,promotion and sponsorship,community awareness and behaviorchanges, and protecting peoplefrom second hand smoke, and theimplementation of these activitiesrequires solid commitment fromcommunity, local government andinternational collaboration.Despite these huge tasksahead, we admit that tobaccocontrol efforts are often neglectedon public health investment. Thus,establishing the ASEAN Focal Point
on Tobacco Control (AFPTC) reects
the political commitments of thegovernment of all the countries in ASEAN to combat the epidemic ofthe tobacco use in the region.The AFPTC brings togetherthe tobacco control experts in theregion to share their ideas, lessonslearnt, experience to further advancethe tobacco control policy in the ASEAN community.
 AFPTC Meets in Cambodia
The Fourth Meeting of the ASEAN Focal Points on TobaccoControl (AFPTC) was held from 7
 to 9
of May 2013 in Siem Reap,Cambodia. The Meeting wasattended by Focal Points from BruneiDarussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia,Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore,and Thailand. Development partnersthat were invited to participate in theMeeting include: MySihat, AdventistDevelopment and Relief Agency(ADRA), Cambodia Movement forHealth (CMH), South East AsiaTobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA),World Health Organization (WHO)
Western Pacic Regional Ofce and
WHO Cambodia.The main 4
AFPTC Meetingaimed at providing updates to theprogress of initiatives on TobaccoControl in ASEAN as well as toprioritize relevant activities for2013 - 2014. The Meeting alsodiscussed and endorsed four (4)recommendations, namely:
• AFPTC Recommendations
on Protecting from Exposureto Tobacco Smoke to assistMember States in formulatingand implementing a 100%Smoke-Free EnvironmentPolicy and in planningfor effective enforcementstrategies for the smoke-freepolicy.
• AFPTC Recommendations
on Protecting Public HealthPolicy with Respect to TobaccoControl from Tobacco IndustryInterference to serve asreference and considerationwhen formulating policies andmeasures to protect publichealth policy from tobaccoindustry interference.
• AFPTC Recommendations
on Price and Tax Measuresto Reduce the Demand forTobacco Products that aimsfor the reduction of economicburden related to tobacco useand generate revenues; and
• AFPTC Recommendations on
Banning Tobacco Advertising,Promotion, and Sponsorship(TAPS) that emphasizes theneed for ASEAN Member States(AMS) to step up their measuresto implement comprehensivebans and harmonize effortsto restrict cross-bordertobacco advertising throughall forms of traditional and newmedia platforms, channels,and outlets for the AMC’scontinued social and economicdevelopment.The 4
AFPTC Meeting alsoprovided a platform to share nationalexperiences and achievementsrelated to tobacco control.
World No Tobacco Day 2013 Special Issue
ASEAN e-Health Bulletin
The Ministry of Health
notication on cigarette labelingwas published in the ofcial gazette
on 5 April 2013. It requires tobaccocompanies to print new pictorialhealth warnings on cigarettepackages marketed in Thailandstarting 2 October 2013.
The new regulationincreases the size of the pictorialhealth warnings on both facingsides of cigarette packages fromthe current 55% to 85%, the largestpictorial health warnings in theworld, larger than 82.5% in Australiaand 80% in Uruguay.The rationale for therequirement of an 85% pictorialhealth warning is based on research,
New Pictorial HealthWarnings in Thailand
which shows that the effectiveness ofhealth warnings increases with sizeof the warning. Also, the current Thailaw cannot authorize plain packagingas recommended by World HealthOrganization Framework Conventionon Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) Article 11 Guidelines.The new regulation was draftedto incorporate the recommendationsfrom the WHO FCTC to include thewarning positioned at the top ofthe cigarette package, inclusion ofthe national quit line number, andpictures of diseased organs fromsmoking shown in color.The regulation also requires all10 different pictorial health warningsused on cigarette packages to
Cigarette smoke harms people near you. Please don't smoke in the house.Smoking causes heart attackSmoking causes impotenceSmoking causes suffering and death from emphysemaCigarette smoke can kill baby 
Smoking causes brain hemorrhage
Smoking causes foul cigarette breath
Smoking causes throat cancerSmoking causes mouth cancerSmoking causes lung cance
be contained in each carton ofcigarettes. The intention is tosimplify post-marketing surveillanceon tobacco company’s compliancewith the regulation.Pictorial health warning isone of the four “best buy” tobaccocontrol interventions; the otherthree are tax increase, enforcementof comprehensive advertising ban,and protection of non-smokers fromtobacco smoke. Pictorial healthwarning does not cost governmentbudget for its powerful functionsin educating the public about theharmful effect of tobacco use andexposure to tobacco smoke, andto denormalize cigarette packagedesign.
Singapore presented its experienceson tobacco tax and with theirdifferential system, harmonization,and prices for tobacco products;the Philippines presented its currentexperience in implementing thesin tax reforms which was recentlypassed by the country’s Congress;and Thailand discussed its latestachievement in putting 85% pictorialhealth warning in tobacco productpackages.

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