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Europian union Cosmetics legislation Vol.1.pdf

Europian union Cosmetics legislation Vol.1.pdf

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Published by Prayag
The rules governing cosmetic products
in the European Union
The rules governing cosmetic products
in the European Union

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Published by: Prayag on Oct 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The rules governing cosmetic productsin the European Union
Volume 1
Cosmetics legislation
Cosmetic products1999 Edition
EUROPEAN COMMISSIONEnterprise Directorate-GeneralPharmaceuticals and cosmetics
Volume 1Cosmetics legislationCosmetic productsVolume 2Methods of analysisCosmetic productsVolume 3GuidelinesCosmetic products
In the early 1970’s, the Member States of the EU decided to harmonise their national cosmeticregulations in order to enable the free circulation of cosmetic products within the Community. Asa result of numerous discussions between experts from all Member States, Council Directive76/768/EEC was adopted on 27 July 1976. The principles laid down in the Cosmetics Directivetake into account the needs of the consumer while encouraging commercial exchange andeliminating barriers to trade. For example, if a product is to move freely within the EU, the samelabelling, packaging and safety regulations must apply. This is one of the main objectives of theCosmetics Directive: to give clear guidance on what requirements a safe cosmetic product shouldfulfil in order to freely circulate within the EU, without pre-market authorisation. The CosmeticsDirective aims to guarantee the safety of cosmetic products for human use. This safety relates tocomposition, packaging and information and it falls totally under the responsibility of theproducer or the importer into the EU who is responsible for the marketing liability. There is nopre-market control for cosmetic products at Member State or EU level. Control of cosmeticproducts within the EU is assured through the responsibility of the person who places the producton the market, a simple notification of manufacturing/importing site, and an in-marketsurveillance system.Volume 1 is the first part of a series of volumes entitled “The Rules governing cosmetic productsin the European Union”, published by the Office for Official Publications of the EuropeanCommunities and listed on the preceding page. Volume 1 includes the legislation applicable tocosmetic products. This legislation consists of the basic Council Directive 76/768/EEC on theapproximation of the laws of the Member States relating to cosmetic products, and CommissionDirective 95/17/EC laying down detailed rules for the application of Council Directve 76/768/EECas regards the non-inclusion of one or more ingredients on the list used for the labelling ofcosmetic products. This legislative framework has been completed by an Inventory and CommonNomenclature of Ingredients employed in cosmetic products established in Commission Decision96/335/EC of 8 May 1996 which is not incorporated in this Volume.Council Directive 76/768/EEC has already undergone six amendments and 23 adaptations totechnical progress. With a view to facilitating consultation, it is set out here in codified form forinternal use by the competent Commission departments. This codified text is available to thepublic but has no force in law. Where doubts exist, the original texts as published in the OfficialJournal of the European Communities, should be consulted.

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