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Div a Fall2008

Div a Fall2008



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Published by cam43210

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Published by: cam43210 on Jul 31, 2009
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School Leadership News, Fall 2008 1
School Leadership News
The Newsletter of AERA Division A: Administration, Organization, & LeadershipIssue 22 Fall 2008
The American EducationalResearch Association (AERA),a professional membershiporganization, strives toimprove the educationalprocess by encouragingscholarly inquiry related toeducation
AERA offers acomprehensive program ofscholarly publications,training, fellowships, andmeetings to advanceeducational research, todisseminate knowledge, andto improve the capacity ofthe profession to enhancethe public good. Division A ofAERA is devoted to furtheringthe aims of the organizationthrough scholarly contributionin the areas of educationaladministration, organization,and leadership.
In this Issue:
Vice President’sColumn.............................1Special Feature:
Interviewwith ThomasSergiovanni…….
..............3AERA Division AOutstanding DissertationAward…………………......7Listening to Leaders:
Interview with GeraldZahorchak
…..…...............8Graduate Students atUCEA...............…………..11AERA Division A GraduateStudent Scholarship……12
Knock Down Old Walls
byJohn Hoyle………………13Announcements……….15IJLE Emerging Scholar Competition…………….17Globalization andLeadership………………18From the EditorialTeam...............................26Division A Officers..........27
Vice President’s ColumnLinda C. Tillman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dreamand the hope of the slave.”
Convention in Orlando, FL very soon. The conference willfeature many informative sessions including a graduatestudent poster session and several town hall meetings.As I mentioned in the last newsletter, Division A will collaboratewith the UCEA Diversity Committee to hold an Early Career Mentoring workshop for pre-tenure faculty of color at thisyear’s meeting. Pre-tenure scholars of color interested inattending this workshop should bookmark the followingsession:*Scholars of Color: Early Career Mentoring Seminar, Session#35, Friday October 30, 8 a.m.- 9:20 a.m., Ireland B.
Division A Graduate Students…
I would like to take this opportunity highlight the work of our Division A graduate student leaders. As you know, graduatestudents make up a significant segment of the membership ofAERA and Division A and have full voting privileges. Division Agraduate students are making significant leadershipcontributions to the organization and to the Division.John Oliver (Michigan State University) is chair of the AERAGraduate Student Council and is also a member of the AERACouncil. In his dual roles John coordinates the policies andprocedures of the Graduate Student Council, works with theGraduate Student Representatives in all twelve of the AERAdivisions, represents these students on the AERA Council, andGreetings and I hope that you are all arehaving a productive fall semester!
UCEA Annual Meeting…
It hardly seems possible, but many of us willbe attending the University Council for 
 Educational Administration Annual
School Leadership News, Fall 2008 2
Vice President’s Column (continued)
participates in the governance of AERA. John has been an effective leader inrepresenting the interests of all graduate students. I am especially proud that he ismember of Division A!Danielle Hayes (University of Texas-Austin) is the Division A Senior Graduate StudentCouncil Representative. Danielle attends the AERA Coordinated CommitteeMeeting, sits on the AERA Graduate Student Council, and confers with other Councilrepresentatives about graduate student programming. Danielle also plans theDivision A graduate student activities. She is assisted by the Division A Junior Graduate Student Representative, Tirza White (Emory University). Tirza is responsiblefor coordinating the Division A graduate student scholarship selection process andassists with the planning of the AERA Division A Fireside Chat. She will become theSenior Representative at the end of the 2009 AERA Annual Meeting. Danielle andTirza have been very instrumental in planning Division A activities at the UCEA AnnualMeeting. I especially proud that Danielle and Tirza are also members of Division A!I would also like to acknowledge the leadership of the Division L Graduate StudentRepresentatives Maria Mendiburo (Senior Representative, Vanderbilt University) andBradley Carpenter (Junior Representative, University of Texas-Austin). Maria andBradley have worked collaboratively with Danielle and Tirza to make sure thatgraduate students in Divisions A and L feel welcome at the UCEA and AERAmeetings, and to plan graduate student activities at the UCEA conference. Each ofthese students, as well as other graduate students in Division A who serve onstanding and ad hoc committees, have exhibited the kind of leadership that wehope will help to shape the leadership skills they will need as professors andpractitioners.The leadership efforts and enthusiasm of our graduate students reminds us that wemust continue to nurture and encourage them during their graduate work. We mustbe sure to provide graduate students with quality and consistent advising, providethem with opportunities for collaboration (research and writing, conferencepresentations) and networking, assist them with career preparation, and becommitted to their success regardless of their race, class, gender, sexual orientation,disability, or theoretical or methodological orientations. Our graduate students arethe future of educational leadership. Please encourage your graduate students tobecome active in Division A.
Closing notes….
Please be sure to consult the AERA website and
Educational Researcher 
for newsand updates on policies, procedures, and happenings in the organization. If youhave any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email me.Finally, please let us know what is happening with you and about any innovativeprograms or research projects. You can always post your announcement on theDivision A listserve at aera.net.
School Leadership News, Fall 2008 3
Thomas SergiovanniAn Interview with an Exceptional Scholar in Education: Part 4Carol A. Mullen, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
The subject of this leadership portrait is Thomas Sergiovanni of Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. Sergiovanni is the Lillian Radford Distinguished Professor of Educationand Administration at Trinity; senior fellow, Center for Educational Leadership; andfounding director, Trinity Principals’ Center. His educational and supervisory focus istheories of schooling, moral leadership, and the learning community. He earned anEdD in educational administration from the University of Rochester in 1966 and hasbeen at Trinity University since 1984. During the 1960s he also taught elementary school. Notable awards include the Distinguished Research Award in Instructional Supervision, AERA, 1993, and the Outstanding Leadership Award, 1975–2000, Councilof Professors of Instructional Supervision. Since 1969 he has published numerous scholarly books.
His scholarly work and life habits, direction and aspirations, assessment of trends in the profession, and advice for aspiring leaders and academics are the structural elements of this report. Democratic concepts and agendas for educationemerged from the interview. Verbatim quotes reflect the words of Sergiovanni in thefirst section and of his referral colleagues in the one that follows. In spring 2005 Iinterviewed Sergiovanni and his colleagues who corroborated the accounts, withoutknowledge of the scholar’s reactions. This interview is part of a biographicalportraiture study of exceptional scholars in education. Past issues of this newsletter have featured interviews with other top scholars.
Specifics regarding issues of  research design, protocols, procedures, and analysis can be found in the formative(Mullen, 2004) and summative (Mullen, in press
 ) publications.
Thomas Sergiovanni—Shepherd
Sergiovanni, described as a
by educational leadership professorsnationwide, exercises spiritual care over a community.”
His concepts of schoolcommunity, moral leadership, and school improvement have been adoptedworldwide.

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