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Published by Michael Stelzner

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Published by: Michael Stelzner on Oct 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 2 Copyright © Social Media Examiner
If your family life is like mine, you’re strapped for time. Are your kids craving fun time with you, but you aren’t sure what to do?Does it seem like the only time you spend with them is driving around, waiting for scheduled activities to start or putting them to bed?Life with kids is busy. As much as we’d like to make memories with our kids, it’s hard to find a couple of hoursthat aren’t filled with schoolwork, sports or other obligations.
But here’s a secret
… you don’t need hours.You can turn time that’s normally idle into a fun activity—an adventure!This eBook will help you fit “kid fun” into the nooks and crannies of your day—all in 15minutes or less. And yes, you
find 15 minutes. We’ll show you how.
Print this eBook out
, grab a pen and circle the activities you think your kids will love.Next time you find yourself idle with the kids, you’ll know what to do.Michael Stelzner Dad and founder of 
My Kids’ Adventures
On the following pages you’ll find creative new activitiesalong with some classics that you can use to makememories with your kids (or grandkids) in less than 15minutes.
These ideas are from the amazingly talented writers and editors of 
My Kids’  Adventures
. Be sure to check out their bios on the last page.
Page 3 Copyright © Social Media Examiner
How to Make Your Adventures Stick
Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step.You realized that you need to spend more timewith your kids and you’re looking for ways tobring fun to your family. If you make a fewchanges now—and do them consistently—it willhave a big impact on your relationship with your kids for years to come.Before you dive into the activities andadventures, take a minute to
review these tipsthat will help you succeed
Know your kids’ best times
. Observe and learn each of your children’s patterns.When are they most energetic, grumpy or talkative? Some kids like to talk in the car on the way home from school, others open up at bedtime and still others warm up todiscussions over the dinner table. And they may all be in the same family! Figure outyour kids and pursue adventures at the times they’ll be most receptive.
Commit to adventure time on your schedule
. Most of us have heard aboutSMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely). Include somededicated fun time with your kids as one of yours. Add a weekly adventure to your to-do list right now. Set an alert. Each Thursday after work (or whenever works bestfor you), you’ll see a reminder saying, “Did you get 15 minutes in with the kids thisweek?” Make sure you can answer “Yes.”
them, not
. The next time you’re with your kids, make a consciouseffort to listen to the way you phrase things. Do you switch off your polite, publicvoice as soon as you’re alone with family, spouting things like, “You have to…” or “Go do…?” (Our hands are guiltily raised!) Try to not be so bossy.
“You get to
are three magic words
that give kids some ownership of the task (or the adventure)and set the stage for fun, happy times.
Choose to put them first
. We have a million thingscompeting for our limited time, even our down time.Remind yourself to choose time with your kids rather thanthings that are less important in the long run. Use aphysical reminder—a sticky note on the TV remote, a pop-up on your computer, a picture of your kids as thewallpaper on your phone—to say “Hey, is doing this moreimportant than doing something with them right now?”

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