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Dear Lord who should be fired?

Dear Lord who should be fired?

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Published by Frank Gallagher
Bless em All
Bless em All

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Frank Gallagher on Oct 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear Lord who should be fired?Bless em AllAll’s fair in FEE free enterprise enslavement Free 4 all piggy banksive us your money and for a hamburger today pay ba!k by doomsday"! #ig"usi!al $hairs #uppets in glomming %hy &ingdom $ome#uppets in overnan!e "edia Elusives
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%he re(uest for od)s kingdom to !ome is usually interpreted as a referen!e to the belief* !ommon at the time* that a "essiah figure would bring about a &ingdom of od+%raditionally the !oming of od)s &ingdom is seen as a divine gift to be prayed for*
not a human achievement
%his idea is fre(uently !hallenged by groups who believe that the &ingdom will !ome by the hands of those faithful to work for a better world+ 't is believed by these individuals that ,esus) !ommands to feed the hungry and !lothe the needy are the &ingdom to whi!h he was referring+
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#uppets in overnan!e "edia Elusives -pposition .eb
http/00www+s!ribd+!om0do!0142233540Bar6to6Bar6,usti!e6$auses6E!!entri!6to67addle68p6to6the6Bar  A##7 #7All #ay #ri!e 7ystemi!ally #yramid 7!heme#oliti!al 9eligious 'mperialist $apitalist Emperors#9'$E#oliti!al 9eligious 'mpli!it $ompli!it E:pli!itLike other finan!ial empires in history* 7mith !laims the !ontemporary model forms allian!es ne!essary to develop and !ontrol wealth* as peripheral nations remain impoverished providers of !heap resour!es for the imperial6!enters6of6!apital+;1<Bello! estimated that* during the British En!losures* =perhaps half of the whole  population was  proletarian=* while roughly the other =half= owned and !ontrolled the means of produ!tion+ >ow* under modern $apitalism* ,+.+ 7mith !laims fewer than 2 people possess more wealth than half of the earth’s population* as the wealth of 10@ of 16per!ent of the 8nited 7tates population roughly e(ual that of the lower 6per!ent+http/00www+youtube+!om0wat!h?vkC5&1#$Efeature Banked into submission1
 7piritual Elite E!stati!ism .here’s the beef? say them for a hamburger today beefing with min!ed meat brains@

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