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" In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength,
Isaiah xxx. 15.

" In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength,
Isaiah xxx. 15.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Oct 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE BEAUTY OF QUIETESSBY J. R. MILLER " In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength,Isaiah xxx. 15." There the dews of quiet fall,Singing birds and soft winds stray ;Shall the tender Heart of allBe less kind than they ? "— /. G. Whitlier.THE BEAUTY OF QUIETESSA quiet life has many points of beauty. Ithas poise, the lack of which is always a seriousblemish. It has self-mastery, which is kingliness.Quietness is the condition of receptiveness. Somepeople make so much noise that they hear noneof the great and noble voices which are speakingcontinually in their ears words of wisdom. Quiet-ness favors thought and meditation. Some of usnever give ourselves time to think, and hence wenever have any words worth while to speak.It would seem that anybody could keep stilland quiet. We would say that it requires noexertion. It is activity that is hard — it ought tobe easy to rest. It takes energy to speak — itshould be easy just to be silent.But we all know that few things are harder formost people than to be still. Our lives are likethe ocean in their restlessness. They cannot be
comprised and confined within narrow limits.This is one of the proofs of our greatness and our8384 OUR EW EDESimmortality. Life is vast and ever in motion.Dead things have no trouble in keeping still. Astone is never restless. The lower the quality of life, the easier it is for it to be quiet. The humansoul was made for God, and its very greatnessrenders its repose and quiet the most difficult of all its attainments.Yet the lesson of quietness is set for us againand again in the Scriptures. We are told thatthe effect of righteousness is quietness. We arespecially exhorted to " study to be quiet," tomake it the aim of our life to be still ; to make astudy of it as something to be learned, as onewould learn an art or train one's self in beauty of living. In the margin the language is evenstronger — " Be ambitious to be quiet." Think of human ambitions — to be rich, to be honored, tohave power, to do great things ! Quietness must,therefore, be one of the most desirable of allqualities in life. We are to be ambitious to bequiet. Another saying of the ew Testament is,referring to women, " The apparel of a meek andquiet spirit is of great price in the sight of God."Quietness is extolled, too, as a privilege in anoisy world. " A dry morsel and quietnesstherewith is better than a feast with strife andcontention."
THE BEAUTY OF QUIETESS 85Quietness is evidently a mark of high culture.On the mountain the prophet saw the wild con-vulsions of nature — the storm, the earthquake,and the fire — but in none of these was God mani-fested. Then followed " the voice of gentle still-ness," and that was God. Yet there are manypeople who think that noise is strength, thatquietness lacks robustness and vigor. They sup-pose the more noise a speaker makes, the greaterorator he is ; that the louder one's voice in pray-ing, the more power the man has in prayer. Butnoise is not eloquence. Mr. Beecher used to saythat when he was speaking and had no thoughts,nothing to say, he thundered, and the peoplewere greatly moved. The greatest preacher isthe one who the most deeply impresses otherlives, turning them from sin to holiness, fromlower to higher things.The common impression probably is thatpeople who make the most bluster and show intheir callings are the greatest workers, accomplishthe most, produce the deepest, best impressions.But this is not true. The best Christian workersanywhere are those who make the least noise.They live deeply, dwelling in the valley of silence.We never can do our best anywhere if we havenot learned to be quiet86 OUR EW EDES" We mar our work for God by noise and bustle ;Can we not do our part and not be heard ?Why should we care that men should see usWith our tools, and praise the skill with which we use them ?And oftentimes we chafe, and think it hard

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