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Published by glennpease

" And Jehovah God took the man, and put him into the garden
of Eden to dress it and to keep it." — Genesis ii. 15.

" And Jehovah God took the man, and put him into the garden
of Eden to dress it and to keep it." — Genesis ii. 15.

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Published by: glennpease on Oct 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OUR EW EDESBY J. R. MILLER " And Jehovah God took the man, and put him into the gardenof Eden to dress it and to keep it." — Genesis ii. 15." We cannot go so farThat home is out of sight — The morn, the evening star,Will say, < Good day ! Good night ! ' " — Henry Burton.OUR EW EDESThe first home there ever was in this worldwas in the garden of Eden. God the Fathermade it ready for His first children — made itready for them before they were created. I canimagine with what loving thought He preparedthis home for them. He made it very beautiful.He gathered into it all the loveliest things of allthe earth — trees, plants, flowers, and fruits.Streams of water rippled through it and therewere birds and animals of all kinds in it.The first home was a garden. Every homeshould be a garden spot. An important part of our work in this world is garden-making. Weought to make our homes as beautiful as we can.They may be very plain, perhaps only two orthree rooms, but we should put into them all thelovely things we can gather. The first home in
this world was in Eden. We should try to make34 OUR EW EDESour homes Edens. One writes of a quiet manwho had given his life to a service of love : — In the desert, where he lies entombed,He made a little garden, and left thereSome flowers that but for him had never bloomed.Every home should be such a garden. Whetherit is a luxurious place or bare of earthly comforts,it should be sweet with the fragrance of love andbeautiful with the beauty of the Lord.The home has always been dear to the Divfneheart. When Jesus sent His disciples out topreach, one of His instructions was, " Into what-soever house ye enter, first say, Peace be to thishouse." On Christ's lips this is more than asalutation : it is a divine benediction as well.Peace means love, heaven's love, the absence of all strife and bitterness. It means also theabsence of care and worry. The ew Testamenttells us of the home at Bethany where JesusHimself was welcomed by the sisters. He leftpeace there. He taught the lesson of quietnessand confidence. One of the sisters was disposedto worry — it is not easy to be a housekeeper, tohave to provide for the wants of a family, and tomanage all the domestic affairs of a home and notsometimes fret a little. Martha was anxious and
OUR EW EDES 5troubled about many things. But Jesus gentlytaught her the lesson of peace, and we may bequite sure she never forgot it. We never find herworrying any more.Jesus comes to the door of each home of oursand says, " Peace be to this house." We shouldlet the messenger of peace come in. othinggood ever comes of fretting. We cannot getclear of cares. There are troubles enough in anyof our lives to spoil our happiness if we yield tothem. But no matter what comes, what burdenspress, what things go wrong, what flowers fade,listen to the Master's word at the door, " Peacebe to this house.""He who waters meadow liliesWith the dew from out the sky;He who feeds the flitting sparrowsWhen in need of food they cry,ever fails to help His childrenIn all things, both great and small ;For His ear is ever openTo our faintest far-off call."How can we make new Edens of our homes ?What are some of the secrets of home happiness ?I might gather them all into one word and say — Christ. If we have Christ as our guest, our homewill be happy — Christ in the joy and Christ in thesorrow ; Christ in the day of plenty and Christ in

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