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Cosmic being

Cosmic being

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Published by Turiyan Gold
Cosmic being section of a larger work covering metascopic subject matter and clairification of a common qigong.
Cosmic being section of a larger work covering metascopic subject matter and clairification of a common qigong.

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Turiyan Gold on Oct 25, 2013
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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[cosmic being]So the essential component of cosmic being is smallness and bigness, coordinatedwith a posture that condenses the qi inwards, the prayer posture, and the extendedarm position as if you are pressing the insides of the walls outward.Normally, you should always face north when spreading the qi. This is because youspread in the direction away from magnetic north and south, which strengthens theeffect of dividing the energy transversely.Smallness is Anima, bigness is Mahima. For smallness I offer the following: There is a saying in chinese: "Everything starts with a little idea". This little idea iswhat Leibniz
called infinitesimals. Monads are essentially "little animals". You knead bread, you pull taffy, therefore you must change the qi. Cosmic beingand Turning the bagua come to mind. I will cover Cosmic being because it requiresmore development.When your palms are pressed together, you the cosmos is drawn within. Belowatomic and molecular. The soul spark, the atmic soul or atomic soul.Not subatomic, sub-subatomic. The size of the soul spark is ~50nm. This is also the UV wavelength of stars(footnote). The color is deep-blue. An indigo-blue at the wavelength of 432nm. If you were to “merge” UV and IR you'd get a spike spectrum in the rangeof 400nm. Kind of a like cosmic 3D glasses. The color for the bijam VA is of course sky-blue. In the brain cleansing dharma, itsays that after one cleanses the brain you imagine the sky-blue colorpredominating. I have also upgraded thos instructions. For the deep-blue color isfor protection.It is thusly called Vajra-agni. Indigo-blue fire. A cold fire that burns dampness. Thisis also the color of cosmic rays. The vedic gemstone for Rahu (louhou) is Hessonitegarnet. This is a honey colored or urine colored stone. It gives off protective cosmicrays.An intersting phenomon that I discovered. Orange or yellow will give off "blue". Forinstance, the sodium lamps give off a blue color. So-called Ultraviolet bulbs actuallygive off an orange color. You cannot see it, but its a byproduct that is part of the physical reality of colorwavelengths. So it stands to reason, that the concept of "earth generates metal"
1 The neo-confucian idealism of Li and Ch’i influenced Leibniz
refers to how the yellow of earth should give off a cosmic ray. This however can only be intended or insturmentalized through the use of agemstone.One imagines the body being burt by a flame to "lead the qi to the surface". Itsquite obvious what is going on here. First of all, its not simply imagination but akinetic projection. What this does is takes the extra, exuberant energy and convertsit readilyNo fear of improper kundalini manifestationIt is a kinetic projection, because the fire's animating principle (anima) is theanimus. The color indigo-blue is for protection. Violet is for transmuting. Such astransmuting karma. I will go more into this later. That being said never intent regular fire to "burn the body". Think about it. If youhad the power of pyrokinesis would you use it on yourself? And if you had thepower of pyrokinesis, ie. Agnihotra, imagine how much more powerful the protectionis if intended to be vajra-agni or the transmuting violet flame?For that reason this is not fire path, it is wind path.So to reiterate. The atmic soul, the atomic soul, the soul spark, the god spark isbelow sub-atomic. ~50nm in size. Its wavelength is deep-blue, indigo (432nm). This is the intention when using the smallness component if Cosmic being. Thelocation of the soul spark would be above the heart and below the throat.Somewhat the upper chest. In terms of semphore, think of sign for love in signlanguage but place the hands higher signifying not the melodrama of human lovebut divine love.What I have described is the total embodyment of the chinese word "ZHI". So sit upand take notice. Vajra-agni is a pretty formidable defense from invasion from astralentities, however the increased strength of the slippery qi will result in somespecific pro’s and con’s that will have to be covered in future postings. You have a better translation of: Jou Tian Mann Yunn? Lets hear it.Flower essences perscribed for these components: Jasmine: For star consciousness. The soul-spark.Macadamia: Strengthens the astral body, protecting one from taking on the karmaof others. When the astral body is weak, we take on the karma particles of others.More on this later.Passion flower: For the minor chakra's of the wrist and ankle.

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