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31 7 09 Keysar Trad RACISM an Islamic Response

31 7 09 Keysar Trad RACISM an Islamic Response



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Published by aussienewsviews5302
The Thoughts of Keysar Trad, on Racism of all things.
Islam,Illegal Immigration India, China,Australia,USA,
The Thoughts of Keysar Trad, on Racism of all things.
Islam,Illegal Immigration India, China,Australia,USA,

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Published by: aussienewsviews5302 on Jul 31, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This article was published in the 16th issue of Nida'ul Islam magazine(http://www.islam.org.au), December - January 1996-97]RACISIM: An Islamic ResponsePart 2: Islam & PrejudacyIn her maiden speech in parliament, Pauline Hanson revealed the egoist nature ofWestern society. Her stance was supported by Graham Campbell, who is notorious forhis anti-Islam view. We look at the nature of Australian society, and compare itwithin the context of Islam.Part 1: ELITISM"He said: I am better than him, You created me from fire, and created him fromclay." [S7:V12]So was the first reported case of elitism, and the promise, that through the sametrap, Satan would attempt to beguile humanity.The second reported case was the competition between Cain and Able, that bout ofelitism ended in the elitist killing the humble of the two. (refer 5: 27-31)Ever since, man has been trying to prove that he is better than the next, exceptfor those saved by Allah.What brings one to write about elitism? Is it indeed the threat faced by thesociety we live in when a member of this society abuses her position of honour,and stirs these feelings of elitism? You know, the case between Adam and Satan wasone being exclaiming superiority over another, the case with Cain and Able wasthat of one person not being able to bear the superiority of another when this wasproven to him, so he killed him.Today, the elitist builds a cult, to rally support, and then looks for what itconsiders the weakest in its society, and rallies its cult to prey on this weaksection of its society. It can go on a larger scale, if it is intelligent, andmake all in its society members of its cult, and prey on neighbouring societies.I cannot resist the Hitler parallel, wanting to destroy every person who did notfit into the particular mould he had in mind, and today's fame-starved individualswho have an image, and appear to believe that fitting to that image holds thesalvation for the society they live in.So Pauline Hanson talks about the big picture, without looking at it; she looks atthe threat from the position of a desperate coward, not realising theopportunities which a little tact, a little research, and the realisation of justhow powerful one is, would generate for the improvement of her society.Then we have Graeme Campbell, who went a step further and actually named Muslimsas being undesirable immigrants because Islamic fundamentalism is so alien towestern culture.He was sufficiently brave to actually come out and say this, yet, from the Muslimviewpoint, our ideology is the best salvation for the people of Australia, and thepeople of the world in general. Yes, we are a threat to the culture ofdrunkenness, paedophilia, and mostly we are a big threat to the culture ofELITISM.To us, the most honourable is the most pious, and we are not in the position tojudge this piety, so we as Muslims, are fundamentally opposed to the notion ofelitism. We encourage the principle that we are all to Adam, and Adam was createdfrom earth.The noise generated by so many, and the mass support that these elitistindividuals seem to rally is incredible to say the least. It would be easier tounderstand this mentality in Rwanda, or in some South American countries, or anythird world country where Islam is a minority. But in Australia, it is extremelyperturbing.
So how is this elitism countered? It seems that the reaction only came when thebank balance started to suffer, when condemnation came from the president of theOlympic body, from our foreign customers, from people who can influence our ownpersonal benefits. They were not criticised because their views are evil, notbecause they are destructive, but because they would reflect badly on us.How many from our own community reacted on the basis that Pauline is threateningour own personal lifestyles? How many of us were angered for Allah alone, ratherthan self interest? If we are angered because of self interest, then we are nodifferent to her, we should sign up as fellow elitists.How far removed are these elitist notions from our Messenger (peace and blessingsupon him), he used to look for these disadvantaged groups and be the first tooffer assistance, and encouraged his companions and all Muslims to offerassistance to them.Traditionally, the Muslim notion and reaction is to welcome a disadvantagedperson, and serve upon them, and offer every assistance which we are capable of.This indeed is diametrically opposed to the elitist views which are touted by somany in this community.Let them go back to their own country! They stuffed it up there, let them solvetheir own problems! We do not want their problems in our country! When in Rome, doas the Romans do! They do not assimilate! Assimilation is now the most vile wordto my hearing because it has been so abused by these people.It is astounding how, when Pauline started the assimilation argument that themedia found a Muslim woman wearing the Hijab, slightly overweight, doing hershopping, and channel nine would show her in an advertisement for one of theirshows, right after the assimilation comment. They do not film a fat Australianwoman in tight bicycle shorts, or tight pants, or an Australian drunk, or a nun,or an Australian welfare cheat. NO!!! They show a Muslim woman wearing a Hijab,she is not assimilating, it would be okay if this same woman walked around inbicycle shorts, with her body vulgarly bulging out to the point of regurgitation.These people are whacked, they have not got a clue! Unfortunately, there are toomany of them to be described as a minority. Perhaps they are the vocal section ofa wider group, because it seems that the Liberal and Labour governments havetacitly approved and employed a form of discrimination in their policies beforethis fiasco.One just needs to look at the points system, and how these favour Europeanmigrants. Or the government services, or the way non - Westerners are treated bymany in our community.However, the politically correct discrimination practised by otherParliamentarians was different. Whilst it was there, and enforced, the little man,who had become accustomed to so much being given to him, did not really understandit, it was too subtle, and too well exercised, you had to be astute to discoverit.Pauline Hanson was the panacea for this little man who needed it spelled out. Herwords, although they did not call for action against migrants who are already inthis country, gave this little man the license to vet out his frustrations onthese migrants. Instead of guarding the borders of the country against the illegalentrants into Australia, he wanted to reverse the migration, and make lifeintolerable for the migrants already here, and send them back. He does not careabout their contribution to society. He did not understand why the otherparliamentarians were discreet about voicing these views. The unwillingness of the other parliamentarians to give more than the least lipservice to these views just shows that these people tacitly support such views.Elitism is rife in our politics, the classic example is the report in the paper of
a couple of parliamentarians wanting to gag a Greens senator for not wearing histie, and the report named one of these as one of the people speaking out againstPauline. It is just a struggle to grab anything which will boost their egos, tojustify their elitism. Simultaneously blinded to any fact which would breedunderstanding.So the little man feels braver now, and is able to justify taunting our sisterswhen they walk in the streets as he passes them in his car. Or to taunt me becauseI look non Western. He is justified, because Pauline has inadvertently convincedhim that such actions are the solution to the problems of this country and he isthe white knight in his shining armour, with the blue Australian Blood (or shouldI say: the beer Australian blood) who must come to the rescue.As these people are responding to the suggestions of Satan, unhesitantly, and thebasic suggestion, the very one which fell him from grace, the "I am better thanhe" principle, they are heading to the same fate.And how many a community passed away before them, which are now destroyed: "Andhow many a township have We destroyed while it was sinful, so that it lies inruins, and a deserted well, and lofty tower! Have they not traveled in the land,and have they hearts wherewith to feel and ears wherewith to hear? For indeed itis not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts, which are within thebosoms, that grow blind." [S22:V45-46]"See they not how many generation We destroyed before them, whom We hadestablished in the earth more firmly that We have established you, and We shed onthem abundant showers from the sky, and made the rivers flow beneath them. Yet Wedestroyed them for their sins and created after them another generation." [S6:V6]"And We have indeed written in the Zabour after the Zikr, that the Earth will beinherited by my servants who are righteous." [S21:V105]In a way, they feel safe because of the quantity of water which surrounds thiscountry, so they feel fortified behind this great body, it gives them a feeling ofsecurity. But the reality is, the land belongs to God, not to them, and if thoseforeigners, whom they fear as migrants are not permitted to enter as migrants,they will come as settlers, in numbers so large that they will not be able toprocess them, hold them, or stop them. What will they do then? If these foreignerswho are restraining themselves, because they see a legal hope, that they can cometo this vast mainly uninhabited land for whatever reason, are told that there isno longer a legal way to come here, what will they do?What will a starving person do when he wants food?They will no longer respect these laws which were drafted in a cocoon away fromthe reality that the land of Australia does not belong to white European man. Infact, if the original inhabitants had their way, or if we want to employ PaulineHanson justice, then white man should pack his bags and leave this country, foryour people Pauline, have been the worst of guests!The criminal dregs of white society colonised this country, and now, they onlytake the select choice of other societies, and the descendants of these criminaldregs tell us that they are better than us. And because we are not elitists, wetolerate them. Yet they want us to assimilate, perhaps they will only becomesatisfied when we each die our hair red, wear blue/green contact lenses, andoperate a fish and chips shop, otherwise, we would not be truly assimilating,would we?"As for those whose souls the angels took while still they were wrongingthemselves - the angels said, "in what were you engaged?" They said, "We were weakin the land." They said: "was not Allah's earth spacious, so that you might haveemigrated in it?" So for those, their abode is hell, and it is a bad destination."

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