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Published by: valtech20086605 on Oct 26, 2013
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Reboot the PC by pressing <Ctrl><Alt><Delete>at the same time. Press this keycombination twice.
Select the option that indicates PC Support and/or AS/400.
Answer "Enter common user ID:" with your username
Answer "Enter password for common user ID:" with your password.
If there is a beep or a message press <Enter>to bypass the message.
At this point you should have the following screen:
Sign OnSystem . . . . . : MKTAS400Subsystem . . . . : QINTERDisplay . . . . . : PCnnnnS1User . . . . . . . . . . . . . . __________Password . . . . . . . . . . . .Program/procedure. . . . . . . . __________Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . __________Current library. . . . . . . . . __________
Type your username in the "User" blank.
Press the <Tab>key.
Type your password. The password will not be displayed.
Press the <Enter>key.If for some reason you can not longer type, press the <Reset>key. On the Microterms or PC-VTthis would be the <Esc>key then R. On PC Support/400 this would be the left <Ctrl>key.If this is the first time you signed on continue with the Changing your password section of this manual.
Changing Your Password
The first time you log on the AS/400 you will be forced to change your password beforecontinuing.
Press <Enter>to change your password.
At the "Current Password" field, type `xx' followed by the last six digits of your socialsecurity number (ie. xx999999)
 NOTE: nothing you type on this screen will be displayed to ensure that no one views your password as you type it.
Press <Tab>or <Field Exit>.
For the "New Password" field, type the password you would like to use when you sign onto the computer. It must not exceed 10 characters, it must begin with a alphabeticcharacter and the remaining characters may be any combination of alphabetic, numeric
 Note: Try not to make it too difficult, you will need to know it to sign on the AS/400 again.
Press <Tab>or <Field Exit>
At the "New Password (to verify)" field, type in your new password for a second time tomake sure you have entered it correctly. If you have entered it incorrectly you will get anerror message and your initial password will still be `xx' followed by the last four digitsof your social security number.
Press <Enter>
Upon completion, the following message will be displayed:Password changed successfully
Read the following screens, pressing <Enter>to exit each one, until you reach the AS/400Main Menu screen.Later on when you want to change your password, type CHGPWD on the command line and gothrough the same steps.
Signing Off of the AS/400
Press <F3>until you see a command prompt, ===>.
At the command prompt type SIGNOFF.
Getting Online Help
AS/400 provides extensive On-line help, and a simple method of accessing the help information.On-line help information is provided for all system displays. The type of help provided dependson the location of the cursor.For all displays, the following information is provided:
What the display is used for 
How to use the display
How to use the command line if there is one
How to use the entry fields and parameter line if any
What function keys are active and what they do.If the <Help>key is pressed when the cursor is in an area where specific on-line help informationis available, the help text for that area of the display is shown.If the <Help>key is pressed when the cursor is in an area for which no specific information isavailable, information for the entire display is shown. Then you can page forward or backwardthrough the information for the entire display and for each area.If the <Help>key is pressed while a help display is shown, a description of the types of help thatare available on the displays, and how to get each type of help is shown.
The <Help>key on the PC Support stations is labeled <Scroll Lock>. On the VT-100 or PC-VTstations the key sequence for < Help>is <ESC>h.If <F11>=Search index is shown at the bottom of the display, you can press <F11>to see theSearch Help Index display. On that display, you can request information about any topic youspecify.
The start search index command is used when you would like to get help on a specific or generaltopic. To use the index search facility type STRSCHIDX and hit <Return>. Type your subjecttopic, or topics on the bottom subject line. When you hit <Return>again your topic will besearched for and the topics found will be displayed on the screen above the topic line. To displaythe information you are looking for type 5 in the option field by the topic line press <Return>. Toget out of the index search facility press <F3>until exited.
CD-ROM Manuals
If you are attached to the AS/400 using PC Support/400 you have the ability to look at ahypertext version of a subset of the complete AS/400 manual set. To start the hypertext book reader type the command MANUALS at any AS/400 prompt. This guide is laid out like a library.The library contains bookshelves. These bookshelves contain books. For example our librarycontains a bookshelf name Languages. We select the bookshelf by using the arrow keys to placethe highlighted cursor over it and press <Enter>. On this bookshelf there are several books onlanguages. One of the books is titled "COBOL/400 Reference". Once again we use the arrowsand cursor to select the item. Now that we have the book it opens up a "Table of Contents" for the book. By using this search and select procedure you can look through the book like a book you'd check out at the library.
More Help
There are three ways to get help on the READ/DOS book reader (AS/400 commandMANUALS):
Start the book reader and select the bookshelf entitled BookManager READ/DOS.
Press <F1>anywhere you're in question about your current options.
Press <Alt>h (or <F10>h) and select the appropriate help selection for your current problem.
Using the Prompt Facility
AS/400 provides interactive command prompting for any command supplied with the system or created by the user. On the command entry screen notice the option F4 = Prompt at the bottom of the screen. You can type the command name only, and press <F4>to see the prompt display for the command. Usually, a command may require many parameters before it can be executed. The prompt displays provide a convenient method of supplying that parameter information. For 

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