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Published by Eman Nazzal

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Published by: Eman Nazzal on Oct 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Diagnostic Tests
Few notes before beginning our lecture as the doctor said :about intraoral examination you have to:* check the buccal mucosa..*check the orifices of parotid glands*check the foliate papillae and any granules on the tongue*check everything that we learnt in previous lectures to differentiate normalanatomy from abnormal.
Diagnostic tests
There is no treatment w
ithout taking history and chief complaint ….
There are tests that we do routinely in dental clinic and tests that we do in the
 In the clinic we do routinely dental test for diagnosis any non vital pulp
Routine Dental Tests
Vitality tests:
Thermal: cold and heat
Cutting an access cavity without anesthesia-1-
In general we do thermal test (cold is preferable than heat) if doesn`t work we do alternative test which is electrical test and if itdoesn`t work due to inflammation we do another method what`swe call latitude test (not sure about the name) this test we cuttingan access cavity without anesthesia and if the pt feel pain when wereaching the dentine we conclude his tooth is vital ..Before we doing
vitality test we have to take history … chief complaint…
radiographs after that we do vitality test ..Vitality tests Provide an adjunct to determining the state of pulp
… Someti
meswe need to do more than one
vitality test to reach the exact diagnosis..Results must be interpreted with cautionYou should know that you may face False positive and false negative resultsand this common
in vitality test be careful … ex. Syphilis is associated with
stigma and the result is positive you have to be familiar with each test and ruleout the result
… That`s why we doing more than one test.
 Surrounding and contralateral teeth should also be tested to comparebetween the result and knowing the non vital teeth..
Test should begin on a normal tooth
because there are pts tell you alltheir teeth are painful when you touch everywhere is tender includingvital teeth
that`s why you should begin on a normal tooth …
Stimuli should be applied to normal enamel of the crown of the tooth notto restorative material or soft tissue to avoid either false negative or falsepositive-2-

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