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Published by Cliff Lyon

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Published by: Cliff Lyon on Aug 01, 2009
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The SeventhPrincipleProject Newsletter 
Volume 2Issue 2Spring 2003
Sponsors of theGreen SanctuaryProgram
 Eight Fantastic Reasons to Attend General Assemblyin Boston this June!
The Seventh Principle Project is offering a widespectrum of not-to-be-missed programming at this year’sGeneral Assembly. Whether you are just putting your toein the water as a edgling Green Sanctuary candidate or you are leading the march as a UU environmental activist,there will be inspirational programming and pertinentinformation for you!
Thursday, June 26, 10-3 PM: Pre-ConferenceWorkshop
“Becoming a Green Sanctuary”
(see articleon page 6).
Friday, June 27, 2:45-4:00 PM: Seventh PrincipleAnnual Meeting
. In addition to a brief business meetingwhich will include election of Board, we will behonoring the achievements of our new Green Sanctuarycongregations, celebrating together with songs led by JimScott, and dancing the Elm Dance which inspired villagesnear Chernobyl and is now danced around the world incelebration of eco-activists everywhere.
Friday, June 27, 4:30-5:45 PM: “Footsteps to Follow:Learning from Green Sanctuary Congregations .”
Thisworkshop will present a smorgasbord of ideas for projects, programs, and practices. Activists from candidate andcertied Green Sanctuaries across the country will sharestories about their work in congregations and interfaithcoalitions. This will be a stimulating “show and tell.”
Friday, June 27, 4:30-5:45 PM: “Introducing the Earthand Spirit Songbook”
compiled by past Seventh PrincipleChair Jim Scott and sponsored by the Seventh PrincipleProject.
Friday, June 27, 8:45-10PM: Bill McKibben, “CrossingMoral and Environmental Thresholds.”
Humansconfront two enormous borders to cross. We are raisingthe planet’s temperature, and we are learning to manipulategenes. Both present grave practical dangers - but more,they pose the key moral and ethical questions of our lifetimes. Come explore humanity’s options with thisacclaimed environmentalist and author, and learn about hisnewest book, “Enough.”
Saturday, June 28, 8:45-10 PM: “Walking the Eco-Spirit Path.”
Our respect for the interdependent web of all existence calls us to revitalize our relationship withthe Earth, enriching our spiritual life while strenghteningour commitment to sustainable living and environmental justice. UU ministers will share practices from their  personal and congregational life that help them to nurturethe eco-spirit.
Sunday, June 29, 5:15-6:30 PM: Frances Moore Lappe,“Traveling Hope’s Edge: Building a Just, SustainablePlanet.”
Ms. Lappe, co-author with her daughter, Anna,of “Hope’s Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet”, willshare stories from their travels around the world to meetordinary people of extraordinary courage. Ms. Lappé willshare with us how grassroots movements around the worldare effecting change that demonstrates the human capacityfor building a just and sustainable world. This program isco-sponsored by Unitarian Universalists for Just EconomicCommunity.
Monday, June 30, 8:00-9:15 AM: “Leaving SmallerEnvironmental Footprints Through RenewableEnergy”.
Lara Hoke from Massachusetts Interfaith Power and Light and Erika Morgan from Maine Interfaith Power and Light will ably present an array of renewable energy
options available to you and your congregation to reduceyour contributions to global warming and to promoteenvironmental justice.
Monday, June 30, 11:30AM-12:PM: “Walking theWalk: Greening General Assembly.”
Large conferencesleave a heavy footprint on our planet. Following our Seventh Principle we examine how we can reduce theenvironmental impact of our meetings and prepare for agreener GA. Inspirational and practical presentations, toolsfor assessing your personal impact, and a discussion withexperts and members of the UUA GA Program PlanningCommittee for 2004.Claudia Kern, SPP GA Events Coordinator 
Note from the Newsletter Editor:
One of the joys of being the editor of this newsletter is the opportunity to read the articles as soon as they arriveand then to incorporate graphics to highlight the articles.Of course, for this newsletter, footprints was an obviouschoice. As I looked for footprint clipart I often ran acrossclipart of various animals and their tracks. These clips brought to mind many childhood adventures followingtracks and deciphering just who had made them. I realizenow that one of the most wonderful aspects of nding tracksis the sense of sharing that place with another creature.One of the activities the Seventh Principle Project issponsoring at GA is a method for calculating our individualecological footprints (page 6). Having already done this, Ican I vouch for the fact that this is a sobering experience, but a worthy and informative one. Remembering my joyas a child of sharing nature with other creatures, I realizethat in working to lessen the “depth” and “breadth” of our footprints we are working to ensure that our footprints willnot be alone, but will always be accompanied by those of so many wonderous fellow creatures.
Sharon Roberts, Newsletter Editor 
 Board News:
Universalism and of how we might create more interactions between SPP and the UUA. As an afliate program,the SPP receives no direct support from the UUA, butwe talked about whether and how this might change afew years down the road. Katherine Jesch, our Directoof Environmental Ministry, had a similarly successfulmeeting earlier in the week with Meg and UUA PresidentBill Sinkford. Katherine and the Board are quite pleasedwith these positive conversations and look forward to morein the future.Other highlights of the meeting included:
Planning for the fabulous programs andworkshops we are sponsoring at GeneralAssembly this year in Boston (see relatedarticle).
Discussion of a SPP grant being used by singer, songwriter Jim Scott, who iscompiling and producing an Earth Songbook,which should be available at GA.
Starting the process of “greening” GeneralAssembly for 2004.
Presentation on a program of environmentalactions that can be taken by congregations, as part of or separate from the Green Sanctuary program.
Updates on a logo, brochure, web site, data base, and newsletters.
Report on the Green Sanctuary program andthe nearly completed revised Manual.
Discussion of the need for fundraising.The Board will focus on this last point at its nextmeeting in early April. We have worked hard on a vision of where we would like SPP to be in 3-5 years and we believestrongly in the importance of this work. Our current budget is $21,000 and we do a lot for that money. But, we believe we can do so much more and envision a budget 3-4times this amount. The trick, of course, is coming up withthe necessary combination of grants, donations, and other income to make it work. Any ideas or suggestions you mayhave would be welcome. Please contact me at 802-388-7669 or smaier@adelphia.net.And, by the way, we did nally get the keys to the building. It was a measure of our focus and persistence,however, that great work happened while sitting andwaiting in a hallway near Dupont Circle.Steve Maier, Chair Amidst doses of laughter and tenderness, anddespite problems with locked buildings and doors, theSeventh Principle Project (SPP) Board completed another successful Board meeting on January 31 – February 2 inWashington, D.C.We were joined on Friday evening by Meg Riley,Director of the UUA’s Ofce of Advocacy and Witness(formerly Faith in Action), who also generously providedspace for our meetings. We shared our visions of theconnections between environmental work and Unitarian
If you’re interested in being directly involved in thisexpanding UUA relationship, contact Katherine so she canget you plugged in.Coversations with Rev. Bill Sinkford, President of the UUA, and Meg Riley, Director of the UUA Ofce of Advocacy and Witness, are helping to deepen and expandour institutional relationships.Rev. Sinkford has afrmed in several venues his belief that SPP has carried the environmental consciencefor the UUA essentially alone for too long. He believesit is time for the UUA to take a greater role in supportingand carrying out the environmental commitments madeover the years in nearly two dozen General Assemblyresolutions (seeIn the coming months we will be exploring severalareas where collaboration between the UUA and SPP canyield important results. For example, the UUA can helpus extend our contacts in our Green Sanctuary work withcongregations through the Congregational Services staff group. We can also take advantage of the resources in theCongregational Fundraising ofce as we seek to expandsupport for SPP programs.The Advocacy and Witness staff includes aninternship program for social justice advocates. MegRiley has stated her intention to obtain funding to add anenvironmental justice intern to this group. SPP shouldactively support fund raising for this position, and couldalso help in recruitment when funding is obtained.An environmental audit of the Beacon Street buildings and operations is being initiated this spring, withthe rst level of evaluation to be conducted my Meadville-Lombard Theological School students Margaret Beard andMichael Tino. We have offered to help identify resourcesfor follow-up actions that may be called for.We are also initiating a major discussion on “greening”the General Assembly. This is a long term effort that maytake several years to show signicant results, but we seemany possibilities for changing the way GA is “done” toreduce the impact on the earth. Close collaboration withthe GA Planning Committee and staff will be essential aswe explore what is possible and reasonable for such a largeand complex enterprise. See the GA schedule in this issuefor the program session on this issue.As an initial way of supporting SPP program efforts,the Advocacy and Witness staff group has invited our Director of Environmental Ministry to begin working in theWashington ofce. Beginning this month, Katherine Jeschwill be working in that ofce a couple of days each week,taking advantage of ofce support as well as spontaneousopportunities for collaboration.We’ll keep you posted as these efforts evolve, andas new opportunities for UUA collaboration emerge.
SPP Relationship with UUA is GrowingSeventh Principle Seeks New BoardCandidates
Dear Friends,
It is my privilege to serve on the Board of the SeventhPrinciple Project. For the last two years, I have been partof a group of seven people from Oregon, Texas, Alabama,Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire andVermont who are carrying the Seventh Principle Projectorganization to a new level of commitment and structuraldevelopment. We have travelled long distances at our ownexpense to meet for marathon weekends of hammeringout a vision and then creating the practical steps to carryforward that vision. Amidst that hard work, each of us hasfound a renewed sense of personal hope, the satisfaction of effecting change in UU Congregations and the UUA, andfellowship which has led to lasting friendships.This year during General Assembly at the SeventhPrinciple Project Annual Meeting, you will have theopportunity to elect the Board which will serve for thefollowing year. Six of us have agreed to continue on theBoard at your pleasure; however, we are looking for at leastthree individuals to join our “merry band.” In particular,Dianne Rahm, our treasurer-extraordinaire, will bestepping down, and we are seeking a replacement who cannot only prepare quarterly nancial reports and prepare theannual budget, but who will be able to assist us in carryingout some major fundraising goals in the next few years.We are also seeking two detail-oriented individualsto serve as our Board Scribe and as our CorrespondingSecretary. Our meetings are action-packed, and havinga Scribe to record our deliberations is an urgent necessity.A Corresponding Secretary is also urgently needed to assistus in communicating with our membership and others in amore timely fashion. In addition, we would welcome thecandidacy of any of you who feel called to serve, especiallythose from unrepresented geographical areas and thosewith ministerial or District experience/perspective.Truly, serving on this board is a privilege. If youare able to travel to at least three board meetings a year (there are four, including one at GA), are willing to make aserious, but reasonable commitment of time to forwardingthe work of the Seventh Principle Project, and like to laugha lot, please contact either Steve Maier, Board Chair, or meto learn more.
We look forward to hearing from you!Claudia Kern, Vice Chair 

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