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Rehab Report - July 09

Rehab Report - July 09



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Published by winonahealth

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Published by: winonahealth on Aug 01, 2009
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Over the last few months we’ve beenworking hard to improve patient access andthe overall patient experience with ourservices. We’ve recently added more staff toprovide direct patient care, modified anddeveloped a new scheduling process in ourinpatient & outpatient care settings, which hasallowed the patients to be available to receivethe services they need in a manner that isfriendly and convenient for the patient.In our outpatient therapy department we’veimproved processes to allow the patient tostart therapy within 3 days or less fromreceiving the referral.If you would like more information or would liketo refer your patients for therapy services pleasecall 507-457-4329.
Therapy Services at Sarnia Square:
 Monday–Thursday, 7:00 a.m.—6:00 p.m.Friday, 7:00 a.m.—4:30 p.m.
Inpatient therapy services are provided 7days per week for physical therapy and 5days per week for occupational therapyand speech-language pathology.
Patients Waiting Less Time for Therapy Services at Sarnia Square
Welcome Aboard!
The Rehab Report
 JULY 30, 2009VOLUME 6
Sports Therapy
 Work Conditioning
Vestibular Rehab
 Women’s Health& IncontinenceTreatment
Aquatic Therapy
Back & Neck Therapy
 Wound Care
Speech Therapy
Pregnancy & InfantMassage, Labor Support Massage
Cardiac &Pulmonary Rehab
Stress Testing
Smoking Cessation
Home SafetyAssessments
 Job Site Analysis &ErgonomicAssessments
Memory &Cognition Therapy
Barium VideoFluoroscopySwallow Studies
Lucas Barbknecht, DPT
 joined the Physical TherapyDepartment in June. Lucas hasinterest in outpatient orthopedics,aquatic therapy, and acute care.
Stephanie Rae, DPT
Also joined Physical Therapy in July,with interest in sports medicine,Pilates, and inpatient/outpatientservices.
Amy Sauerer, SLP
began work in Speech-LanguagePathology in mid-July. She hasinterest in pediatrics, autism, andgeriatric services.
Quicker Access For Patients
In an effort to improve patient access, as wellto keep up with the continued growth of patient volumes, the therapy departments havefurther expanded their staff to include twonew physical therapists,
Lucas Barbknecht,DPT
Stephanie Rae, DPT.
Growth is also occurring within ourSpeech Therapy Department as well.We are pleased to announce ournewest staff member,
AmySauerer, SLP,
who will be available casualon-call to meet the demands that exceed thecapacity of our current speech-languagepathologist,
Carol Meyer-Boldon, SLP.
Days Between Receipt of Referral & Start of Care
Starting as Strangers, Leaving as Friends:
A Patient Success Story 
Keith 1 year later after his stroke
Corrie Searles, MPT– 
The Director of RehabServices was recently named new Director of Occupational Health Services. Corrie will beworking hard, along with others in thedepartment, to continue expanding anddeveloping the Occupational Health program to meet bothinternal and external customer needs.
New Director of Occupational Health
Barb Parent, OTR/L & Diane Montgomery, PT 
Life for KeithKrousey was full. He was enjoying hisretirement from a busy banking career,filling his days with golfing, fishing,hunting, home maintenance andlandscaping, and the list goes on and on.Then on May 19, 2008, everythingchanged. Keith awoke that morningthinking he had slept in a position thatcaused his arm to fall asleep. However,he then realized he was not able to usehis entire left side. Keith was brought tothe Emergency Room at Winona Healthwhere he was diagnosed with having astroke and was admitted to the hospital.While in acute care, among many othercaring professionals, Keith met PhysicalTherapists, Occupational Therapists, andthe Speech Therapist from theRehabilitation department.After spending a few days in the hospital,he was transferred to Lake WinonaManor where his rehabilitationcontinued. Keith says, “I spent about 4weeks in the Manor learning what I coulddo to help myself and regain some of mymobility”. Upon discharge from LakeWinona Manor, Keith was not yet readyto come in for outpatient therapies so hereceived 2 weeks of Home Care PT andOT during which he receivedrecommendations about safety andfunctioning in his home.At the end of the 2 weeks, he wasready to transfer to outpatient PT andOT at Sarnia Square. There he met hisprimary Physical Therapist and PhysicalTherapist Assistants who challenged himthrough balance and gait activities, muscleretraining, strengthening and stretchingexercises to help him regain a higherlevel of safe mobility. With the help of his Occupational Therapist andOccupational Therapist Assistant, heworked on activities to improve thefunction of his left hand, arm andshoulder girdle. He was taught how toisolate muscles to get specific movementso he could better use his left arm andhand.Keith was highly motivated to followthe home exercise programs set up forhim by PT and OT to maximize hisrecovery. He was also involved withdetermining appropriate activities that hecould work on to further his progress.States Keith, “I am a very analyticalperson. If I want to do something, I willthink of a way to try and make it work”.In August of 2008, he set 3 goals forhimself. “One was to try and play around of golf, which I was able toaccomplish with the help of a goodfriend. The score did not really matter, itwas just such a satisfying feeling to beable to do it.” “The second goal was tobe able to go on the annual guys’ fishingtrip to Lake Winnie in early September.”Again, with the help of friends, the
Angels in Our Midst
Linda Shepardson, PT, Veronica Wry, PTA and BarbParent , OTR/L
recently were recognized as Guardian Angelsby an anonymous donor to the WH Foundation followingservices received through Home Care.The Guardian Angel program recognizes excellent service bystaff through designated donations to the Foundation by formerpatients or families.trip was a success. “This summer(2009) my goal is to fish withan open face reel. I have alreadyprogressed to where I can reel withmy left hand.”Keith’s third goal was to trygrouse hunting in northernMinnesota. The first trip didn’t bringhim success with getting a bird, buthelped him to be able to problem-solve so that his second trip inOctober 2008 was more successful.“This time I was able to take fivebirds, four with assistance, thenfinally one on my own with no oneelse along.”Keith says, “I will be foreverthankful to all the people whoworked so hard to help get me tothis point in my recuperation. Whilethe stroke took away most of myabilities to enjoy playing golf, hunting,shooting pool, bowling and variousother physical activities, I found anew challenge in learning new waysto enjoy them againand others I can work toward. Thestroke, while very trying, does have abright side after the fact.Look at all the new things I havelearned, not to mention the manynew friends that would haveremained unknown had it nothappened.” We at Winona HealthRehab feel we are the fortunate onesto have had the chance to beinvolved in the rehabilitation of thisvery focused and determinedgentleman.
We thank Keith for allowing us toshare his amazing story with others!
Specialized Women’s Health Services offered throughPhysical Therapy include:
Pelvic Pain
Support for women Pre-Post-partum
Urinary incontinence
Meet our Trained Women’s Health Clinicians:
Cindy Teske, PT~
Cindy has over 20 yearsof practice and specializes in the followingareas:
Outpatient setting with emphasis onchronic pain and women’s health.
Linda Kuhn,
PT~Linda Kuhn has over 24years in practice as a PT and specializes inoutpatient and acute care with interest inwomen’s health and orthopedics.
Becca Cleland,
PTA~Becca Cleland hasover 6 years in practice as a PTA and has
in outpatient and acute with interestin lymphedema, women’s health, and
Women’s Health: What Is It?
 What Does A Women'sHealth Physical Therapist Do?
The emphasis of the healthsciences on fitness and wellnesshas brought to women'sattention a need to pay closerattention to their bodies duringrecreation, work, andthroughout life. Many physicaltherapists have specializedtraining which will benefitwomen with a variety of medicalconditions. These therapists useevery facet of their physicaltherapy training to evaluate andtreat female clients, promotingand enhancing health through thelife span. All treatments areindividually designed afterthorough evaluation.—Source:www.womenshealthapta.org
Staff Spotlight:
The Faces Behind the Names
Steve has been a licensed PhysicalTherapist for over 34 years sincegraduating from the University of Minnesota. Steve has been a proudemployee of both the Winona Clinic andWinona Health for over 25 years, andwas awarded the 2009 Living ServiceExcellence Award for his dedication tonot only Winona Health but his patientsand co-workers. Steve’s interests includeoutpatient and acute care with interest inorthopedics and manual therapy.
Spotlight on:
Lindsey graduated from Winona StateUniversity with a BS in exercise scienceand St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN withMaster of Arts in OT. Since then she hasbecome a Certified LymphedemaTherapist. Lindsey brings over 9 years of experience to the patients she serveshere at Winona Health. Lindsey seespatients in outpatient OccupationalTherapy, Home Health care and AcuteCare. Lindsey also has special interest inhand therapy, wound care, orthopedics,and low vision rehab. Jenelle has dedicated the last 28+ yearsto providing excellent patient care hereat Winona Health as one of our RehabAides. Jenelle provides support topatients and clinicians in both PhysicalTherapy and Occupational Therapy atSarnia Square. Jenelle is also very activein the Aquatic Therapy Program offeredthrough outpatient PT. She is a trueasset to our department and patients.
Spotlight on:
Spotlight on:
“I went toTherapy thinking I was going to end up in amotorized cartbecause my back was sobad. Thanks toSteve and staff I’m now back to walking and my corestrength isimproving. Ihave never been sosatisfied with aservice fromWinonaHealth.”  —A Satisfied Customer  June, 2009

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