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A Promissory Note

A Promissory Note

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Published by Acharne Dokument
A dollar is a promissory note indicating a system of work. If the U.S. dollar’s worth represented the value of entitlement payments, the whole monetary system would crash for the dollar would represent no value of work.
A dollar is a promissory note indicating a system of work. If the U.S. dollar’s worth represented the value of entitlement payments, the whole monetary system would crash for the dollar would represent no value of work.

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Published by: Acharne Dokument on Oct 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Promissory Note
A dollar is a promissory note indicating a system of work.
If the U.S. dollar’s w
orth represented the valueof entitlement payments, the whole monetary system would crash for the dollar would represent no valueof work. The more you work (contributing to society) the more assets (dollar, liquid) you have if yousave. The opposite is true; the less you participate in societal contributions, by the lack of motivation,ambition, wasteful spending, or dependent on government assistance, the lower the economic class
(no liquidity). The stimulus to achieve upper class status is why capitalist economies are sosuccessful; that if you work hard, earn a higher education, sober, (non-addict), increases your contributions to societal constructs thus improves the quality of living for everyone. Even Lincoln knewthe power of free enterprise 100 years ago;
“That some should be rich shows that others may become rich
and hence, is just encouragement 
to industry and enterprise”
Abraham Lincon.
See Ref (2) for examples
The reward system escalates exponentially spurring innovation, risk taking entrepreneurship, andambition. The opposite is true for socialist economies and is why American is hated by her wealth andsuccesses compared to socialist economies. The mechanics of socialism always fall into corruption because you have to take from the ambitious population and give to the unproductive thus increasingsociety degradation. This taking of large amounts of public funds needs a large, controlling governmentalinfrastructure to support all methods of revenues. The flow of billions or revenue income into the hands of civil servants creates corruption due to flaws in human n
ature: “Power and money corrupts” is not a
slogan, a human fact. A public servant is not a Pope, a Christ, or examples of pure morality, mostgovernment officials are corrupt and can easily become influenced when billions are in their trust. Never in the history of socialist economies do you see the government elites in poverty. In socialist economies,the wealth resides with all those who control the flow of revenues. Kings, dictators, presidents, cronycorporations tied to government contracts, congressmen, parliament, the ruling class, and public media. If government only supported the incapacitated and elderly, there would be no need for a call for 
” for a dollar actually earned will “socialized”
a fair return of income class. An economic classsystem would comprise of merit then payouts.The only fair share class system is a reward system. The harder you work, invent, educate, and takeentrepreneurship risks, the higher the class. A class system based on government monopolies, regulatoryextortion, special interests infestations in government, or crony corporations or media enterprises tied togovernment connections is simple corruption; identical to monarchies, dictators, and authoritarianism. NEVER in the history of mankind has any socialist economy comprised of equal income to the populaceAND government affiliations: Where a president, a congressmen/parliament, or a Federal employeeequaled in income to a merchant, a fast food preparer, or a business owner.
To understand socialism you need the history behind its failure, humanatrocities, and the manipulation of its populace into servitude.
"Homo Sapiens 1900
" was documentary produced 15 years ago to document the evolution of eugenics atthe turn of the century. What many may be surprised to know is that most hard Left Liberals andProgressives (like Obama), those who follow the ideology of "share the wealth" and "social justice", is of the same mindset that produced the eugenics indoctrination that originated from Progressivism,collectivism and socialism starting back in the early 1900's. (3) Pioneers of Progressivism such as FrancisGalton, Margaret Sanger, and Charles Davenport used the power of government to define, study andcontrol the population; not only for the study and implementation of eugenics, but for all controlmechanisms of the human element. These Progressives lived by the mindset that the individual isincapable of self-sustainability. To them, and as the current ideology states, only the intellectual elites arecapable to manage society, or as Barack Obama stated, will create laws "on your behalf". When Barack stated this edict, he at the same time was calling for the elimination of constituted restrictions ongovernment; so to empower those elected to override constituted Liberties reserved to only the individual.As defined by the President of the United States: Negative Liberty; the individual possesses Liberty tocontrol and restrict their government from abuse of power; Positive Liberty, government has Liberty to
control and restrict the population; “to decide on your behalf”. (
4) We now see the re-development of Progressivism in America by the expansion of government (by use of debt) so to control the populationon all social issues by way of forcing society into dependency. Even as of this year, 2013, the Progressiveideology is still relevant. The head of Health and Human Services, a bureaucrat, denied a life savingoperation to a child who the director did not feel the child deserved life. The operation was deemed bydoctors as a life saving surgery and overruled the director and the child is alive today. (5)
Watch a 3 minute trailer of this documentary:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUXC9dj3Oqw In the 1920's the political Right and Left in Europe were opposite to America's concept of Liberty andsmall government. The 1920's, both European ideologies of the Right and Left required largeauthoritarian governments to implement their own version of social engineering. Unlike the AmericanRight of small government and conservative Liberties (less power in government more power to theindividual due to the emancipation from authoritarianism by the British), and to her Left; large socialwelfare state governing ideologies similar to that of old world Europe (government expansion inregulatory power and less individual freedoms). In the 1930's, Germanys Right wing ideology was in theform of Fascism that required a dictator, totalitarian type of rule that included a large socialistcollectivism economy (NAZI stands for  Socialist Working Party). To Germany's Left political Party wasCommunist, a parliamentarian authoritarian ruling class of elites that controlled the collective, socialistworking class of wealth distributed (the commoners lived in distributed poverty, yet those in power heldthe wealth). Soviet Union (USSR) stands for "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics". The Right defeatedthe Left Party in Germany when Hitler eliminated parliamentarian rule through thuggery tactics,(assassinations), used by his hit men called "The Brown Shirts".Many confuse history to link the European political Right to the American political Right that in realityare total opposites in ideology and economics. In the 1930's, Russia too had a strong Left political party,communism, that the Nazi's hated, for fascism motivated nationalism on the premise of world dominationand communism is more collective based and authoritarian rule. Through fascism; aggression, war,hatred, and murder motivated the population by production, innovation and technology advances that inturn expanded the economy and empowered the war machine. Russian revolutionaries defeated its Czar rulers by butchery and the murder of millions so to implement and force Communism. Either way, theEuropean Right and Left at that time were socialist economies for government to control the individual soto further abuse their power over the populace. Those who had power also had the wealth; those who
lived under these authoritarian constructs lived sheer “distributed” poverty and fear death or 
imprisonment if they fail to honor their governing class as gods then as equals. When actually followingthe U.S. Constitution, the governing is not above the law (exempt from law), equal to their constituents
and a servant to the electorate demands. The U.S. Constitution doctrine opposes socialism, communism
or “social justice Progressivism”; hers is Liberty that is considered a positive Liberty, not negative, in
eyes of those who honor American Freedoms. (6)Acharnedokument(1) The meaning of the words 'socialism' and 'communism' have changed and grown over the years. Mostcommunists would say that communism is a form of socialism, or a progression (Progressivism) fromsocialism. Even Marx and Engels themselves used the words to mean different things at different pointsin time. Today, the socialism
’s sales pitch as
defined by modern Progressives and hard Left Liberals,including the U.S. President is defined as
“distribution of wealth”, “social justice”
or “income equality
Example 1:
Two men,
, come from equal income families. After High school, bothland a job in a mill for $17 hr. John wants an upper class lifestyle for his future family and lives a frugallife saving as much as he can for college courses at night. Jack lives for the moment. His spending habitsinclude drug use, entertainment and wasteful purchases. Living with less, compared to Jack, John saves asmuch as he can when he can. Working over 40 hours a week, John attends school at night. Jack wouldnever want to lose his evenings if there were a good party to attend. John completes his education, earns 4times as much as Jack, and lives in an upper middle class neighborhood. Jack, who blew every penny heever earned, spent his free time relaxing, lives in a housing project, on assisted living, and will not hold asteady job as long as his government benefits do not run out. Under socialism ("income equality"ideology), John's success is seen as greed and insensitive to poverty since John has more than Jack. Johnhas a boat, Jack does not. John has a nice house, Jack lives in a rundown apartment. John can affordcruises to the Bahamas, Jack only lives by the bottle. Like a cancer in socialist economies, all of the
“Johns” of society who lose economic merits also lose the ambition for a better life, to better themselves
in education, and to dream and hope of a successful future. In the end, income equality turns all the
“Johns” in society to “Jacks” to where the society spirals down to a poverty standard of living and slave
to their empowered government who hordes the tax revenue of th
e “Jacks’… because all the rich “Johns”
are bankrupt and so too is the innovation in products and manufacturing that they strived to achieve.
Example 2:
Before one opens a pizza restaurant, they must acquire risk capital for a business startup.Long hours, dedication, ingenuity to advertize, improve product line, and delivery efficiency improves the product. The industry feeds hundreds in the local community. The business decreases the cost to supplynutrition to the local community and the payoff or reward to start this venture will feed hundreds thusimproves and enhances the society. Jobs are created, spending increases, those employed spends their income supporting the community thus supporting other revenue constructs that support society. A startup business not managed with the same ambition and dedication will fail and the owner will lose everythingthus creating opportunities for others to succeed by inventiveness.
(3) Barack Obama sums up his philosophy: "Pragmatic progressive". That’s how the pres
ident dubs his philosophy introducing Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine as his pick to head the Democratic National Committee.
"Tim and I share a philosophy," said Obama. "It’s a pragmatic progressive philosophy that was at the
heart of my campaign and will be at the heart of this administration." ABCNEWS.COM. TheCongressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) is the largest caucus within the Democratic caucus in theUnited States Congress with 76 declared members, and works to advance progressive issues and positions. From
the CPC Website, Mike Golash: “Progressive labor is a revolutionary communistorganization,” Golash, Amalgamated Transit Union president. Communist Party USA PAC leader JoelleFishman reported CPUSA uses the Congressional Progressive Caucus as “an important lever” to “move

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