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Washwood Heath to Curzon Street Minutes 6 draft.pdf

Washwood Heath to Curzon Street Minutes 6 draft.pdf

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Published by ppinski
Minutes from the Washwood Heath to Curzon Street HS2 Community Forum held on the 24th September 2013.
Minutes from the Washwood Heath to Curzon Street HS2 Community Forum held on the 24th September 2013.

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Published by: ppinski on Oct 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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- 1 -
Community Forums are intended to provide an opportunity for local representatives to raiseissues of importance to them and to reach consensus on preferred mitigations for HS2 Ltd. Attendance at a Forum does not indicate support by these groups for the scheme.HS2 Ltd hosts and attends Community Forums, and has undertaken to record and publishissues, actions and requests raised during these events on their website. The matters raisedby forum members are their views, and publication by HS2 Ltd should not be construed asacceptance or agreement with the sentiments expressed.
Washwood Heath to Curzon Street Community Forum 624
September 2013, 6.30pm to 8.30pmWard End Library, BirminghamDRAFT Note
Forum Attendees
Chair – Martin Brooks
HS2 Representatives
Donovan Bailey, West Midlands Stakeh
older Manager, HS2 LtdJonathan Lord, West Midlands Stakeholder Advisor, HS2 LtdTremaine Herbert, West Midlands Stakeholder Advisor, HS2 LtdArea Manager, HS2 LtdRichard Weber, Polish Catholic AssociationJoe Hollyoak, Digbeth Residents AssociationAlan Robinson, ResidentMaureen Nesbitt, ResidentBrian Mullan, Allison HouseJaswant Sidhu, Local Business
Issues raised by Forum
Note of last meeting -
minutes from the last Community Forum on 19th March 2013were accepted by forum members.
Actions Update-
Those present agreed the actions from the previous meeting werecorrect. A question was raised regarding the 3D model, was this referring to a visual orphysical model? JL responded both models were requested. No further commentsrelating to the actions were offered.
Community Engagement –
DB explained the project was now progressing towards thedeposit of the Hybrid Bill and the nature of relationships and engagement would bechanging within the organisation to reflect this. Staff would be transitioning to petitionmanagement whilst retaining an element of stakeholder engagement.
Project round up –
DB discussed the paving bill and what it meant for the delivery of HS2. A question was asked by a forum member whether HS2 could be scrapped by aLabour Government as recently stated at the Labour Party conference. And if thishappened, what would happen to properties that had already been purchased? HS2responded that the second reading of the bill accepts it into parliament, it is hoped thatRoyal Assent would be given around the same time as the next general election. JL
- 2 -
explained the purpose of the Draft ES and Design Refinement consultations and statedthat a summary of the responses would be available in the autumn. A forum member,representing Digbeth Residents Association, expressed concerns regarding the proposedconstruction works proposed on Eastside Park (compound, access road etc.) and theamount of money that has been spent by Birmingham City Council on regenerating thispark. It was recognised that large infrastructure projects unfortunately create conflictswith recent, smaller projects and prompt accusations of failure co-ordinate. HS2 Limitedalso responded that the Formal ES will take into account responses made to the DraftES. This information will be available from the end of November when an eight weekconsultation will take place. DB updated forum members on the progress of phase twoof the project.
Safeguarding directions -
DB outlined the safeguarding directions and how to serve ablight notice. A leaflet was provided in the pack for people to take away.
Property re-consultation
– DB explained the reasoning behind holding a secondproperty consultation and confirmed the dates of the local events. Concerns were raisedregarding the provision of an escalator to provide access for residents from Digbeth intothe city centre. Digbeth Residents Association expressed concerns regarding noisemitigation for people living close to the construction of Curzon Street Station. DBresponded that compensation will be available to affected properties up to 12 monthsafter the completion of construction. Residents also asked for double glazing to mitigateagainst noise from construction works, additional traffic using Park Street e.g. taxi’sdiverted by local road closures. A request was made for HS2 to contact residents todiscuss the construction work programme. The level of the HS2 tracks were designed 2years ago, residents felt nothing has changed since this time to address their concernsthat this design severs Digbeth. Can HS2 Ltd consider the design and feedback onwhether or not the level of track be adjusted to address severance. AS discussed theTransport Assessment which will give more detail in the Formal ES which will be open toconsultation.
Hybrid Bill process
 – A presentation was given on understanding the Hybrid Bill process,the parliamentary period and the Formal ES consultation. A copy of the presentationwas provided in the packs for people to take away. A member asked if there arepredictable dates for the passage through parliament. HS2 Ltd responded by stating thatdates would be set early next year, petitioning is likely to be April/May. A member askedwhat the role will be for the local planning authority. HS2 Ltd responded that the HybridBill will give powers to HS2 to construct the route; Birmingham City Council could appearat the select committee. Birmingham City Council can also sign up to the planningregime post Hybrid Bill.
Members noted that there was a low turnout for this evening’s meeting andasked how engagement is working. HS2 Ltd responded that there are manyreasons for the low turnout including apologies received and no route update ormaps to show. A member responded that the low turnout could be due to publicapathy on the lack of ability to influence the design.
Questions have been asked by forum members at previous forums that have notyet been resolved; members asked how HS2 Ltd is going to address these issuesif engagement is changing. HS2 Ltd responded by saying all issues are noted andfed back to the relevant departments in HS2. We cannot feedback on issuesraised during the Draft ES and Design Refinement consultations until thesummaries are available in the autumn.
Residents expressed frustrations that time is passing quickly and change will beunable to take place due to tight/missed deadlines. Responses need to be taken

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