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Encryption Keys Two-Way

Encryption Keys Two-Way

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Published by Eduardo Petazze
Fundamentals of two-way encryption (public and private key)
Fundamentals of two-way encryption (public and private key)

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Eduardo Petazze on Oct 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Encryption Keys Two-Way
by Eduardo Petazze
We base this paper on the ability to encrypt / decrypt all 256 characters that are used in computing, in the Western Hemisphere.A two-way encryption is comprised of:key "
" which is used to encrypt a plain textkey "
" that is used to decrypt the encrypted text."
" and "
" are odd numbers associated in a function module
M = p*q-1
To encrypt 256 characters (0 to 255), the value of 
must be equal to, or multiple of, 256.Plain text "
" to be encrypt, is transformed into a ciphertext "
" applying the following function:
 y = Mod(Mod(x*p;M);256)
Plain text "
" is retrieved from the ciphertext "
" applying the following transformation:
 x =Mod(Mod(y*q;M);256)
The following values of 
are the basis of Two-Way cryptography:
Base 256Base 256pqM=(p*q-1)pqM=(p*q-1)
11012912916,6403171512131435,63252051,0241337710,24071831,280135557,42495751213718525,344111631,792139354,864131972,560141699,728152393,58414311115,872172414,09614511316,384192751214715522,78421611,28014918928,160231673,840151395,88825411,02415316925,856271951215514722,78429531,53615718128,416312236,9121599515,104332257,4241619715,616351394,864163111,792371736,400165457,424391515,888167233,84041251,02416915325,856431315,6321713512451657,424173376,400472079,7281757913,8244920910,2401778114,3365125112,80017912322,01653291,53618115728,416551357,42418371,28057951218513725,3445924314,33618711521,50461211,28018914928,1606319112,0321916312,0326519312,5441936512,544671077,16819523545,824691419,728197132,560711198,44819924749,1527324918,17620112124,32075997,42420322746,0807713310,24020551,0247917513,824207479,7288117714,3362094910,2408321918,1762119119,2008525321,50421312526,624871038,96021523149,6648923320,73621710522,7849121119,2002198318,1769324522,78422111725,8569515915,104223316,9129716115,616225337,42499757,42422720346,08010110911,00822923754,272103878,96023121549,66410521722,7842338920,736107677,16823519545,82410910111,00823722954,27211114315,872239153,58411314516,384241174,09611518721,5042435914,33611722125,8562459322,784119718,44824719949,15212120124,3202497318,17612317922,0162515112,80012521326,6242538521,50412712716,12825525565,024Values of "p" and "q"
highlighted in red
(1, 127, 129, and 255) have the plaintext "x"unchanged.

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