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The PILOT -- November 2013

The PILOT -- November 2013

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Find out the latest about what's going on in our neighborhood with this month's issue of Redwood Shores Community Association's monthly newsletter, The PILOT. Discover more about what's going on in Redwood Shores at http://www.rsca.org/
Find out the latest about what's going on in our neighborhood with this month's issue of Redwood Shores Community Association's monthly newsletter, The PILOT. Discover more about what's going on in Redwood Shores at http://www.rsca.org/

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Published by: Redwood Shores Community Association on Oct 28, 2013
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Volume 43 Number 11Redwood Shores Community AssociationNovember 2013
A reminder, for the Redwood City Council, RSCA has endorsed:* Jeff Gee* John Seybert* Diane Howard
Council Member, Vice-MayorCouncil Member Former Council Membe
After meeting and hearing from all six Candidates at the Shores forum on Sept. 4th, the RSCA Board has endorsed and stronglyencourages Redwood Shores voters to elect these three candidates to the three open seats on the Redwood City Council.Experience is especially important as the City faces both budgetary and quality-of-service challenges. We see every reason tore-elect the two incumbent Council Members. We also feel that Ms. Howard’s previous Council experience will benefit the City.•District citizens and especially Shores taxpayers have, inrecent years, approved every tax & bond measures to fund our schools, including Shores-only funding to build RedwoodShores Elementary. Apparently we still don’t have adequateclassrooms available in our local neighborhood schools for theexpected student population.•The District has a new Superintendent and will soon have anew Board of Trustees. This new team should be given theopportunity to address past deficiencies before taxpayers areasked to approve another “temporary” parcel tax.When considering
District Board of Trustees candidates
, weencourage voters to bear in mind these concerns:•Incumbents are re-elected when things are working well. If you believe the District has been well governed and actedresponsibly, then vote for the incumbent, Chuck Velschow. If not, then vote for one of the challengers.•Will the candidate bring an independent point of view to Boarddecisions rather than constantly go along with the status quo?•Is the candidate willing to assure that neighborhood childrenare preferentially assigned to their neighborhood school aheadof out-of-district transfers as required by state law? This year the District assigned more than a dozen transfer students toover-enrolled Redwood Shores Elementary, denying those places to local Shores students.•Does the candidate acknowledge that the District’s current “no boundaries” policy is inequitable and unfairly affects only par-ticular neighborhoods within the District? This includes thewestern Shores areas nearest Hwy. 101 due to arbitrary “capac-ity limits” and resulting over-enrollment at our two neighbor-hood schools, while other areas are “safe” and protected fromthis uncertainty.•Is the candidate seeking to assure that allShores householdshave fair and equal access to attend our two Shores schools,including the new school which they paid with the Measure CFunds?
On Measure R, VOTE
With regard to the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District(BRSSD) elections, RSCA is not endorsing any Board candi-dates or taking a position on the parcel tax Measure R.
RSCA has always supported education in our local schools andrecognizes both the intangible value and increased property valuethey add to our community. You will find arguments supportingMeasure R on Page 4 and in the Official Voter InformationPamphlet you received. You can read one person’s opposition toMeasure R on Page 4 of the October 
(If you don’t stillhave your mailed copy, it’s also on the web at
.)The RSCA Board has heard – vigorously – from both those whosupport and those who oppose Measure R. We remain keenlyaware that we represent not only those with school age children, but the 75+% of Shores residents without school age children.While the RSCA Board was unable to reach consensus onMeasure R, we do recognize these concerns of the broader Shorescommunity:•The current parcel taxes that Measure R replaces do not expireuntil June of 2015 and 2016. These distant expiration datessuggest that the District has plenty of time to address local con-cerns and then seek to pass funding solutions that may be need-ed.•Due to the increase in local property taxes, the School Districtran a surplus this past year of over half a million dollars. TheDistrict may not be as financially challenged as it would repre-sent.•California’s Proposition 30 is projected to raise over $3 Billionfor distribution to local school districts. Since BRSSD couldreceive substantial income from Prop. 30, until the amount of the Prop. 30 funding is determined, Measure R is premature.•The District has taken actions and proposed unfair policies thatdo not respect its commitments to Shores taxpayers and voters,specifically the Measure C Bond to build the new RWSElementary School in order to “allow every local child to attenda neighborhood elementary school.”
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270 Redwood Shores Parkway, PMB #205Redwood Shores, CA 94065 - 1173rsca.org2013 Board
PRESIDENTHarris Rogers....................................harrisrogers@rsca.orgVICE PRESIDENTSue Nix......................................................suenix@rsca.orgSECRETARYLynn Adams........................................lynnadams@rsca.orgTREASURERStephen Bellingham...............stephenbellingham@rsca.org
Doug Crisman................................dougjcrisman@rsca.org
The Board of Directors meets promptly at 7pmNovember board meeting scheduled for Thursday,November 21st at the Redwood Shores Library
DEADLINES DEADLINESThe deadline for the December Pilot is theweek of November 14th - 21st
531 Shoal Circle, Redwood City, CA 94065thepilot@rsca.orgEditor, Carol Mertens.................................... 650-773-4517Advertising, Carol Merten..............................650-773-4517Circulation, Carol Mertens.............................650-773-4517Shores Press..........................................................593-2802Design & Review Board Inquiries: adb@rsca.orgJim CvengrosCarol FordSue NixFor CC&R Copies, Carol Ford - carolford@rsca.org
is a monthly publication of theRedwood Shores Community Association (RSCA).Circulation: 6,000 Redwood Shores Households & BusinessesThe opinions published in the
are those of the authors andnot the expressions of RSCA unless so officially designated.
Presidents MemoPage 3Letter To The Editor, Page 4BRSSD Superintendent MessagePage 4Light Up The Shores, Hybrid BusPage 8Disaster PreparednessPage 8Were For The Birds, On The MovePage 10SC Flight Center, Troop 32276Page 11Letter on Measure RPage 12Thanksgiving, HanukkahPage 12Save The MusicPage 17Why You Need ChiropracticPage 18Recollections of Pete HughesPage 19Be Prepared for Your PetsitterPage 21Retiring And Selling Your HomePage 21Group Therapy, Redwood SymphonyPage 23Fall TrendsPage 24Lynns Kitchen & Wine AppreciationPage 25Library Schedule Page 26StudentsPage 27
Table of Contents
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(650) 212-0001
Lynn AdamsMayling BellinghamStephen BellinghanNina BoireDoug CrismanJim CvengrosCarol FordAmir HiggyMike MancusiCarol MertensSue NixHarris RogersClemencia RodriquezAndrew Young
Page 3
Presdent’s Memo for Noember 2013
by Harris Rogers
RSCA Calendar
Election Day
Tuesday, November 5th
Disaster Preparedness Day -
SundayNovember 24th - Show Your Cards
Santa Comes To The Shores –
SundayDecember 8th - 1-3pm –RWS Library
Light Up The Shores - Judging
December 19th - Submit your photos to RSCASee page 8
RSCA Annual Meeting
- WednesdayFebruary 12, 2014 - RWS Library
Join RSCA, Support Our Events in2014! 
Most of you recently received our mail notice about 2014Membership. You’ve asked us to please avoid theNovember/December holidays, and we’ve adjusted our mailing schedule to make that possible.Now do your part and return your Membership this month sothat our “elves” can enjoy the Holidays, too.
Get on Our Email List, too
If you’re not already on our email list, go to our web site at
. At the top of the left column is a big yellow but-ton that says “Join our email list”. Just click on that buttonand add yourself to our list.Every email address saves us over $2 each year in postalmailing costs, money that goes to our events. We keep our emails to a minimum and use them mostly to inform you of our local events or important information that comesbetween monthly issues of The PILOT. You can leave our list at any time, but give us a chance to keep you up to dateon what’s happening in the Shores.
Criminals Impersonating PG&E Workers
Crime is on the rise around the entire Bay Area. In late sum-mer there were two cases of thieves dressing as utility work-ers to gain access to Bay Area homes in Oakland and, clos-er to home, San Carlos.In each case, one person dressed as a utility worker andgained access to the customer’s backyard, while a secondperson entered the home and stole money, coins and/or  jewelry. Thankfully, nobody was injured in either case.Investigations are ongoing, and PG&E is working in fullcooperation with local law enforcement. Always – ALWAYSask to see valid identification beforeallowing anyoneclaiming to be a PG&E representativeinside your home. PG&E employees always carry their identification and are always willing to show it to you. Thesame is true for ALL utility workers.If a person claiming to be an employee of PG&E (or Comcast Cable, AT&T, or any utility company) has identifi-cation and you stillfeel uncomfortable, you should immedi-ately
call RWC Police, 369-3333.
If it’s a PG&E representative, you can call PG&E’s customer service line at 1-800-PGE-5000 to verify an appointmentand/or PG&E’s presence in the community. Customers whohave an appointment with PG&E will receive an automatedcall back within 48 hours prior to a scheduled visit.Finally, customers with concerns about any “PG&E” callthey receive are encouraged to call PG&E directly at1-800-PGE-5000.
We have two big local elections on November 5th.Whether you agree or disagree with our endorsements or comments about the decision process, being a voter is oneof the most basic ways each of us exercise our most funda-mental right to express our opinions about those who gov-ern.Of special importance to the Shores this year are the localelections for three (3) seats on the Redwood City Council,three (3) seats (
a possible new majority 
) on the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District Board of Trustees, and theproposed Measure R parcel tax.Shores residents are among the most civic-minded peoplein this local area. Being a voter increases the importance of the Shores with local officials. They look closely at howmany of those eligible actually vote, and the higher that per-centage the more influence we have as a community.If you did not receive a mail-in ballot, go to the polls on elec-tion day, November 5th.Whatever your opinions or politics, this will be an importantlocal election, both for the Redwood City Council and for theBelmont-Redwood Shores School District.You need to be part of it, so…

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