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Sample letters to medical board re Conrad Murray.PLEASE DOWNLOAD SIGN AND SEND

Sample letters to medical board re Conrad Murray.PLEASE DOWNLOAD SIGN AND SEND

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Published by TeamMichael
PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THIS FOR FURTHER DETAILS http://teammichaeljackson.com/archives/9947
PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THIS FOR FURTHER DETAILS http://teammichaeljackson.com/archives/9947

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Published by: TeamMichael on Oct 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PERMANENT AND INDEFINITE REVOCATION OF CONRAD ROBERT MURRAY MEDICAL LICENSES AROUND THE WORLD PROJECT!Conrad Robert Mrra "o##e##ed $or %&' State Med()a* L()en#e# +,en ,e )o--(tted t,e Ho-()(de o$ M(),ae* Jo#e", Ja).#on on Jne /01 /2234 %5' Ca*($orn(a6 %/' Te7a#6 %8' Ne9ada6 and %&' Ha+a((:Ca*($orn(a $(*ed Cort Pa"er# to Re9o.e Conrad Mrra Ca*($orn(a Med()a* L()en#e on Jne /;1 /25/1 and Te7a# Re9o.ed Conrad Mrra<# Med()a* L()en#e on A=#t 821 /258:A# o$ toda1 t,e State# o$ Ne9ada and Ha+a(( ,a9e on* >S#"ended? Conrad Mrra<# Med()a* L()en#e# and %a# +e nder#tand' ,e -ere* need rea""* $or t,o#e Med()a* L()en#e# to be ree#tab*(#,ed:In ,onor o$ t,e Me-or o$ M(),ae* Jo#e", Ja).#on1 $or J#t()e $or or be*o9ed @(n= o$ POP1 and #o t,at no ot,er "er#on ,a# to #$$er a >Deat, Senten)e? *(.e M(),ae* Ja).#on d(d1 +e ,a9e to ta.e t,e a)t(on to not($ t,eNe9ada and Ha+a(( Med()a* Board# and de-and t,e (--ed(ate*1 (nde$(n(te*1 and "er-anent* >REVO@E? Conrad Mrra<# Med()a* L()en#e# and (n$or- t,e Te7a# Med()a* Board t,at +e de-and t,e DO NOT Re(n#tate Conrad Mrra<# Te7a# Med()a* L()en#e:Be*o+ are t+o %/' Se"arate *etter# to t,e Ne9ada and Ha+a(( Med()a* Board#: P*ea#e )o" and "a#te Letter 5 and Fa7 to t,e Ne9ada Med()a* Board and Co" and Pa#te Letter / and E-a(* to t,e Ha+a(( Med()a* Board1 a# noted: Add(t(ona**1 P*ea#e Note4 A# o$ t,(# "o#t(n=1 (t ,a# been re"orted t,at Conrad Mrra ,a# ree#ted Te7a# Re(n#tate ,(# Te7a# Med()a* L()en#e +,(), +a# Re9o.ed on A=#t 821 /258: We ,a9e added Letter 8 to t,e Te7a# Med()a* Board de-and(n= t,e DO NOT re(n#tate Conrad Mrra<# Med()a* L()en#e: P*ea#e )o" and Pa#te Letter 8 and Fa7 to t,e Te7a# Med()a* Board1 a# noted: A** d(re)t(on# are (dent($(ed and )*ear* #"e)($(ed be*o+:T,an. o $or ta.(n= t,e t(-e to #""ort t,(# 9er (-"ortant e$$ort!LETTER 5 TO NEVADA MEDICAL BOARD
October 28, 2013Nevada State Board of Medical ExaminersInvestigations ivisionMailing !ddress"#$ O$ Box %238 &eno, N' 8()10#*+sical !ddress" 110) erminal -a+, .301&eno, N' 8()02ele/*one" %%) 882))(4ax" %%) 882))35om/laint 4orm at" *tt/"66777$medboard$nv$gov64orms65om/laint$/df ear Sir or Madam"I am 7riting to /lace a com/laint against 5onrad &obert Mrra+, Nevada Medical9icense .(1:1 for t*e follo7ing in violation of t*e Medical #ractice !ct" ;ross Negligence and &e/eated Negligent !cts, Incom/etence, <n/rofessional 5ondct, and at least 1% Egregios 'iolations and e/artre from t*e Standard of 5are$ !ll are sbstantiall+ related to t*e inade=ate =alifications, fnctions, and dties of 5onrad Mrra+ to a sbstantial degree and evidence /resent and ftre nfitness in a manner consistent 7it* /blic *ealt*, safet+, or 7elfare$*e seventeen 1% se/arate and distinct Egregios 'iolations of t*e Standard of 5are, of 7*ic* for : are <nconscionable, based on 5onrad Mrra+>s #olice Intervie7 and as testified in 5ort b+ r$ Steven S*afer on October 1(20, 2011, are"1$*e lac? of basic emergenc+ air7a+ e=i/ment@ 2$*e lac? of advanced emergenc+ air7a+ e=i/ment@ 3$*e lac? of sction a//arats@ :$*e lac? of an I' infsion /m/@)$*e lac? of alarmed /lse oximetr+@ $*e failre to se a blood /ressre cff@ %$*e lac? of an electrocardiogram@ 8$*e lac? of ca/nogra/*+@ ($*e failre to maintain a doctor/atient relations*i/@ 10$*e failre to continosl+ monitor t*e mental stats of t*e /atient@ 11$*e failre to continosl+ monitor t*e breat*ing of t*e /atient@ 12$*e failre to continosl+ monitor blood /ressre and /lse oximetr+, and to *ave *eart monitors@
13$*e failre to call (11 immediatel+@ 1:$*e failre to c*art at t*e otset of t*e /rocedre egregios and nconscionable@ 1)$*e failre to maintain 7ritten informed consent egregios and nconscionable@ 1$*e failre to docment t*rog*ot t*e corse of sedation egregios and nconscionable@ and 1%$*e failre to disclose to bot* t*e /aramedics and <59! t*e se of /ro/ofol and 7*at Mrra+ 7itnessed at t*e arrest egregios and nconscionable$  !s +o ?no7, t*e Medical Ai//ocratic Oat* is an oat* *istoricall+ ta?en b+ octors and ot*er *ealt*care /rofessionals s7earing to /ractice medicine et*icall+ 5onrad Mrra+ too? a Ai//ocratic Oat*, 7*ic* is one of t*e oldest binding docments in *istor+$ *e Oat* is s//osed to be *eld sacred b+ #*+sicians, bt instead, 5onrad Mrra+ !B!NONE AE AI##O5&!I5 O!A c*oosing to commit t*ese aforementioned Seventeen 1% egregios deviations6violations and 5OM#9EE9C !B!NONIN; AE O!A !N AIS #!IEN, MI5A!E9 DOSE#A D!5SONI am a member of a large gro/ of millions of /eo/le demanding a//ro/riate Dstice for t*e Aomicide of Mr$ Mic*ael Dose/* Dac?son$I res/ectfll+ re=est an immediate &evie7 and &evocation of t*e Nevada Medical 9icense of 5onrad &obert Mrra+, 7*o 7as 5onvicted and 4ond ;ilt+ on November %, 2011, of t*e Aomicide Involntar+ Manslag*ter of Mic*ael Dose/* Dac?son on Dne 2), 200($ Based on t*e facts t*at are /resent in t*e case of *e #eo/le v$ 5onrad Mrra+, 5ase Nmber S!0%31:, r$ Mrra+ 7*o is res/onsible for t*e deat* of Mr$ Mic*ael Dac?son, dis/la+ed a careless, rec?less, and intentional disregard for *is life$
r$ Mrra+ administered #ro/ofol in a residential *ome setting 7it*ot t*e aid of a//ro/riate medical e=i/ment to monitor *is /atient, Mr$ Mic*ael Dose/* Dac?son, as noted above$r$ Mrra+, a 5ardiologist, ?no7ingl+ /erformed 5ardio/lmonar+ &esscitation 5#& on a FbedF contrar+ to medical gidelines on t*e /ro/er met*od to /erformeffective 5#&$r$ Mrra+ left t*e room for a long /eriod of time after inGecting *ig* levels of #ro/ofol into Mr$ Mic*ael Dose/* Dac?son$

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