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Planet X -2

Planet X -2



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Published by SidhanNt

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Published by: SidhanNt on Aug 01, 2009
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May 25th, 2008
Written byIan O'NeillApparently, Planet X (a.k.a. Nibiru) was spotted by astronomers in the early 1980's in theoutermost reaches of the Solar System.It has been tracked by infrared observatories; seen lurking around in the Kuiper Belt and now it is speeding right toward us and will enter theinner Solar Systemin 2012. So what does this mean to us? Well, the effects of the approach of PlanetX on our planet will be biblical, and what's more the effects are being felt right now. Millions,even billions of people will die, global warming will increase; earthquakes, drought, famine,wars, social collapse, even killer solar flareswill be caused by Nibiru blasting through the coreof the Solar System. All of this will happen in 2012, and we must begin preparing for our demiseright now…As investigated in my previous article " No Doomsday in 2012", a lot of weight had been placedon the end of an ancient Mayan calendar, the "Long Count". According to this calendar andMayan myth,
is going to happen on December 21st, 2012. Now the world's Planet Xsupporters seem to have calculated that this hypothetical, deadly planet will arrive from a highlyeccentric orbit to wreak gravitational havoc onEarth, sparking geological, social, economic andenvironmental damage, killing a high proportion of life… in 2012.
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I'm sorry, but the "facts" behind the Planet X/Nibiru myth simply do not add up. Don't worry,Planet X will
be knocking on our door in 2012 and here's why…
Nibiru and Planet X
In 1843, John Couch Adams (a British mathematician and astronomer) studied the orbital perturbations of Uranusand deduced that through gravitational interactions, there must be aneighth planet, tugging at the gas giant. This led to the discovery of  Neptune, orbiting at a distanceof 30AU fromthe Sun. There have been numerous occasions where this method has been used todeduce the existence of other bodies in the Solar System before they were directly observed. Neptune was also experiencing orbital perturbations, and on the discovery of Pluto in 1930, it was thought that the aptly named "Planet X" had been discovered. Alas, Pluto's mass was tiny,and once the orbit of Charon(Pluto's moon) was analysed it was found that the mass of thePluto- Charonsystem was far too small to affect the orbit of Neptune. The hunt for Planet X continued…After years of speculation and historic research, it was believed that a huge body astronomerswere looking for was a huge planet or a small star, possibly a companion to our Sun (making theSolar System a binary system). The name "Nibiru" was unearthed by the author Zecharia Sitchin,on researching the possible intervention of extraterrestrials in the early history of mankind. Nibiru is a hypothetical planet as taught in ancient Sumerian culture (the Sumerians existed fromaround 6,000BC to 3,000BC, predating Babylon, in the current geographic location of Iraq).There is very little archaeological evidence to suggest this mythical planet has anything to dowith Planet X. But since this dubious connection, Planet X and Nibiru are now thought bydoomsayers to be the same thing, an ancient astronomical body that has returned after a longorbit beyond the Solar System.OK, so the Nibiru/Planet X connection might be a bit ropey already, but is there any solidevidence for the modern-day Planet X?
Infrared observations = Planet X
There is much emphasis placed on the 1983 "discovery" of a mysterious heavenly body by NASA's Infrared Astronomical Satellite(IRAS) on the outskirts of the Solar system, some 50 billion miles (540 AU) away. Naturally the world's media will have been very excited by such adiscovery and began making noises that perhaps this was Planet X (the most popular accessibleresources for Planet X advocates is the Washington Post article published on December 31st1983 titled "Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered"). In actuality, astronomers weren't sure whatthe infrared object was (the clue is in the word "mystery"). Initial media reports postulated that itcould be a long-period comet,
a planet,
a far-off young galaxy
). As soon as the last possibility is mentioned, suddenly this became the "discovery" thatPlanet X was in fact a brown dwarf orbiting in the outer reaches of our Solar System."
So mysterious is the object that astronomers
do not know 
if it is a planet, a giant comet, anearby "protostar" that never got hot enough to become a star, a distant galaxy so young that it is still in the process of forming its first starsor a galaxy so shrouded in dust that none of thelight cast by its starsever gets through
." - Thomas O'Toole, Washington Post Staff Writer,December 30th 1983 (from text on the Planet X and Pole Shift website) So where did the Washington Post get its story? The story was published in response to theresearch printed a paper titled "
" (by Houck etal, published in
 Astrophysical Journal Letters
, 278:L63, 1984). Dr. Gerry Neugebauer, co-investigator in the IRAS project, was interviewed and strongly stated that what IRAS had seenwas not "incoming mail" (i.e. the results
did not 
suggest there was an object approaching Earth).On reading this interesting research, I was especially drawn to the paper's conclusion:"
 A number of candidate identifications have been considered including 
near-solar system, galactic, and extragalactic objects
. Further observations at infrared and other wavelengths may provide additional information in support of one of these conjectures, or perhaps
these objects

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