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Prison Ab & Interconnected Struggles

Prison Ab & Interconnected Struggles

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Published by NicoleEmptyCages
Prison Abolition & Interconnected Struggles Workshop Design
Prison Abolition & Interconnected Struggles Workshop Design

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Published by: NicoleEmptyCages on Oct 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Workshop Design:Prison abolition & Interconnected Struggles
Workshop description:
What makes you feel safe? Is it the policeor a home, enough food to eat and a supportive community? Thisworkshop looks at how different struggles for social and ecological justice can play a role in abolishing the prison industrial complex; theoverlapping interests of government and industry that use surveillance,policing and imprisonment as solutions to economic, social and politicalproblems. Only by linking up, interweaving and connecting struggle on alllevels and in all areas of our lives can we face up to such a wide-reachingsystem of oppression.1.5-2 hours
Introductions/scene setting
Intro to ourselves, ABC history
Why this workshop & our aims, intro to safe space
Go round
- Name | Where from | What attracted you to this workshop/want doyou want out of it (brief) | One social or environmental justice issue thatwe’re passionate about & involved inWrite these issues on the edges of a big piece of paper (or a few tapedtogether)
Intro to the Prison Industrial Complex: 1 hour
Then we do exercise looking at what is the prison industrial complex.This one is from the Chicago PIC Teaching Collective:
To illustrate the connections between various players inthe prison system, and where we all fit in, and to introduce the definitionof the PIC.Definition of the PIC written on flipchart paper1.
Explain that the group is going to create a mind-map to get asense of how we understand prisons. The group will build off themap throughout the workshop and participants will learn fromeach other‘s knowledge. For a visual example of a mind-map see TheCorrections Projects‘ Mind-
Map:correctionsproject.com/prisonmaps/pic4.htm2. Write
Prisons in a circle in the middle of paper3. Ask: Who is affected by prisons (prisoners, families, guards,communities, towns, politicians)? Write these around the center, circlingeach one, and connect them with a line to
Prisons in the center.4. Ask: Who else is affected by prisons, or connected to them in someway?What are some of the institutions that are connected to prisons (courts,police, schools, government, social services, media, corporations, etc)?Continue to draw these around the center with lines connecting to
Prisons, and you may also draw lines connecting the topics, within orbetween the layers. For example, politicians—government, families— prisoners, prisoners—guards.5. Ask: What are some of the larger ideas related to prisons thatinfluence these institutions and individuals (fear, violence, racism, war ondrugs, etc.)? Continue to connect them to
Prisons and to othertopics.6. Ask: Where do you fit in? Where are you connected to this picture?Write these connections in an outer circle. It could be anything frompersonal connections to incarcerated people, to buying prison-madegoods. As in the last step, draw connections within or between layers.7. Now that the group has created a map, let participants know that thegroup has developed a working definition of the Prison-IndustrialComplex. Say: All of these structures and people and the connectionsbetween them make up the PIC, and that is why it is called a “complex.”8. Read the Critical Resistance definition, first paragraph: PrisonIndustrial Complex (PIC) is a term we use to describe the overlappinginterests of government and industry that use surveillance, policing, andimprisonment as solutions to economic, social, and political problems.9. Ask: Does anyone have any questions or thoughts about thisdefinition before we move on? Provide time for discussion of the mind-map definition and/or the Critical Resistance definition.

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