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Published by Laura Williams
Max voiceover draft
Max voiceover draft

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Published by: Laura Williams on Oct 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Max - Voiceover 
Max hurt someone today, got changed and got on the 5.26 bus to Wellington.
Some might say she had it coming; I don’t want to get involved.
If people find out, they’ll put Max in prison; poor guy wouldn’t cope with that. They’d ask him questions like“What made you do it?” and “How do you feel about what you’ve done?” –
Thing is he doesn’t feel all that much,not the type of things he should feel anyway. Their questions would rip him apart and he couldn’t cope w
ith that.
He’s not stupid by any means; not aggressive, not anything. Just Max.
I’ve heard people call him a creep
he is, I suppose, the outsider. He’s the kid who holds his gaze for a little
too long or stares blankly when you talk to h
im. It’s all in the eyes.
 You know when someone catches you staring at them and you quickly look away? Not Max.
I remember one time a kid reached out to jab him in the head and Max grabbed his finger and nearlysnapped it clean in half. He never 
meant to do these things I just don’t think he knew his own strength.
Sarah was in his form group, she called him a creep and he went so pale. Never red. It was as if anynormal reaction fell from his face and to the floor where he just stared at it.
He stamped on her cats throat.
He plays so many video games; maybe they give him ideas, who knows. He walks around like he’s onanother earth, one we aren’t aware of, and it must be so much better.
He’s waiting for the 5.26 b
us to Wellington now, hoping everything will be better. Hoping he can start againand be the man he is on the other Earth.
Oh he’s got it all planned. There was £10.50 in Sarah’s purse; it cost £7.20 to get a one way bus fare and
60p for the Twix
he’s eating. That leaves £2.70 left to start his new life.
When he’s there he’d get a job, something unsuspicious like factory labour and get enough money to renthis own flat, maybe earn enough to keep a pet. He’s never had a pet just spiders; he’d catch them and keep them
in a jar until they perished. He was fascinated by life and how it could be put in his control.
Out, out, brief candle” Shakespeare once wrote.
Sarah filled his locker with mud the other day. I think that’s th
e moment when something clicked in him.
People might say he snapped. He knew what he was doing. I’m sure the fantasy was there all along, it just took
that last digit of the code that clicked open his locker.
He hacked into one of Sarah’s friend’s
Facebook account. Laura her name was. Told her to meet by the
lake. She went, why wouldn’t she? No one could’ve anticipated it.
Change in voice to “Laura” 
Hey Sarah, I’ll meet you at 6 by the lake yeah? Bring some money for sweets
or whatever, see you then x.
He waited behind a tree, waited for her to arrive. She did, she waited by the lake. He went quietly behindher, she heard him, turned round and he wrapped the scarf around her neck.
He was stronger, stronger for the first
time and angry, like he’d never been before.
She went all quiet, still and blue.
He knew that this would be the start of something. Something big. Not for Sarah though, it was the end for Sarah.
“Out, out, brief candle”

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