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Twilight - Chapter 2: Open Book from Edward's POV

Twilight - Chapter 2: Open Book from Edward's POV



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Published by Alyssa
Hey everyone! This is Chapter 2: Open Book in Twilight by Stephenie Meyer from Edward Cullen's point of view! No copyright is intended! Everything goes to Stephenie Meyer!
I thank Stephenie Meyer for being an inspiration to people across the world!
Hey everyone! This is Chapter 2: Open Book in Twilight by Stephenie Meyer from Edward Cullen's point of view! No copyright is intended! Everything goes to Stephenie Meyer!
I thank Stephenie Meyer for being an inspiration to people across the world!

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Published by: Alyssa on Aug 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 by Stephenie Meyer Chapter 2: Open Book from Edward’s Point Of View
MY VERSION: no copyright intended!
How could Isabella Swan torture me this way?It’s snowing today in Alaska, Tanya trying to comfort me. I waved her off and went out hunting.I fed on several lions and bears wandering the area. They lay lifeless on theground when I was full, but I was sure, before seeing Swan, I would have to feedextra. I scavenged out some more deer and sat down.Tanya came back.“Edward, listen. I hate seeing you like this, but you’ll have to face it or never go back to your family. You have to make a choice. You ally with humans, youdon’t cause trouble with them. You feed on
 blood not
 blood.” shesaid.“Please, Tanya.” I begged. “I need alone time.”
 If... that’s how you want it.
she thought. She turned and ran off into the trees,leaving no footsteps. I felt guilty, rejecting her like this, but I did need alone time.I would go home.I stood up and ran home, leaving no footsteps behind. I was taking animals but leaving nothing. It wasn’t a fair exchange.“Edward! You came back!” Esme’s voice was full of joy.“Of 
, Esme.” Alice mumbled. “Am I not the one who had thatvision?”“Rose, Emmett.” Carlisle said. “Welcome home, Edward.” He greeted mewarmly.Rose and Emmett suddenly appeared. “Hey, bro!” Emmett practically yelled.“We all missed you!” he swept me up in a bone-crushing hug – except my bonesdidn’t break.“You came back!” Rose cried.Jasper showed his happiness through his thoughts.
He thought.
 It was getting unbearable with you around.
Jazz nodded around the room.I nodded. “Thanks.” I mumbled. I looked out the window. The sky wasorange and yellow, with a light tint of purple and pink. “Dawn.” I would have to goto school today.
I would have to face Isabella Swan and the terrible monster living inside of me.The sun was barely up when the clouds covered it. White, detailed flakes began to drift down gently.I smiled. “You on, Em, Jazz?”“Aw, yeah!” Emmett boomed. I raced around the house, collecting things Iwould need for school. I picked up my knapsack and dumped everything into it. Ileft it by the garage door.I walked out the door and saw the snow had increased. The world wasalready covered in white. I scooped up a handful of snow and crushed it into a ball.I made another ball and waited for Emmett and Jasper to come out.They came out side by side. I threw the snowballs at them and they turned intime to see 2 balls of snow hurling towards them.“What the...” Emmett murmured, before the snow smacked him in the face.“Gotcha, Em.” I laughed.“Bring it on, kid.” Emmett growled.Technically, I was older than Emmett – and Rosalie for that matter. Both of them were born in 1915, though Rose was transformed first. If he meant our human years, then he would be right. He was older than me by 3 years that way.We continued the snowball fight until the sun shone through dimly from thedense clouds above. I sighed quietly and was in my Volvo with my knapsack in asecond.“C’mon.” I muttered.Everyone filed in. I opened the garage door and sped out, down the threemile driveway and onto the street. I hit the button to close the garage door as I spedaway.We drove up to Forks High School in minutes - we were right on time. Icould see Bella’s Chevrolet pick-up truck was already parked.First class = Gym. Alice followed me to the gym and we split up to getchanged for gym. We flowed effortlessly through this class, restraining ourselvesso we wouldn’t collect too much attention.It was the class after lunch I dreaded. The time where I would be less than ameter from Isabella Swan.Why the hell was I thinking about her now?I wasn’t paying attention to any of my classes. Everything I had alreadylearned, a century ago. Nothing was new – except for the technology.
Then came lunch. We – Jasper, Emmett and I – were engaged in a snow fight just before lunch and walked in the cafeteria laughing.“I am
gonna beat you next time, Edward!” Emmett vowed. If Emmettlost, expect him to find a way to get revenge.Jasper laughed. “Emmett...”We all sat down at our table. Alice and Rosalie were already seated. I permitted myself one glance at the cafeteria doors. Isabella Swan was entering.Great.“So how was the fight?” Alice asked innocently.
 Like I would want to know. I already do.
“Aw, Alice.” Jasper chuckled. “Wouldn’t you already know?”“Yes.” Alice admitted. “But I want to see it from your point of view.Please?”Jasper sighed and explained the fight to Rose and Alice. The moment he wasdone, Emmett shook his head at Rose, water flying out of his hair. The girls leanedaway, Rosalie muttering, “Ew, Emmett!”We all laughed.
“-are you staring at?” Jessica Stanley asked.
I searched her thoughts, shewas taking to Bella.My head turned and my eyes met Bella Swan’s. She looked away, letting her chestnut coloured hair fall to hide her face.I concentrated.
in the world was she thinking right now?
 Edward, what’s wrong?
4 voices inside my head sounded.I shook my head. “Nothing... it’s nothing.”To take my mind off Rose, Emmett, Alice and Jasper, I listened to theconversation Stanley and Swan were having, from Jessica’s point of view.
“Edward Cullen is staring at you.” I giggled.“He doesn’t look angry, does he?” Bella asked.“No.” Why would Bella want to know that? “Should he be?” Did you do something that would make him hold a grudge against you?“I don’t think he likes me.” She admitted.
Ha! If only she knew...
“The Cullens don’t like anybody... well, they don’t notice anybody enough tolike them. But he’s still staring at you.”
Damn it! I forgot I was staring at her.
“Stop looking at him.” Bella growled. I don’t know how it’s a growl, but  still... Anyway...
Jessica Stanley turned her head away from me.

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