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Omtex Classes Article
Omtex Classes Article

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Published by: AMIN BUHARI ABDUL KHADER on Oct 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. (A) Answer the following sub - questions. (5 Marks)
*1. The device used for producing current is called a ..................... .
(a) voltmeter (b) ammeter (c) galvanometer 
(d) generator 
*2. At the time of short circuit, the current in the circuit ..................... .
 (a) increases
(b) decreases (c) remains (d) increases in steps
*3. The direction of the magnetic field around a straight conductor carrying current is given by.....................
a) right hand rule
(b) Fleming’s left hand rule (c) Fleming’s right hand rule (d) none of these
4. The relation between electricity and magnetism was first established by ..................... .
(a) Ohm (b) Ampere (c)
(d) Moseley
5. The region around magnet is called as .............. .
(a) magnetic Area (b)
(c) magnetic loop (d) magnetism
(B) Rewrite the following statements by selecting the correctoptions: (5 Marks)
1. The image formed by a concave mirror is ..................... .(a) always virtual and erect (b) always virtual and inverted
 (c) virtual if the object is placed between pole and focus
(d) virtual if the object is beyondfocus
2. A concave mirror forms a virtual image of an object placed ..................... .(a) at infinity (b) at the centre of curvature of the mirror 
(c) at the focus of the mirror 
(d) between the focus and the mirror 
3. A convex mirror always forms an image which is ..................... than the object size.(a) larger 
(b) smaller 
(c) double (d) three times
4. No matter how far you stand from a spherical mirror, your image appears erect. The mirror may be ...........(a) Plane (b) concave (c)
(d) either plane or convex
5. In case of a concave mirror, an erect image is ..................... .(a) real and enlarged (b) real and diminished (c) virtual and diminished (d)
virtual andenlarged
2. Attempt the following. (10 Marks)
Atomic size increases down the group.
i. The atomic numbers of the elements increase as we go down the group. Thus, theelements placed lower have more electrons.
ii. To accommodate these electrons new shells are added to the atom.
iii. These new shells take the outermost electrons farther from the nucleus causing atomicsize (radius) to increase as we go down the group.
What is the importance of a chemical equation?
Ans. A chemical equation can convey the following information.
i. Reactants and products involved in the reaction.
ii. Symbols and formulae of all substances involved in the reaction.
iii. Relative number of reactants and product participating in the reaction.
iv. Relative masses of reactants and products.
v. Physical states of reactants and products.
Write short notes on Indicators (with proper example).
Ans. The acidic and basic nature of the compounds can also be indicated by some natural as wellas chemical substances. They are known as indicators.
i. There are many natural substances such as rose petals, turmeric, beet root, etc that can be used as indicators. They are called natural indicators.
ii. Some chemical substances such as phenolphthalein, methyl orange, eosin are syntheticindicators.
iii. Olfactory indicators: Substances whose odour changes in acidic or basic solution arecalled olfactory indicator. An olfactory indicator works on the principle that when an acid or  base is added to it, then its odour cannot be detected. Examples: onion and clove extract.
iv. Universal indicators: Universal indicator is a mixture of several indicators which givesdifferent colours at different pH values of the pH scale.
v. Uses of indicators: The acidic or basic nature of a compound can be judged. It is usedin agriculture to determine the pH of the soil.
Give Scientific Reason : The material used for fuse has lowmelting point.
i. A fuse is used to protect a circuit and the appliances connected in the circuit bystopping the flow of an excess electric current. For this, a fuse is connected in series in thecircuit.
ii. When the current in the circuit passes through the fuse, its temperature increases. Whenthe current exceeds the specified value, the fuse must melt to break the circuit. For this, thematerial used for a fuse has low melting point.
Magnetic field
: -The region around magnet, in which the force of attraction and repulsion
exists, is called as ‘magnetic field’.
: -A coil of many turns of insulated copper wire wrapped in the shape of cylinder iscalled a solenoid.
3. Attempt the following. (10 Marks)1.
Refraction observed in the atmosphere.
i. In the atmosphere, there are different layers of air with different refractive indiceswhich keep on changing as the physical conditions of air are not stationary (still).
ii. When we observe any object through this air, the light coming from them refractrandomly due to which the apparent position of the object fluctuates.
iii. The large scale effect of this phenomenon is the twinkling of stars, advanced sunriseand delayed sunset.
iv. Due to change in the refractive index of atmosphere, the intensity of light that reachesour eyes from the stars varies and hence the stars appear twinkling at night.
Advanced sunrise occurs as a ray of light from the sun enters the earth’s atmosphere; it
follows a curved path due to refraction before reaching to the observer.
vi. It appears to the observer as if the rays are coming from the position where the sun isseen by the observer, hence, the sun is seen earlier before it reaches the horizon.

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