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10-29-13 Edition.pdf
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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on Oct 29, 2013
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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
Oct.29, 2013
Vol XII,Edition 62
601 El Camino RealSan Bruno, CA 94066Mon.-Sat. 10am-7pmSun. Noon to 6pm
By Angela Swartz
ASan Bruno resident is hoping to gettraction on a community on patrol group,with support from the city, but it’s mostlybeen an uphill battle, he said.San Bruno’s Robert Barnett, 61, works inprivate security and started a small grouplast year after growing concerned aboutcrime in his neighbor-hood. He wants officialsupport and funding fromthe city, so his group of volunteers is legitimized.Being able to carry iden-tification from the citywould allow him and histeam to be able to talk toresidents more easily ascredentialed people, he said.“We want to be an extension of the policedepartment,” Barnett said. “We’re willing todo training.”In a letter dated April 23, 2013, PoliceChief Neil Telford wrote to Barnett that hecommends Barnett for his enthusiasm toprevent crime in San Bruno. In the letter,Telford encourages him to work with theexisting neighborhood watch programthat’s sponsored by the police departmentwith assistance from the citizens’crime pre-vention committee.Telford went on to write that he is aware of successful volunteer programs that are rununder the auspices of a police or sheriff’sdepartment, but this group delves more intothe area of private patrol.
Citizens watch group seeks backing from city
Community on Patrol seeking legitimacy,police chief says organization is a ‘risk and liability’
Robert Barnett
By Michelle Durand
The California Public UtilitiesCommission remains lagging in itscommitment to public safety, unable toprioritize it or make quality decisionsabout gas transmission, according to acritical legislative report released yester-day by state Sen. Jerry Hill in a hearingsparked by the recent San Carlos state of emergency.The report on improving performance and priorities con-cluded the CPUC has trouble convincing the public it hasthe ability to fix the safety challenges identified since thedeadly San Bruno gas pipeline explosion that killed eight
Hill comesdown onPG&E,CPUC
State senator holds hearing to demandgas pipeline accuracy and oversight
 Jerry Hill
City tackles Transit Village,council wants story poles
By Michelle Durand
The San Carlos City Council, wrestling with the size of the proposed Transit Village development around the exist-ing train station, wants the developer to erect story poles togive them and residents a clear picture of just how massiveit would be.Councilman Matt Grocott proposed the idea at Mondaynight’s meeting, saying that as a landscape architect hemight understand from flat blueprints the scale but that theaverage person can’t get a visual.
By Samantha Weigel
Just days before the second RedwoodCity apartment building fire broke outthis year, Victoria Mager felt like shewas finally making her fourth floorTerrace Apartments unit her new home.Tragically, it was not the first apart-ment fire Mager endured. Mager spentseven years at the Hallmark HouseApartments that were destroyed by asix-alarm fire July 7. That fire left near-ly 100 homeless and killed one.In the early-morning hours of Oct.17, Mager, 38, said she heard screamsand people running in the hallway of her new unit at Terrace Apartments on926 Woodside Road. That fire displacedabout 60 residents.“I went to open the door and I sawsmoke and fire. I realized the night-mare was happening again,” Magersaid.Mager spent months staying withher sister before she found the nearbyTerrace Apartments with a layout simi-lar to her previous home, Mager said.“The reason I chose the [Terrace]Apartments is because this apartmentwas exactly a mirror image reflectionof the one I lived in at Hallmark. Ibought the same furniture from thesame store and tried to put things backtogether. Mentally, I wanted to feellike nothing had changed after the firstfire,” Mager said.The similarities between the twofires that occurred less than a mile fromeach other are astonishing, Magersaid. Both fires originated in the early-morning hours on the fourth floor of buildings that didn’t have sprinklersystems, Mager said.After the Hallmark fire, she wasdepressed, couldn’t sleep and spent
Living through two fires
Redwood City woman just getting settled after fire,when another displaces her
Victoria Mager goes through her few remaining centuries-old family photographs after losing most of her belongings to twoapartment fires in Redwood City during the last four months.
Texan survives beinghit by lightning twice
SAINTJO, Texas — An off-road rac-ing enthusiast has survived beingstruck by lightning twice during thesame storm in North Texas.Casey Wagner said Sunday that doc-tors told him a tingling feeling wouldlast for about a week.KTVT-TVreports Wagner was at anoff-road competition in Saint Jo, 85miles northwest of Dallas, whenstorms arrived.The 31-year-old Wagner was under atree when he was hit by lightning. Hedropped to his knees then he wasstruck again. Wagner says he sawsparks during the strikes.Anurse who happened to be nearbycared for Wagner until he was taken toa hospital, where he was treated andreleased.Wagner says he believes God kepthim alive — and he plans to startgoing to church more.
Indonesian city trying toend masked monkey shows
JAKARTA, Indonesia — Indonesia’scapital is getting rid of the monkeybusiness.Security forces are conducting raidsto rescue macaques used in maskedmonkey performances on Jakarta’sstreets.The order came from Jakarta Gov.Joko Widodo, better known as“Jokowi,” who wants all roadsidemonkey performances — known hereas topeng monyet — gone by nextyear.He said that besides improving pub-lic order and stopping animal abuse,the move is aimed at preventing dis-eases carried by the monkeys.The city government will buy backall monkeys used as street buskers forabout $90 and shelter them at a 2.5-acre preserve at Jakarta’s RagunanZoo. The handlers and caretakers willbe provided vocational training tohelp find new jobs.Animal rights groups have longcampaigned for a ban on the shows,which often involve monkeys wearingplastic baby doll heads on their faces.They say the monkeys are hung fromchains for long periods to train themto walk on their hind legs likehumans. Their teeth are pulled so theycan’t bite, and they are tortured toremain obedient. The monkeys areoften outfitted in dresses and cowboyhats and forced to carry parasols or ridetiny bikes.Femke den Haas of the JakartaAnimal Aid Network welcomed thedecision, saying at least 22 monkeyshave been rescued since the sweepbegan last week and quarantined forhealth issues. She estimated about 350animals work as street performers inJakarta, adding they are no longer ableto live with other primates in zoos andcannot defend themselves in the wild.In 2011, backed by the city adminis-tration, the group rescued 40 monkeysused in shows, which are often per-formed when traffic is backed up atJakarta’s notoriously congested inter-sections. Many suffered illnesses,including tuberculosis and hepatitis.Many of the macaques are trained at aslum area in eastern Jakarta, knownlocally as “monkey village.” Atrainedmacaque can be sold for up to $135.Sarinah, 37, who owns 13 monkeysused in the daily street shows, said theban has hurt her livelihood. Seven of her macaques have been confiscated inrecent raids.
Austrian police seekthief:The loot? Grass
VIENNA— Austrian police are seek-ing witnesses to an unusual theft — of huge amounts of grass, mowed secret-ly from a farmer’s field.Apolice statement says the theftoccurred around Liebenfels, a villageabout 120 miles southwest of Vienna.It says a farmer reported his fieldmowed and the grass gone on Monday.Police say the grass went missingsometime in the last three weeks butthe farmer noticed it only Mondaybecause the field is at some distancefrom the rest of his property. They saythe owner estimates its worth ataround more than $4,000 as fodder.
The San Mateo Daily Journal
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Singer RandyJackson is 52.
This Day in HistoryThought for the Day
Wall Street crashed on “BlackTuesday,” heralding the beginning of America’s Great Depression.
“It may be necessary temporarily to accept a lesser evil,but one must never label a necessary evil as good.” 
— Margaret Mead,American anthropologist (1901-1978)
Actor RichardDreyfuss is 66.Actress WinonaRyder is 42.
A model opens her mouth to breathe from a scuba tank as Israeli photographer Johannes Felten,left,takes pictures duringan underwater photo shoot in the Red Sea in the resort city of Eilat.
Partly cloudy in the morningthen becoming sunny. Highs in the mid50s. West winds 5 to 15 mph.
Tuesday night:
Mostly clear. Lows inthe mid 40s. West winds around 5 mphin the evening...Becoming light.
Sunny. Highs in the mid50s. Light winds.
Wednesday night:
Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 40s.
Thursday through Friday night:
Mostly clear. Highs inthe lower 60s. Lows in the upper 40s.
: Sunny in the morning then becoming partlycloudy. Highs in the upper 50s.
Saturday night and Sunday
: Mostly cloudy. Lows in themid 40s. Highs in the upper 50s.
Local Weather Forecast
In 1618, 
Sir Walter Raleigh, the English courtier, militaryadventurer and poet, was executed in London.
In 1787
, the opera “Don Giovanni” by Wolfgang AmadeusMozart had its world premiere in Prague.
In 1901
, President William McKinley’s assassin, LeonCzolgosz, was electrocuted.
In 1923, 
the Republic of Turkey was proclaimed.
In 1940, 
Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson drew the firstnumber — 158 — in America’s first peacetime military draft.
In 1956
, during the Suez Canal crisis, Israel invadedEgypt’s Sinai Peninsula. “The Huntley-Brinkley Report”premiered as NBC’s nightly television newscast.
In 1960, 
a chartered plane carrying the CaliforniaPolytechnic State University football team crashed on take-off from Toledo, Ohio, killing 22 of the 48 people on board.
In 1966
, the National Organization for Women was for-mally organized during a conference in Washington, D.C.
In 1967
, Expo 67 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, closedafter six months.
In 1979, 
on the 50th anniversary of the great stock marketcrash, anti-nuclear protesters tried but failed to shut downthe New York Stock Exchange.
In 1987, 
following the confirmation defeat of Robert H.Bork to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, President RonaldReagan announced his choice of Douglas H. Ginsburg, anomination that fell apart over revelations of Ginsburg’sprevious marijuana use. Jazz great Woody Herman died inLos Angeles at age 74.
In 1994, 
gunman Francisco Martin Duran fired more thantwo dozen shots from a semiautomatic rifle at the WhiteHouse.
In other news ...
(Answers tomorrow)OOMPH MAMBO TRUDGE BYLINEYesterday’sJumbles:Answer:He used this to recall facts about his firstcomputer — HIS GOOD MEMORYNow arrange the circled lettersto form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
©2013 Tribune Content Agency, LLCAll Rights Reserved.
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Bluegrass singer-musician Sonny Osborne (The OsborneBrothers) is 76. Country singer Lee Clayton is 71. Rock musi-cian Denny Laine is 69. Singer Melba Moore is 68. MusicianPeter Green is 67. Actress Kate Jackson is 65. The president of Turkey, Abdullah Gul, is 63. Actor Dan Castellaneta (“TheSimpsons”) is 56. Country musician Steve Kellough (WildHorses) is 56. Comic strip artist Tom Wilson (“Ziggy”) is 56.Actress Finola Hughes is 54. Rock musician Peter Timmins(Cowboy Junkies) is 48. Actress Joely Fisher is 46. RapperParis is 46. Actor Rufus Sewell is 46. Actor Grayson McCouchis 45. Rock singer SAMartinez (311) is 44.
 The Daily Derby race winners are Hot Shot,No.3,in first place;Caliifornia Classic,No.5,in secondplace;and Lucky Star,No.2,in third place.Therace time was clocked at 1:47.07.
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ct.26 Su
r Lot
to Plu
We Don’t MeetOur Competition,
We Create It!
601 El Camino Real, San Bruno
Mon.- Sat. 10am to 7pmSun. Noon to 6pm
Phone: 650.588.0388
Fax: 650.588.0488
Opening Sale
By Michelle Durand
A54-year-old woman suspected of killinga Menlo Park couple walking their dogwhen she hit them while driving drunk willbe arraigned this afternoon on two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter.Marjorie Reitzell, of Redwood City, alsofaces two felony counts of driving whileunder the influence causing injury for report-edly striking another vehicle carryingteenagers after veering from the couple.Reitzell was due in court Monday after-noon but complained of chest pain right beforeher appearance and wastaken for medical care.She will return to courttoday.Reitzell is accused of killing Balbir and KamalSingh just before 7 p.m.last Thursday as theywalked their dog onChilco Street. Reitzell,who is on probation for a 2012 DUI convic-tion, reportedly struck the couple frombehind before going over a center dividerand hitting the second car head-on beforecoming to rest against a tree. The coupledied at the scene and their Chihuahua wasinjured but survived. They have threeteenage children.In addition to the DUI conviction,Reitzell also has previous drug-related con-victions.She remains in custody in lieu of $2 mil-lion bail.
Fatal DUI suspect avoids court in couple’s death
Suspicious circumstances.
Atire wasstolen off a vehicle on the first block of 31stAvenue before 9:22 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 2.
Stolen vehicle.
Asilver 2004 Honda wasstolen at the intersection of Second Avenueand south El Camino Real before 8:41 a.m.Wednesday, Oct. 2
. Avehicle hit a fire hydrant atthe intersection of Howard Avenue and NorthHumboldt Street before 9:32 p.m. Tuesday,Oct. 1.
Stolen vehicle.
Avehicle was stolen atthe intersection of 19th Avenue and SouthDelaware Street before 6:22 p.m. Tuesday,Oct. 1.
. Someone smashed a vehicle’swindow and took belongings worth approx-imately $5,574 at Montara State Beachbefore 5:15 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24.
. Someone smashed a vehicle win-dow and took belongings worth approxi-mately $2,400 at Gray Whale Cove before5:15 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24.
. Aleather handbag and a laptopwere taken from a locked vehicle on the13000 block of Skyline Boulevard before4:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 19.
Police reports
Bump and run
Someone was being threatened by aman with a golf club for bumping intohis wife on the 100 block of San MateoRoad in unincorporated San MateoCounty before 9:04 a.m. Wednesday,Oct. 23.
By Don Thompson
SACRAMENTO — ASanta Clara engineercharged with threatening a state lawmakerover a firearms bill pleaded no contestMonday to seven felony and three misde-meanor charges.Everett Basham faces a maximum of 10years in prison when he is sentenced oncharges that include an attempted terroristthreat, illegal possession of handguns andassault weapons, forgery and possession of destructive devices.Santa Clara County Deputy DistrictAttorney Alaleh Kianerci said Basham, 46,entered the plea under a deal in which severalcharges were reduced or dismissed.Prosecutors said he was upset with a billintroduced by Sen. Leland Yee, D-SanFrancisco/San Mateo, that would have lim-ited the rapid reloading of assault weapons.Yee’s bill ultimately died in the Legislature.Basham sent Yee an email in Januarythreatening to use hissniper skills to assassi-nate the San FranciscoDemocrat while hiding inthe shadows of the stateCapitol, authorities said.“We definitely thoughtit was a serious threat,”Kianerci said. “It was avery detailed and seriousthreat.”However, she said Basham has a minimalcriminal history, which led to the plea deal.Basham’s attorney, Dan Barton, did notimmediately return telephone calls andemails.“I hope that this man receives all the helphe needs,” Yee said in a statement thankinglaw enforcement. “As I said back inFebruary, threats like these will not deter mefrom pushing for common sense gun safetylegislation to protect our children and ourcommunities.”In addition to the attempted terroristthreat, Basham pleaded no contest to felonycharges of reckless possession of a destruc-tive device, possession of materials with theintent to make a destructive device, forgeryof government identifications and threecounts of possession of an assault weapon.The devices were found inside his SantaClara home, authorities said.Pleading no contest means Basham isn’tadmitting guilt but will face penalties as if he had been convicted.The three misdemeanors were possessionof a destructive device, carrying a concealedweapon in a vehicle and carrying a loadedconcealed weapon in a vehicle.The forgery charge was possession of fakemilitary identification. Prosecutors dis-missed a second forgery charge and a secondcount of possessing materials with theintent to make a destructive device. Theyalso reduced a terrorist threat charge to an“attempted” threat.Basham is due back in court Dec. 17, whena date for a sentencing hearing will be set.
Man enters plea in threat against lawmaker
Leland Yee

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