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great philippines expedition issue no. 7

great philippines expedition issue no. 7

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Published by joyjerry20
great philippines expedition issue no. 7
great philippines expedition issue no. 7

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Published by: joyjerry20 on Oct 29, 2013
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       i     n     s       i       d     e
OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014 Vol. V, Issue No. 7
# 4291 Emilia St., Brgy Palanan, MakatiCity.Mobile Numbers:0918-385-8571& 0917-857-4493
The Premium Health,Travel and Lifestyle Newspaper
 Acknowledged as one o the more chronic diseasesamong humans, DiabetesMellitus or simply Diabetes isan illness which occurs whena person does not producesucient insulin coming romthe pancreas or when thebody cannot properly utilizethe insulin that it produces.Insulin is a hormone thatregulates blood sugar levels.Hence, high blood sugar le- vels or Hyperglycaemia areassociated with people whoare suering rom Diabetes.Eventually, Hyperglycae-mia can lead to serious dam-age that may gradually aectthe normal unctions o bodily organs and systems, especial-ly to the heart, kidneys, nervesand blood vessels.
Types of Diabetes
 According to the WorldHealth Organization (WHO),there are three (3) types o Diabetes. These are Type 1Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes andGestational Diabetes.Type 1 Diabetes occurs when a person’s body ailsto produce insulin. The de-ciency in insulin productionrequires the patient to beadministered with sucientdoses o insulin on a daily basis, either through injectionor an insulin pump. This ormo Diabetes was also knownbeore as Insulin-dependent, Juvenile or Childhood-onsetDiabetes.Type 2 Diabetes is a condi-tion which results when thebody becomes resistant to theinsulin it produces and thecells ail to properly utilizethe insulin. Type 2 Diabetes isknown as the more commonorm o Diabetes as 90% o people who suer rom thedisease are diagnosed withthe Type 2 variety.The third type is Gesta-tional Diabetes, which occursamong pregnant women whodevelop a high blood glucoselevel during pregnancy. This isoten diagnosed through pre-natal screening. Additionally, people whoare suering rom ImpairedGlucose Tolerance (IGT) andImpaired Fasting Glycaemia(IFG) are also at risk romprogressing to Type 2 Diabe-tes.
Common Symptoms
 All three Diabetes typeshave almost the same symp-toms. For a person aficted with Diabetes, symptoms may include polydipsia or exces-
sive thirst, polyuria or exces-sive urination, atigue, visionchanges, constant hunger and weight loss.
How To Preventand Treat Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes cannot beprevented as based on medi-cal accounts. However, themore common orm o Diabe-tes, which is Type 2, is usually infuenced by a person’s lie-style. By preventing and de-laying the occurrence o Type2 Diabetes, people should dothe ollowing adjustments totheir respective liestyles:-Engage in exercise and bephysically active.-Eat a balanced andhealthy diet that includes in-take o three to ve servings o ruit and vegetables. Reduceconsumption o ood contai-ning large amounts o sugarand saturated ats.-Avoid smoking as it in-creases the risk o cardiovas-cular illnesses.-Maintain an ideal body  weight.The primary treatment o Diabetes is through lowering and moderating blood glucoselevels. Medication includesgiving insulin to patients withType 1 Diabetes while those with Type 2 Diabetes may begiven oral medication but may also require insulin depending on each medical case. Bloodpressure control is also key incontrolling Diabetes.Other related preventivemethods or people with Dia-betes include screening orearly symptoms o Diabetes-related Kidney diseases andor retinopathy (which causesblindness) as well as control-ling Lipid levels in the bloodto regulate cholesterol.
Global and LocalDiabetes Information
 As per the WHO, here aresome helpul and viable inor-mation regarding Diabetes- 347 million people worldwide have Diabetes.-In 2004, an estimated3.4 million people died romconsequences o high asting blood sugar.-More than 80% o Dia-betes deaths occur in low andmiddle-income countries.-WHO projects that Dia-betes will be the 7th leading cause o death in 2030.-Healthy diet, regularphysical activity, maintaining a normal body weight andavoiding tobacco use can pre- vent or delay the onset o Type2 Diabetes.In the Philippines, reportsrom the National Epidemiol-ogy Center o the Departmento Health (DoH) consider Di-abetes as the ninth (9th) lea-ding cause o death among Filipinos rom the years 1999to 2002. As o 2005, one inevery 25 Filipinos was diag-nosed as having Diabetes. Also, according to Dr.Danilo F. Baldemor, diabe-tologist and immediate pastpresident o the Philippine Association o Diabetes Edu-cators (PADE), Diabetes a-ected the lives o 9.7% o thetotal adult population in the whole country in 2012. Thisbrings the utmost necessity to incorporate to both young and old Filipinos the impor-tance o adopting a healthy and maintained liestyle in or-der to avoid the complicationso the disease.
World Diabetes Day
First starting in 1991 asan initiative o the Interna-tional Diabetes Federation(IDF) and the World HealthOrganization (WHO), the World Diabetes Day (WDD)is an annual event celebratedevery November 14th. Thiscampaign is spearheaded by the IDF and member associa-tions in advocating and crea-ting awareness about Diabe-tes among the global com-munity. World Diabetes Day be-came an ocial United Na-tions Day in 2007, in recogni-tion as an important vehiclein disseminating importantinormation and issues re-garding the growing con-cern behind Diabetes to thegeneral public. The event iscelebrated on November 14, which also marks the birth-day o Frederick Banting, theCanadian scientist and doctor who alongside with CharlesBest, conceived the idea thatled to the discovery o insulinin 1922.For years 2009 to 2013, thecentral theme or the annual World Diabetes Day celebra-tions is Diabetes Educationand Prevention. Activities thatare associated with the obser- vance o World Diabetes Day include press conerences,sports events, radio and te-levision appearances, news-paper articles, ree Diabetesscreening and workshops which are organized by the various member organiza-tions o the IDF and associ-ated groups worldwide.Here in the Philippines, theobservance o World DiabetesDay is headed by the Depart-ment o Health alongside with local aliates o the IDFand Non-Government Or-ganizations that cater to Dia-betes awareness and preven-tion. Usual activities includeree blood glucose monitor-ing and testing, sports eventssuch as un runs and talks andseminars to the Filipino publicabout basic Diabetes inorma-tion and care.
 Reerences:http://www.who.int/media-centre/actsheets/s312/en/index.html (World Health OrganizationDiabetes Factsheet)http://www.id.org/world-Diabetesday/about (InternationalDiabetes Federation)http://www.pchrd.dost.gov. ph/index.php/2012-05-23-07-46-36/2012-05-24-00-03-06/5803-Di-abetes-and-the-flipino-diet (Philip- pine Council or Health Researchand Development-Department o Science
and Technology)
DOALNARA RestorationSociety PhilippinesMulti-Purpose Cooperative
Sindaw PhilippinesPerforming Arts Guil
QC CelebratesEarth Day 2013
3 711
By: Alexander B. Estoesta II
OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014
By: Alexander B. Estoesta II
In the heart o Valenzuela City inNorthern Metro Manila lies a dining es-tablishment that has a rereshing ambi-ance and also serves good and deliciousculinary dishes hot o the grill. A perect venue or those who want to momenta-rily escape rom the hustle and bustle o the metropolis all the while enjoying a hotmeal and perhaps a cold bottle or two as well.Located in Barangay Lingunan, Valen-zuela City, Villa Marcelina prouds itsel asthe city’s biggest and nest restobar andgrill. Opened just last December 2012, VillaMarcelina has managed to establish itsel as one o the more prominent dining es-tablishments in Valenzuela less than a yearo its operations.
The Early Beginningsof Villa Marcelina
 According to the restaurant’s operationmanager Arnold Amado, Villa Marcelina was a brainchild o his childhood riend Jun Paler. Engaged in the auto supply business while based in Caliornia with hisamily, Mr. Paler disclosed to Mr. Amadohis plans to build a restaurant during oneo his visits in the Philippines back in 2004.“Nagkita kami dati ni Jun (Mr. Paler)sa isang bar kung saan ako nagtratraba-ho noong bumisita siya dito sa Pilipinasnoong 2004. Sinabi niya sa akin na oncebumalik na sila ng pamilya niya dito sabansa at mag-settle down or good, ang balak niya ay magtayo ng restaurant. Doonna nagsimula ang pagpaplano para sa VillaMarcelina.”shares Mr. Amado.Further, Mr. Amado discloses that Mr.Paler has a ondness or ood and ea-ting while in the company o amily andriends, thus the concept behind this busi-ness endeavor.The plan eventually bore into ruition when Mr. Paler and his amily movedback to the country in May 2012. Choo-sing one o his lands in Valenzuela City aslocation, Villa Marcelina opened its doorsto the public in December 2012 ater threemonths o construction. The restaurant’sname is in tribute o Mr. Paler to his mo-ther Marcelina.Given his background in overseeing the operations o restaurants and barshaving worked as an area manager andsupervisor o several dining establish-ments beore, Mr. Amado was tapped by Mr. Paler to be Villa Marcelina’s operationsmanager. As proo o their commitment to makethe restobar more better, the two riendsopenly discuss matters and share theirideas and suggestions regarding VillaMarcelina’s activities to each other on adaily basis. Through this reciprocation o thoughts, Mr. Paler and Mr. Amado areable to chart various marketing and pro-motional activities that helped enhancedthe image o Villa Marcelina in enticing more people to visit the restobar.
Culinary Line-Up
 Acknowledged as Valenuela’s big-gest grillery and restobar, Villa Marcelinaprouds itsel with a ull-fedged menu thataims to capture even the most distinctiveo tastes.Mr. Amado credits Mr. Paler’s nephew,Michael Celis, or coming up with therestobar’s menu. Celis holds a degree inCulinary Arts. In addition, there are alsosome items in the menu which were con-tributed by the restobar’s current cook andkitchen sta.Describing Villa Marcelina’s line-up o dishes, Mr. Amado describes them as a u-sion o Asian dishes, which includes tra-ditional Filipino meals as well as Chineseand Japanese variants. He cites the restau-rant’s grilled ood items as the best sellersin the menu, singling out the SeaoodPlatter composed o Tuna Belly, Mussels,Prawns and Pusit Lumot (Squid) as oneo the more popular dishes among theirdiners. Among the restobar’s dishes sampled
 It has been a common knowledge that Filipinos love good ood. Aside rom appreciating the fner points o cooking and ood artistry, it isthrough partaking o a sumptuous meal that Pinoys alongside their amilies and riends bond, whether it be on a special occasion such asbirthdays or weedings, or just simply relaxing ater a stressul day at the ofce or school.
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OCTOBER 28, 2013 - JANUARY 27, 2014
By: Alexander B. Estoesta II
Despite her more than 30 yearsin promoting health and wellnessin the Philippines and abroad, Su-perlady Dr. Winie R. Elfa still feelsthat she needs to leave a legacy be-hind that will ensure that her advo-cacy will be followed by the nextgeneration of Filipino people.In an exclusive interview gran-ted to Great Philippines Expedi-tion, the 63-year old Naturopathic/Alternative Medicine Doctor sharesher thoughts about her plannedlegacy to be given to this country’scitizens, with emphasis on a pro-per and healthly lifestyle to peoplecoming from all walks of life.“Basically, I plan to leave behinda lasting legacy for all Filipinos,especially to our senior citizens.I want them to be in the pink ofhealth and free from any sickness
especially during the laer years of
their life. In turn, they will be ableto acquire savings and give these
assets that will benet their next of
kin.” says Dr. Elfa.In principle, according to Dr.Elfa, this type of succession is prop-
er and ideal since the main bene
-ciaries would be that of the future
generations and securing a beer
tomorrow for them. Explains Dr.Elfa: “We should not think of our-selves alone but that of the welfareof future generations as well.”To prepare for the future, she re-lates that all Filipinos should havea series of plans for his/her respec-tive family. Correspondingly, theseplans should center on emphasi-zing awareness in terms of healthand wellness for each member of
the family, since the doctor rmly
 believes that a proper family plan-ning is equivalent to good healthfor all.“I also advise each Filipino toplan their lives well. Basically,health is one’s utmost priority. Lifeis the most precious possession butmost people take it for granted,”Dr. Elfa notes. “Man gets sick andmost accidents happen because ofnegligence.”She also adds: “The process ofageing and degeneration cannot be avoided. Given this fact, peopleshould practice preventive mea-sures to avoid being stricken bysickness.”In detail, Dr. Elfa tells abouther plans to spread the goodwill ofhealth and wellness to the wholeFilipino community. Accordingto her, she wants this to be ac-complished not only thru word ofmouth but in deed.
Introducing the Superlady’s Mac-robiotic Lifestyle
Namely, there are two purposes
which Dr. Elfa hopes to inuence to
the people who will be followingthis mode of healthy lifestyle. Oneis for them to remain healthly andthe other is to avoid debts and li-abilities by those sick individualsthat will be passed to their families.These are achievable goals, shesays, if these individuals whole-heartedly subscribe to the Super-lady’s Macrobiotic Lifestyle, Dr.
Elfa’s specic plan of action to ad
-vocate health and wellness to allFilipinos.Emphasizes Dr. Efa: “If a patientfollows my regimen 100%, I willassure them that this method willlessen their agonies and help themto live longer without pain.”Under the Superlady’s Macro- biotic Lifestyle regimen, the proce-dure to follow include the labora-tory testing of the prospective clientor patient before and after the regi-men is completed.This set-up has patients accom-modated by Dr. Elfa on a 24 hourperiod in which they will be sub- jected to a diet of foods that areconsidered as “pagkaing gamot”(healing foods) which can heal a va-riety of illnesses. The patients are
conned to her care in her clinic/oce at West Insula Condominium
in Quezon City, wherein they will be given the necessary treatmentand medicinal products based ontheir illness.For those patients who have been diagnosed as having chronicillnesses, Dr. Elfa recommends thatthey stay for seven (7) days underher hospice with proper treatmentand diet from the Superlady’s Mac-robiotic Lifestyle regimen. After-wards, they will be able to see the
dierence and notice the improve
-ment in their health. “They will behealed if they properly follow myprotocol in relation to their treat-ment.” says Dr. Elfa.
An Invitation to PromoteHealth and Wellness
In order to fully realize this ob- jective, Dr. Elfa is urging investorsand medical practitio-ners to helpher in purchasing several units ofthe West Insula Condominium to be converted into a small health fa-cility that concentrates on promot-ing her health and wellness objec-tives. She also plans to utilize her5-hectare lot situated in El Nido,Palawan as a model community forthe Superlady’s Macrobiotic Life-style regimen.Alongside these plans is her in-vitation to individuals who want to be one of the Superlady’s Macrobi-otic Consultants and be part of theteam who will help in carrying outand promote the health and well-ness programs of Dr. Elfa.All of these, Dr. Elfa says, willserve as her lasting legacy to thewhole Filipino nation. “Sa ganitongparaan ay hindi masasayang ang
aking mga eorts. Dumaan ako
sa hirap at batikos mula sa medi-cal community pero ito naman aynalagpasan ko dahil meron akongmga pasyenteng natulungan na gu-maling sa kanilang mga sakit. I wasalso able to improve the conditionof people with terminal illnesseswithin the seven day managementof my health program.” shares Dr.Elfa.Onwards, Dr. Elfa is hopefulthat Filipinos will be able to adapther lifestyle wellness regimen and
 by being commied to it will reapsignicant benets for them later
on. “Magpalusog, magpalakas,magpaliksi, magpahaba ng buhayng hindi aray ng aray. Ang hindimaiiwasan mapigilan, mamatay ngnakangiti, hindi nakangiwi. Huwagmagiwan ng utang sa mga kapitba-hay.” quips Dr. Elfa as her partingmessage in inspiring people to keephealthly and strong in order to pro-long their lives as well as investingtowards the future in safekeepinghealth so that debts may not beincurred to the family to be left be-hind.
Listen to Dr. Winnie “Super-lady” R. Elfa ‘s Radio Program:Radyo Kalusugan University in the Air Health Seminar which is airedon Radyo Veritas 846 KHZ Mondayto Friday from 2:00 to 3:00 am andevery Thursday from 1:00-2:00 pm. Her program is also aired on DZMERadyo Uno 1530 KHZ Monday to Friday from 4:00-5:00 am and Sa-
turday 4:00-6:00 am. Visit her ofce
at West Insula Condominium, West  Avenue corner EDSA, Quezon City(near Paramount Theater and SM North Edsa)
DOALNARA RestorationSociety PhilippinesMulti-Purpose Cooperative
Cooperative Profle
Doalnara globally:
 A movement seemingly quietand simple is arising. Neverthelessall who see and hear o it becomeoverwhelmed with hope as it em-braces us with rereshing amaze-ment. This movement is spreading domestically and overseas as welland has recently become a pointo major interest.This is the moment that Doal-nara Restoration Society is devel-oping or what is called (GlobalEnvironmental Restoration Move-ment). This movement that hadslowly begun in 1980, was es-tablished as Doalnara Restora-tion Society in 1994 and had thenstarted to carry out organized ac-tual operations.Presently Doalnara Restora-tion Society Philippines has many sister organization, with its head-quarters located in Uljin, SouthKorea, with 10 other branchesin Korea located in Chongsong,Sangju, Bongwa, Pyongchang, Jangheung, Jungju, Sanchung, Wonju, and Jinchun. There are 11internationl branches: in USA, Ja-pan, Australia, Russia, China, Tai- wan, Canada, Kyrgystan, Uzbeki-stan, Kenya and Philippines.
Global EnvironmentalRestoration that DoalnaraPursue
:The dream behind Doalnara’sslogan village where dreams cometrue’ is to make a [ Healthy Society  Without Diseases] as well as [ happy world where everyone hasbecome one amily]. This is the very dream that Hannong Resto-ration Society has been striving to ulll through Global Environ-ment Restoration.Then what is this movement o Global Environmental Res-toration that Doalnara Com-munity strives or?Firstly, it is the movemento “ Restoring the DiseasedLands”. It is known that inthis vast universe living subs-tance exists solely on thisEarth. The root o the earth’senvironment is soil, and soil isthe mother o all living substance. With this belie, in order to restorethe lands diseased by bvariouskinds o environmental pollu-tion, Hannong uses what is calledthe triple agricultural methodsthrough ‘natural organic arming methods without ever using ag-ricultural products but we havedeveloped a movement that alsorestores the diseased lands.Secondly, it is the movemento “Restoring the diseased Body” Although science and medical sci-ence is continuously developing,mankind is suering rom diseasemore than ever. The way or man-kind to be reed rom their dis-eased bodies is not to put harmulpoison into the body but to con-sume healthy oods that maintainour health. With this belie, Han-nong uses detoxiying oodstusand produces agricultural pro-ducts that have been produced with non-poisonous methodsrom non-poisonous soil. Withthe intake o this non-poisonousagricultural products and throughhealth laws and natural healing methods, we not only heal ourdiseased bodies but we are alsoable tp prevent catching diseaseas well.Thirdly, it is the movement o “Restoring the diseased body”. Although science and medicalscience is continuously advan-cing, modern conveniences makea convenient liestyle possible orour world. However, the heartgradually becomes diseased, andthe result is the increase o crimeand deterioration, as well as thecrumbling o moral principlesand ethics. Through demoraliza-tion, lack o moral standards, andlack o sense o values that do notdes-troy but rather increase eachother’s happiness, we are unableto break away rom the shadowsas we progress towards a darkuture. Through “Hannong’s al-ternative educationthis purposeis being ullled and has becomea subject o great interest in theeducation system. Hannong’sschool o alternative educationhas been televised several timesthrough the media. Here in thisschool bullying, alienating ellow classmates, violence, smoking ordeviation can never be ound. It isa site o education or the wholeman and has become the center o great interest.Consequently, people whoseheart are rm and unchanging asstone have gathered together tostudy and educate the Environ-ment Friendly Agriculture in orderto ulll and expand this practicesdomestically and internationally.By ullling Global Environ-mental Restoration on the wholethrough domestic and interna-tional interchange and public in-ormation, our goal is to contri-bute toward the ulllment o the welare o the arming villages andthe true happiness o mankind.
What is Doalnara?
DOALNARA is a worldwide“organic”community, joined to-gether with the single purposeo growing- organic produce andostering an- organic heart.
To make a happy arm com-munity that is eco-riendly…withpeople physically and spiritually healthy. Thus, restoring man in theimage o His Maker.
To make a [A Healthy Soci-ety without Disease] as well as [A Happy world where everyone Hasbecome one amily]
 At the oot o the two og-gy mountains, Mt.lumot andMt.Balatukan, at Sitio San Roque,brgyn Aposkahoy, Claveria, Mi-samis Oriental, Mindanao island.Philippines.
Contact and visit Catherine Bautis-ta at 3rd Floor, Victory Mall, Caloo-can City Mobile Nos: 09294052523and 0927-8310483” 

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