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FH Work Session Meeting Minutes - 2013-10-09

FH Work Session Meeting Minutes - 2013-10-09

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Published by Morris County NJ

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Published by: Morris County NJ on Oct 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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October 23, 2013
Adequate notice of this meeting held the 23
day of October has been provided through resolutionadopted by this Board at a meeting held at the Administration and Records Building onFebruary 27, 2013 through electronic mailing of said resolution to the Star Ledger, the DailyRecord and the Record, through posting on the County website, and by filing a copy of same withthe Morris County Clerk and the Clerk of this Board.
ROLL CALL:Director
MastrangeloDeputy Director ScapicchioFreeholder CabanaFreeholder CesaroFreeholder GrossiFreeholder KrickusFreeholder LyonSALUTE TO THE FLAG4:30 p.m.PROCLAMATION:Accepted By:November – Pancreatic CancerMichael Weinstein, SurvivorAwareness Month NJ Affiliate Advocacy Coordinator,Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Cancer Support CommunityAmy Sutton, Executive DirectorCentral New Jersey – 10
 DISCUSSION:Road Opening Permits:
13-18 – New Jersey Natural Gas to open Randolph Ave. in Mine Hill for gas maininstallation. (not a newly paved road – paved 12-30-00)
CLOSED SESSION: Identify TopicPERSONNELLabor Negotiation Strategy:PBA 151 –StatusSheriff’s Officer – Superior's Union – StatusCorrections Officers Superior's Union – StatusAPPOINTMENTSTwo – County College of Morris Board of TrusteesOne – Vocational School District Board of Education of Morris CountyCONTRACT NEGOTIATIONSMorris View Health Care Excess SpaceHanover Twp, Property ContractHealth Care ContractThird Party Administrator for the Morris County Insurance Fund CommissionInsurance Fund Administrator for the Morris County Insurance Fund CommissionPURCHASE, LEASE OR ACQUISITION OF REAL PROPERTY PENDING OR ANTICIPATED LITIGATIONProperty Acquisition – Road Improvement Easement Block 119, Lot 130 Sussex TurnpikeMATTERS FALLING WITHIN THE ATTORNEY CLIENT PRIVILEGELOCATION FOR TONIGHT’S MEETING
Town of Boonton Municipal Building100 Washington Street
Additional information about any resolution or ordinance that appears on the agendacan be obtained by calling the office of the Morris County Counsel at 973-829-8060
 ____________________________________________________________________________________Director Mastrangelo noted how insidiouscancer can be. The Freeholders recognized twoorganizations whose work over the years has been with cancer patients and their families.Pancreatic Cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the United States. ThePancreatic Cancer Action network and itschapters here in Morris County work hard tosupport those fighting the disease as well astheir families and are committed to nothing lessthan a cure. Mr. Weinstein is a representative of the Action network and a pancreatic cancer survivor and Director Mastrangelo presentedhim with a proclamation declaring November asPancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Mr.Weinstein noted that lung cancer pancreaticcancer are the most deadly of all cancers. Henoted that unfortunately all medical researchfunding has been cut 5 – 10%. Pancreaticcancer research funds consist of only 2% of the budget. He reported that it is anticipated that pancreatic cancer incidences will increasegreatly in the next few years, which is why weneed to take steps now. A 5 K pancreatic cancer awareness walk will take place on November 10.Director Mastrangelo recognized the Cancer Support Community Central New Jersey whichis a non-profit organization serving cancer  patients and their families in six counties. Thisorganization works with physicians and cancer  patient healthcare teams to offer free psychological and emotional support programsto those patients in a home-like setting thatinvites people with cancer to join a communityof others fighting the same disease. Ms. Suttonwas asked to accept the proclamation from theFreeholder Board. Ms. Sutton noted howimportant her group is to the patients andfamilies needing the support.ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORTAuction for surplus vehicles has bee movingalong. They have had a good response fromschools and towns who receive first choice before it goes out to auction to the public.Meeting with the Sheriff regarding securityupdate for this building .He thank everyone who worked on the publicsafety expansion dedication.Chamber of Commerce on Friday outlook.Washington Twp. Short –asking for  paving mountain road and Bartley.Questions also about park Commission property. Will get back about roads will be discussing with the facilitycommittee.COUNTY COUNSELHis department has reviewed 52resolutions for tonight’s meeting. Thereare no ordinances for this meeting.FREEHOLDER CABANALaw & Public Safety – had a greatribbon cutting ceremony for the new public safety complex last Saturday. Hehas held all positive feedback from thoseattending. The work was done on timeand under budget. It will serve theresidents of this county well for 50years. Thanking everyone for thesupport. We did the right thing.Freeholder Mastrangelo said it was agreat day seeing the past freeholder thereas well – open the building for those people who work in that building.Park Commission – yesterday was the NFL Play 60 huddle. Fifteen membersof the Jets came to work with the specialneeds students. Great day for MorrisCounty and our Park Commission.Proud to be a freeholder representingMorris County with the good things wedo. Track meeting – 1,000 people – godto see the money we spent and the goodthings we do. All the people enjoyedwhat we are provided for them. Makesthe money well worth it.FREEHOLDER SCAPICCHIO(see Steve’s report)FREEHOLDER CESARO Get to reporton transparency???Had a meeting on October 15. Thecommission did advise him that they didreceive a copy of the resolution. Had anice discussion about the transition process. They were assured that therewould be an unabated service. They arereviewing the bylaws.Deena and Mary Jo will be attending thenext meeting.Will continue with transition planningthroughout the next couple of months.
Letter going out to all public health officials toadvise about the merger.Have had conversation with public healthofficials – they now understand the idea we aretrying to push. Unabated service.Shared services – he reached out to JeremyJedyak of Rockaway Township to schedule timeto sit down and talk about shared services, unionnegotiations, human resources, meeting withthem on November 14 and will report back toyou.MY – they all express an interest that theywould like to continue to be involved (thecommissioners).FREEHOLDER GROSSI(get Deena’s report)She noted that we have a remarkable staff for allthey do for the County.FREEHOLDER LYONHe noted that the public officials forum willtake place on October 29.Countywide prevention forum on November 19at the Meadowwood.BudgetThey visited the rating agency last week. Theyshould receive the rating in a few weeks. Heapplauds everyone involved in this. The presentation went well.FREEHOLDER KRICKUSHe noted that we will look to get public input onthe 2014 budget in November/December of thisyear.Freeholder Krickus still has a concern regardingthe resolution discussed at last meetingregarding the funding of the Highlands septicsystem and how to go about implementing.This program would help municipal officialslearn what has to be done. Mr. Krickus isconcerned that the DEP did has not given usenough information on this as far as fees andfines, etc.Ms. Leary reported that the application wascreated by the staff – administration and health.They know that the Highlands standards will bemore strict. Wanted the tools to help with this.Seven municipalities voluntarily conformed.Pilot, municipal, Washington Twp. has showninterest and would like to be involved in the purchase. 2009 received a grant to help thecounty conform – 441,000. Create the module.Either way these municipalities have to do theseptic management program and this tool willhelp them.He feels we need to discuss this wholeissue with the DEP.Mr. Mastrangelo – we should try to findout some of the information. Is there atime limit on this since the tool needs to be developed.AG – this is already a done deal. Thiswill happen regardless of whether theyhave rules or not. Do not understandwhy utilize the funding so we can be proactive. We will be able there readyto help the towns. Do not see holdingthe resolutions impacts that. Probablydo not have answers to the questions.Money is already committed to thecounty. What is the benefit of not putting the plan in place. Gives countiesa say for septic management. It has beendeveloped. This is an add on that ismore specific to Highlands. We wouldinclude more data and to the publicusage.Freeholder Mastrangelo polled the Boardand it was decided to delay for onemonth to see what we can glean from theDEP. We can send a letter to the DEPunder Freeholder Mastrangelo’ssignature. Ms. Leary is concerned because it is a state law derived from afederal law – it gives them the legalability to have an unfunded mandate.The highlands council wants to fundthis.Delay 30 days to write to the DEP.Come from the director undertakeactivities to develop.Freeholder Scapicchio – facilitiescommittee – resolution postponed delayabout house for sale. We feel the property should be sold now. Do nothave a need and it is a cost to maintain.The Board agreed to place the resolutionon the agenda this evening meeting.FREEHOLDER MASTRANGELOHe had a meeting with Paul Boudreau.There is a company looking to make amove out of the county. One of theissues they are concerned about is thetraffic at Park Avenue and ColumbiaTurnpike. Can we do something on thisfurther?Mr. Bonanni said he did receive a callfrom the Governor’s office. They didnot clearly understand the problem.Concerning all the traffic there. Peopleconcerned about moving into the area.Something we should address. We needto lobby gain.It was noted that this intersection hasfailed for more than 10 years.

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