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Memory People Page (Vol 3, Issue 7) 10-29-2013.pdf

Memory People Page (Vol 3, Issue 7) 10-29-2013.pdf

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Published by Leeanne Chames
A newsletter for dementia awareness and support.
A newsletter for dementia awareness and support.

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Published by: Leeanne Chames on Oct 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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October 29, 2013 Issue No.
bringing awareness…
The Memory People Pag
We Built a Shed
by Rick Phelps
We built a shed. What? Many of you will think,so...But this feat was huge for me, and others thatPhyllis June and I do together.You see, when you have this disease you slowly butsurely lose the ability to do things you once could.That time has been here for me for a long time now.When I made a mistake, she said "What do youthink if you tried this?". Again, giving me thefeeling that I was doing something, actuallyaccomplishing something.As a caregiver, it's never good to just do thingsfor your loved one. If they are in the early tomid stages. They need that sense of accomplishing something.I could have never done this on my own, andwould not have attempted it. But workingtogether, as Phyllis June put it, team work, wefinished it.I cannot do the simplest of things without direction from someone. It is very importantthat the caregiver "helps" the patient do these tasks that they no longer can dothemselves.We could have called our son-in-law and he would have had our shed together in notime. But I wanted to do it, and Phyllis June knew it would be good for me.She took control, but yet allowed me to think I was doing what needed to be done. Sheread the directions and walked me through them slowly, step by step.
…one person at a
The directions said it could be put together in minutes. It took us three hours. Ihad no idea it took that long. Time means nothing to me and I was shocked when Iheard her say it took that long.But the important thing here is I as a patient was given the opportunity toaccomplish something. Not alone, but still made me feel I can be useful.
October 29, 2013 Issue No.
The Memory People Page is a publication of 
Memory People™, an Alzheimer’s and memory impairment support and awareness group on Facebook.
If you would like to start receiving this newsletter, please email leeannechames@gmail.com and we will be happy to include you on our email list.If you or a loved one has been touched by any memory impairment, if you are an advocate, or if you just
want to know more about these diseases, please join us at Memory People. Just type ‘Memory People’
in your Facebook sear
ch bar and click on ‘Join Group’.
“bringing Awareness, one person at a time…” 
Would you like to share your story in our Memory People Page Newsletter?Our stories put a face and reality to dementia.If you would like to share your story withothers and bring awareness, please contactLeeanne Chames on Facebook or atleeannechames@gmail.com
When you do everything for your loved one, you are indeed taking away their dignity.Every person needs to feel they are contributing. It does no one any good to be a couchpotato.Those days will come soon enough. Help your loved one do things. Let them know youare there to help if they need it, but they indeed will be doing what needs to be done, forwhatever project they want to accomplish.I know I could not have done this on my own. But I also know, with the help of my wife,I did get it completed. And most important she did it in a way that she was nevercondescending.It's the little things that mean the world to a patient. And our new shed was just whatthe doctor ordered...
 Spring forward Fall back! 
Don’t forget to set your 
clocks back one hour  Sunday, November 3
New Website Focuses on the Reality of Alzheimer’s
“Once you have Alzheimer’s nothing is the same.”
 A shell, a husk, a hollow container. So influential is this perception that those
with Alzheimer’s are written off as a lost cause. Discover
the human side of 
Alzheimer’s at
Fade to Blank: Life Inside Alzheimer’s
October 29, 2013 Issue No.
…bringing awareness
one person at a time…
Back in the Day  
A Collection of Treasured MemoriesFrom the Members of Memory People
This is Lucy and her “Granna” (great
grandmother) Sylvia. Lucy and Sylvia bothlive on the Central Coast in NSW, Australia.Lucy has just turned 4 years old and Sylviaturns 91 in December! Despite the agedifference they had a lovely visit at
Granna’s care facility at Woy
Woy for nearlytwo hours. Lucy took along her favouritepuppy, Phoebe and kept everyoneentertained including the other residents inthe cottage.Lucy gave out puppy pats and Lucy hugs to
everyone she met. It’s good to know that
even at 4 years of age there are many little
Lucy’s out there with the natural gift of 
~ Pam Robinson
This picture was taken this past July.Since then he has steadily gonedownhill. He was admitted to hospitalend of August with pneumonia, thensent to rehab facility.He developed c-dif and another bout of pneumonia. His oxygen level keepsdropping. He's had two episodes thispast week where he couldn't talk. Veryweak. Then add the Alzheimer's goingdownhill also. It
s been a very stressfulfew months.He will be 81 on November 28. Beenmarried to my mother almost 60 years.She will be his caregiver with mysiblings help of course. Facility plans onreleasing him October 15. My sisterPeggy Lillywhite is also an MP member.
~ Sharon Brower Zaborowski 

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