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A Wanderer's Way

A Wanderer's Way



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Published by Almeirhria
This text looks at progress of the self (including the concept of "spirituality") as well as the relation and progress with regards to the whole/society. The basic premise that with thought and understanding (including self observation), progress may be made with a foundational philosophy.
This text looks at progress of the self (including the concept of "spirituality") as well as the relation and progress with regards to the whole/society. The basic premise that with thought and understanding (including self observation), progress may be made with a foundational philosophy.

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Published by: Almeirhria on Aug 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“A Wanderer’s way” is a collection of thoughts or concepts investigated by the author. It isshared with you, the reader, with the possibility of helping you along your path of learning.With that said however, The title “A Wanderer’s way” suggests two things, the first being it waswritten by or for “wanderer’s”. The second is that the text offers a “way” or path. With regardsto the first suggestion, both are only possibly correct. If we define a wanderer as an individualwho has ‘wandered’ into this realm and as such is searching for an understanding or meaning tothis realm, then it is possible the author may fit this category and it is possible the reader mayalso. The reader may consider as appropriate. Such a title or label as ‘wanderer’ may be used asthere are those who this text is not for. This is not because the text is intended in any way to beexclusive. It is a simple case that there are those who simply do not fit the category, that is, theydo not seek such knowledge, or perhaps refuse it in some way. Whatever the case or reasons itis their choice and they may change such a choice in time. Perhaps ironically the text doesinvestigate why such individuals may not have the characteristics of seeking and how they maydevelop or reclaim such characteristics. The second suggestion of a “way” is partially correct.It is correct in the sense that the text is intended to be both sufficient to live by or work with, andfunctional enough to be both practical mentally and physically. It is incorrect in the sense that itis an incomplete way, or rather it is open ended. With application and analysis it may becomeself evolving rather than a static system or way. These aspects are considered in greater detail inthe text.Lastly some suggestions for reading. There are limitations to language and limitations orinabilities on both the author’s and the reader’s part. Whilst care has been taken to try to ensurean exactness to the writing so as to convey concepts as clearly as possible, there will perhapsalways be some loss or inaccuracies in the conveyance of concepts to the reader. As such it issuggested that time be taken to attempt to understand concepts rather than skimming quicklythrough the text. It is still possible with this in mind for the reader to obtain an overview or tolook at specific parts of the text by skipping through or selecting specific parts. However to gaina fuller understanding of the text, a more detailed look will likely be required along withapplicable patience.The text is not designed, nor could it be complete. The primary reason for this lies in change. Itwould be closer to say it is a work in progress. What is intended for the reader is more akin to aguidebook which the reader may use to test or as a stepping stone for their own investigations.This is a lifelong process. It is suggested that in this way the reader develop their own‘guidebook’, if not in text, at least in thought, which may utilize any parts of this text, none at allwith or without editing. This if done would be helpful to others, particularly in comparison toothers whom have done the same. On the other side it would be unhelpful to edit this text andshare it as newly developed by the self. Correction of the errors made by the author arewelcome, however in sharing, it is advised this text is shared as is complete as per the originalwhilst any edited or self developed text or thoughts are shared separately. In other words correcterrors or make additions, but keep the original, regardless of any determined errors or lack, sothat any other individual may compare and study both the original and new for themself. Thisalso allows the observation of how one understanding in original form may lead to an improved,clearer understanding in the future. It is the concept rather than the longevity of the text whichis of importance.Wander forth, for all paths lead home in time.
From Control to Freedom 5
Control 6
Pathways for control 8Defined pathwaysExamples of pathways 11Methodology of control 17Examples of control methodsFurther considerations of control 28
Freedom 30
Pathways for freedom 32Defined pathwaysProgress towards freedom 36
I (Self) 38
Polarization 47Steps 48Aspects of I 54Gazing into the pool 56Dark side of I 61Light side of I 63Ebb and flow of lightness and darkness 64PersonalitiesProgress 65Formation of perceptsGeneration of thoughts and emotions 68Emotions and feelings 69Aspects of being 73The endless maze, the unperceived illusion
I and I 79
The self and other self 80
Percepts 81Understanding 83Identity 85
Interactions 86
Learning/teachingProgress 88Interactions with aspects of pathways for control 90Immunity 92Transferences 93Negatively oriented interactions 96Positively oriented interactions 98

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