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Do Catholics and Muslims Worship the same God?

Do Catholics and Muslims Worship the same God?



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Published by nat
Mohammedans (Muslims) do not Worship the One True God The Blessed Trinity
Mohammedans (Muslims) do not Worship the One True God The Blessed Trinity

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Published by: nat on Aug 01, 2009
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Do Roman Catholicsand Mohammedans (Moslems)Worship the same God?
 Contrary to the established Dogmas and teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, the SecondVatican Oecumencial Council, (1962-1965) teaches and would have us believe:
"The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whomare the Moslems; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adorethe one, merciful God, mankind's judge on the last day."
 Lumen Gentium. 16.
VaticanCouncil II. Edited by Austin Flannery O.P. 1975)
If this notion is correct, thenMohammedans and Roman Catholics profess a belief in, and have a worship aimed at thesame Divinity. But is this true? Do Roman Catholic and Moslems really worship the sameGod? To reply positively to these questions one should distinguish between the objective andthe subjective view.
:From a purely objective point of view, regardless of the doctrinal teaching professed byMohammedans and Catholics, it is evident that Almighty God, is the God over both. Godexists. His existence is not dependent on the acknowledgement of mankind that He exists.Nor is God's existence dependent upon any religion. He is the Creator and the Providence of the Universe: the whole of creation, the entire cosmos, of all existing things, whether they beangels, human beings, animals or plants, animate or inanimate. He is also the Saviour and theJudge of the living and the dead, having redeemed mankind and must judge Catholics andMohammedans, believers and atheists.
:Subjectively, the reply must be: No! Catholics and Moslems do not praise, and worship thesame One true merciful God. On this precise point, the doctrine, the teaching and the beliefsof the two religions are different and contrary. Their concept of, and their approach to God,diverge and conflict. Catholics indeed accept as dogmatic truth the Holy Trinity, theIncarnation and the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Moslems vehemently and vociferouslydeny the Blessed Trinity. The Catholic and Christian God is 'The Trinity,' and our Lord JesusChrist, the second Person of that Trinity, is the Creator and One true and merciful God.Therefore, how can it be that "together with us they
adore the one, merciful God,mankind's judge on the last day." This is incredible!So, let us now consider some of the relevant teachings, from the Koran and from RomanCatholic dogma, to prove our argument.
 Rejection of the Dogma of the Blessed Trinity:
 75. They do blaspheme who say:"God is Christ the sonOf Mary” But said Christ:"O Children of Israel!
 Acceptance of the Dogma of the Blessed Trinity
 "Going, therefore, teach ye all nations;baptizing them in the name of the Father andof the Son and of the Holy Ghost."
(St Matthew xxviii. 19.)
Worship God, my LordAnd your Lord."76. They do blaspheme who say:God is one of threeIn a Trinity: for there isNo god except One God.If they desist notFrom their word (of blasphemy),Verily a grievous penaltyWill befall the blasphemersAmong them.78. Christ the son of MaryWas no more thanAn Apostle…(Sñra v. 75, 76 & 78.)"O People of the Book!Commit no excessesIn your religion: nor sayOf God aught but truth.Christ Jesus the son of MaryWas (no more than)An apostle of God,And His Word,Which He bestowed on Mary,And a Spirit proceedingFrom Him: so believeIn God and His apostles.Say not "Trinity": desist:It will be better for you:For God is One God:Glory be to Him:(Far Exalted is He) aboveHaving a son.(Sñra iv. 171.)"And there are Three who give testimony inheaven, the Father, the Word, and the HolyGhost. And these Three are One."
(i John v. 7)
 "Now, there are diversities of graces, but thesame Spirit. And there are diversities of ministries, but the same Lord. And there arediversities of operations, but the same God,who worketh all in all."
(i Corinthians xii. 4-6.)
 "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and thecharity of God and the communication of theHoly Ghost be with you all. Amen."
(ii Cor. xiii. 13.)
 "Firmly we believe and we confess simplythat the true God is one alone, eternal,immense, and unchangeable,incomprehensible, omnipotent and ineffable,Father and Son and Holy Ghost: indeed threePersons but one essence, substance, or natureentirely simple. The Father from no one, theSon from the Father only, and the Holy Ghostequally from both; without beginning, always,and without end; the Father generating, theSon being born, and the Holy Ghostproceeding; consubstantial and coequal andomnipotent and coeternal; one beginning of all, creator of all visible and invisible things,of the spiritual and of the corporal; who byHis own omnipotent power at once from thebeginning of time created each creature fromnothing, spiritual, and corporal, namely,angelic and mundane, and finally the human,constituted as it were, alike of the spirit andthe body. For the devil and other demonswere created by God good in nature, but theythemselves through themselves have becomewicked. But man sinned at the suggestion of the devil. This Holy Trinity according tocommon essence undivided, and according topersonal properties distinct, granted thedoctrine of salvation to the human race, firstthrough Moses and the holy prophets and hisother servants according to the mostmethodical disposition of the time."
(IV Lateran Council ch.1. CD 428)
 Rejection of the Incarnation
 "No son did God beget,Nor is there any godAlong with Him: (if there wereMany gods), behold, each godWould have taken awayWhat he had created,And some would haveLorded it over others!"(Sñra xxiii. 91.)"Had God wishedTo take to Himself A son, He could haveChosen whom He pleasedOut of those whom HeDoth create: but GloryBe to Him! (He is aboveSuch things.) He is God,The One, the Irresistible."(Sñra xxxix. 4.)"If anyone does not confess properly and trulyin accord with the holy Fathers that theFather, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost [area] Trinity in unity, and a unity in Trinity, thatis, one God in three subsistences,consubstantial and of equal glory, one and thesame Godhead, nature, substance, virtue,power, kingdom, authority, will, operation of the three, uncreated, without beginning,incomprehensible, immutable, creator andprotector of all things, let him becondemned."
(Lateran Council can.1. CD 254)
 Acceptance of the Dogma of the Incarnation
 "Who, being in the form of God, thought itnot robbery to be equal with God:
Butemptied Himself, taking the form of aservant, being made in the likeness of men,and in habit found as a man.
He humbledHimself, becoming obedient unto death, evento the death of the Cross."
(ii Philippians 6-8.)
 "For there is one God; and one mediator of God and men, the Man Christ Jesus."
(i Timothy ii. 5.)
 "And, if Christ be not risen again, then is ourpreaching vain; and your faith is also vain."
(i Corinthians xv. 14.)
 "But the Author of life you killed, Whom Godhath raised from the dead; of which we arewitnesses."
(Acts iii. 15.)
 "And finally the only begotten Son of God,Jesus Christ, incarnate by the whole Trinity incommon, conceived of Mary ever Virgin withthe Holy Ghost cooperating, made true man,formed of a rational soul and human flesh,one Person in two natures, clearly pointed outthe way of life. And although He according todivinity is immortal and impassible, the verysame according to humanity was madepassible and mortal, who, for the salvation of 

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