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You Are Lost in the Forest With a Hot Girl You Know CYOA

You Are Lost in the Forest With a Hot Girl You Know CYOA



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Published by watertankk

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Published by: watertankk on Aug 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You are lost in the forest with a hot girl you know CYOA
By Panthera"This is weird," you say, "this path feels a lot longer than it usually does."The two of you were at a party and decided to walk home together since you both live on thesame street, a fact you just found out tonight, since prior to today you had only spoken to this girlonce before in your life."I'm sure it's just your imagination" she replies, but you can hear the uncertainty in her voice.You take a quick look at her, reminding yourself of each detail of the lovely body walking besideyou. Just a little over 5 feet tall, she's a little lacking in the chest department but has the nicest assyou've ever seen, and her face is a thing of beauty, highlighted by deep green eyes and gorgeousdirty-blond hair. You wonder if you'll be able to get anything out of this night...The two of you come to a fork in the path, and you freeze. You've both walked along this path before many times; it's the quickest way from the street you live on to just about every place intown you could ever want to go to, and has always been used as a safe and convenient shortcutfor those on foot, since it's the only path anyone has ever maintained through these woods, so it'simpossible to get lost by making a wrong turn. You both know this fork should not be here."Okay this is really creepy, what should we do?" she asks you.Will you:A) Follow the path to the leftB) Follow the path to the rightC) Go back the way you cameAlso, select a name for you and the girl.Suddenly deciding to take advantage of the confusion, you grab her and throw her to the ground,delivering a harsh kick to the stomach as you do. You pounce on her, clothes come off, andvicious deeds are done while she cries. After it is finished, as you start to put your clothes on, she picks up the knife she always carries in her purse and slits your throat. As you bleed to death,you see her commit suicide in horror and what has happened. Your eyes close forever.YOU DIED, THE END. WOULD YOU LIKE TO MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE?Okay, first names and first vote will be what we go with."I think we should head to the right" you say, trying to sound more confidant than you feel."Is there a reason or is this just some stupid guess? Why not just go back?!" Dawn practicallyyells."Because the path I'm used to curves right eventually anyway, so this direction should take usclosest to home" you reply evenly."Oh...that's...smart. Sorry I yelled at you Roger. Let's go" she says.The two of you walk for ten minutes, mostly in silence. By now you're really panicking, since itshouldn't take more than five minutes or so to get across this place. And what's with the trees
anyway? You live in Florida, why are there suddenly these big...okay, you can't remember thenames of them since you're not into forestry, but they remind you of pictures you've seen of thenorthern parts of Canada...Dawn suddenly grabs your shoulder. Your weighty environmentalanalysis is shattered by the feel of her hands on you, the gentle press of her small chest againstthe back of your arm.She says "Look up ahead, is that...snow?"You look, and sure enough, there's snow on the ground. What the hell, you think, I was justlooking there and didn't see a damn thing. What is going on...Will you:A) Continue forward towards the snowy groundB) Decide to go back the way you cameC) Stay here for a whileYou decide to keep your confusion to yourself, trying to convince yourself that you just didn'tsee it the first time you looked; it IS dark out, after all, so who could blame you for not noticinguntil Dawn pointed it out?The two of you walk forward, and enter the snowy part of the forest. The temperature noticeablydrops all of a sudden; both of you are wearing a t-shirt and jeans, perfect for your normal climate but slightly uncomfortable in these strange new conditions. You can see your breath in front of you, and to your left, Dawn is shivering slightly. You wish you could make some sort of gentlemanly gesture to help out, but it's not like you have a jacket to offer, so you don't.thump...thump...thump..."Roger, stop" Dawn whispers. You stop and look at her, puzzled.thump...thump...thump...In a voice you have to lean in to hear, Dawn says it sounds like footsteps. You try to figure outwhere they're coming from, but the sound plays tricks on you. You look in front and it seems tocome from behind, you turn around and it's off to your left, no matter which way you look, thesteps are never there, and they're getting louder and louder.How will you try to isolate the source of the sound?A) Close your eyes and just listenB) Go with whatever Dawn saysC) Call out to whoever or whatever is out thereYou decide to see if you can figure out where the sound is coming from by closing your eyes andfocusing everything on your sense of hearing, like some sort of badass hunter or something."Roger, what are you-""Shh" you cut her off, holding a hand up to indicate you want her to wait.The sound continues to approach from behind you, now with the steps closer together than before. Then the sound switches to in front of you, each step further apart; the sound is muchfurther away than when it was behind you. The time between each step, the distance of 
each...you realize something."Dawn, listen carefully. There's something on each side of us. Each one takes a different lengthstep, and they're not advancing at the same speed"She appear startled, then gives you a small smile. "You're more clever than I thought. But whatare they?" You can't answer that question, as you have no idea. Suddenly, the footsteps all stop.There's a pause, maybe as much as a minute where there's no sound, and you try to focus againfor any noise.THUMP.....THUMP.....THUMP.....The sound is coming from in front of you, and is far louder than before. You look ahead of you,and start to see some sort of movement amongst the trees...you can tell Dawn sees it too, becauseshe just grabbed your hand and is squeezing quite forcefully. For a moment you make eyecontact, and see the fear in her eyes. You can tell she wants you to figure out what to do.Will youA) Stand still and wait for whatever it is to come to youB) Hide where you are and wait for it to come to youC) Walk towards the source of the noiseD) Turn around and go deal with whatever smaller thing was behind you"We don't know what's going on here, so let's just wait for it. Too dangerous to go ahead with noidea of what's there" you say. Dawn nods, and the two of you wait. Within thirty seconds, itsounds as if the steps are right in front of you, but all the movement you can see is a few branches swaying, not in any pattern as if something was moving through them, but as if being pushed by the breeze, although you can't feel any wind. The sounds abruptly stop, and snow begins to fall. Only it doesn't fall on you, and in a line towards a tree just off the path there's alsono snow falling. Within moments, everything that isn't on that line looks as if it's being hit by a blizzard. Looking nervously at one another, you and Dawn walk forward, following the eye of the storm towards the tree. When you get there, you see a footprint. A human footprint. Except..."Why is it so deep in the ground? Nobody steps THAT hard" Dawn says slowly. She's right, thefootprint seems to punch through the lightly packed snow and several inches into the hard dirt beneath. Something catches your eye. Within the footprint, there's a small red ball, about the sizeof a marble. You reach for it to take a closer look. When your hand closes around it, the worldseems to spin a little. As you try to catch your balance, your imagination runs wild. You see ahazy vision of yourself standing over a body that is trying desperately to crawl away from you.You hold...something...in your hand, you can't see what. The person on the ground seems to befixated on that object; it seems to be what she's afraid of. You see that the person on the ground isDawn, and you see yourself smile. You see yourself erect, delighting in the terror of your friend.You see..."Roger! Are you okay?" Dawn's voice calls you back to your senses, ending the vision. Shelooks somewhat worried. "You looked like you were asleep on your feet for a moment there.What is that thing anyway?" You hand the marble over to her, wondering if it will have anyeffect on her...no, that's silly, it can't have had anything to do with what you were thinking. Shetakes it in her hand, and blinks rapidly several times, then asks what to do with it.Will youA) Keep it yourself 

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