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Talk Blood ( True Blood Ep 6) Chatroom transcript

Talk Blood ( True Blood Ep 6) Chatroom transcript

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Published by: True Blood in Dallas on Aug 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Date Time From To Message2009-07-26 09:08:45 PM True Blood in Dallas enter the room2009-07-26 09:08:52 PM True Blood in Dallas Welcome !2009-07-26 09:10:33 PM Guest9506 enter the room2009-07-26 09:10:59 PM Guest9506 quit the room2009-07-26 09:14:35 PM Guest9573 enter the room2009-07-26 09:15:17 PM Guest9597 enter the room2009-07-26 09:15:20 PM txladyjane enter the room2009-07-26 09:15:23 PM Macyblue enter the room2009-07-26 09:15:29 PM isilwath enter the room2009-07-26 09:15:33 PM Guest9603 enter the room2009-07-26 09:15:34 PM chiklitz enter the room2009-07-26 09:15:36 PM txladyjane howdy everyone!!!2009-07-26 09:15:45 PM Macyblue wow..crazy episode!!2009-07-26 09:15:45 PM isilwath heys. :D2009-07-26 09:15:50 PM Guest9597 quit the room2009-07-26 09:15:54 PM txladyjane yes it was crazy but good2009-07-26 09:15:57 PM isilwath macy: It was def WTF2009-07-26 09:15:57 PM chiklitz WTF doesnt even begin to cover thisepisode!!! hi everyone!2009-07-26 09:16:07 PM FANGbangerxxx enter the room2009-07-26 09:16:09 PM Macyblue lol...yep wtf sums it up2009-07-26 09:16:13 PM FANGbangerxxx hey everyone!2009-07-26 09:16:25 PM VVL09 enter the room2009-07-26 09:16:29 PM txladyjane VV!!!2009-07-26 09:16:37 PM isilwath i'd out it t 6 out o 102009-07-26 09:16:39 PM VVL09 CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY episode!2009-07-26 09:16:44 PM Eric's Donor enter the room2009-07-26 09:16:44 PM VVL09 Txlady!!!2009-07-26 09:16:46 PM FANGbangerxxx one of the best so far!2009-07-26 09:16:46 PM Andy Bellefleur enter the room2009-07-26 09:16:51 PM isilwath hey vv2009-07-26 09:16:52 PM Guest9622 enter the room2009-07-26 09:16:56 PM Guest9623 enter the room2009-07-26 09:16:57 PM Eric's Donor OMG what the heck is happening onthis show!!!!2009-07-26 09:17:04 PM VVL09 Hey Isi!2009-07-26 09:17:05 PM Guest9626 enter the room2009-07-26 09:17:06 PM Guest9623 quit the room2009-07-26 09:17:07 PM isilwath fangbabger: really, i wasnt too over the moon about it2009-07-26 09:17:08 PM Eric's Donor hey everyone how's it going?2009-07-26 09:17:11 PM FANGbangerxxx hello again donor!!2009-07-26 09:17:13 PM isilwath hey ed. :D2009-07-26 09:17:13 PM Guest9632 enter the room
2009-07-26 09:17:14 PM LindsayJo enter the room2009-07-26 09:17:20 PM Guest9630 enter the room2009-07-26 09:17:20 PM sabby77 enter the room2009-07-26 09:17:29 PM Eric's Donor hey isi, fang :)2009-07-26 09:17:35 PM Guest9626 quit the room2009-07-26 09:17:41 PM Guest9639 enter the room2009-07-26 09:17:46 PM WhoopTDo enter the room2009-07-26 09:17:54 PM Guest9631 enter the room2009-07-26 09:17:59 PM FANGbangerxxx isilwath well yeah it wasweird and all but it was good. i think i liked it cuz it was so close to the book.2009-07-26 09:18:00 PM Guest9645 enter the room2009-07-26 09:18:03 PM txladyjane I enjoyed the OMG factor of thewhole thing2009-07-26 09:18:03 PM Guest9646 enter the room2009-07-26 09:18:04 PM Guest9643 enter the room2009-07-26 09:18:10 PM VVL09 I was blownaway2009-07-26 09:18:11 PM Guest9631 quit the room2009-07-26 09:18:14 PM lafemmetopaz enter the room2009-07-26 09:18:14 PM VVL09 Bill can SING!2009-07-26 09:18:14 PM Guest9647 enter the room2009-07-26 09:18:16 PM Guest9649 enter the room2009-07-26 09:18:16 PM VVL09 lol2009-07-26 09:18:17 PM Eric's Donor eric's face superimposed over andy'sface was C R E E P Y2009-07-26 09:18:30 PM Macyblue yes that was creepy2009-07-26 09:18:33 PM lafemmetopaz izzy...2009-07-26 09:18:34 PM FANGbangerxxx I CANT BELIEVE BILLCOULD SING LIKE THT!2009-07-26 09:18:35 PM txladyjane Donor it was too funny for wordactually2009-07-26 09:18:43 PM Eric's Donor lol tx2009-07-26 09:18:43 PM Guest9656 enter the room2009-07-26 09:18:44 PM lafemmetopaz someone explain to me how lafayetteis scared of eric but sookie aint2009-07-26 09:18:47 PM txladyjane Bill WAS AMAZING2009-07-26 09:18:50 PM Guest9657 enter the room2009-07-26 09:18:51 PM FANGbangerxxx poor lafayette...2009-07-26 09:18:52 PM lafemmetopaz lol2009-07-26 09:18:57 PM Guest9645 quit the room2009-07-26 09:18:59 PM Macyblue i didnt like the flashback from the1920s..bill was mean.2009-07-26 09:18:59 PM LadyAmethyst enter the room2009-07-26 09:19:02 PM Dontkawai enter the room2009-07-26 09:19:04 PM Eric's Donor TB Sookie has a death wish LOL2009-07-26 09:19:04 PM Dee Shore enter the room2009-07-26 09:19:07 PM Guest9649 quit the room
2009-07-26 09:19:09 PM Guest9656 quit the room2009-07-26 09:19:10 PM True Blood in Dallas ok Hi guys2009-07-26 09:19:11 PM FANGbangerxxx i agree macy2009-07-26 09:19:12 PM Guest9662 enter the room2009-07-26 09:19:13 PM Guest9659 enter the room2009-07-26 09:19:16 PM True Blood in Dallas hey macy2009-07-26 09:19:17 PM txladyjane lafe Sookie wasn't chained in a basment for almost 3 weeks2009-07-26 09:19:20 PM Dontkawai Hey y'all2009-07-26 09:19:20 PM lafemmetopaz again... the stuff eric said aboutwanting Sookie comes out of nowhere2009-07-26 09:19:20 PM True Blood in Dallas hey TX2009-07-26 09:19:26 PM Macyblue Hi Dallas2009-07-26 09:19:26 PM FANGbangerxxx hey dallas :]2009-07-26 09:19:31 PM True Blood in Dallas hey lafemme2009-07-26 09:19:33 PM LadyAmethyst Hello Dallas2009-07-26 09:19:37 PM Guest9657 quit the room2009-07-26 09:19:40 PM Guest9639 quit the room2009-07-26 09:19:40 PM isilwath i locved the scene w/ terry andlayaette2009-07-26 09:19:43 PM lafemmetopaz txladyjane....still don't make sense2009-07-26 09:19:46 PM Eric's Donor i think Lorena had that kind of influence over Bill, and that's why he was mean (and I'm no Bill fan) :)2009-07-26 09:19:53 PM Guest9646 quit the room2009-07-26 09:19:57 PM Guest9670 enter the room2009-07-26 09:19:59 PM txladyjane yes that was a touching scene2009-07-26 09:20:00 PM Dee Shore Hey ya'll what's shaking?2009-07-26 09:20:01 PM FANGbangerxxx donor how are u not a billfan?!!??2009-07-26 09:20:03 PM isilwath and the scene w/ jess and hoyt2009-07-26 09:20:03 PM ChoChoMojo enter the room2009-07-26 09:20:11 PM Macyblue how about that pig traitor!! poor sam2009-07-26 09:20:15 PM isilwath but the rest of is wa... eh2009-07-26 09:20:15 PM lafemmetopaz I'm hoping Lorena shakes things up2009-07-26 09:20:16 PM True Blood in Dallas Hey Izzy2009-07-26 09:20:18 PM Dontkawai I think Saint Bill is almost as bad asAssholeEric. This show's starting to piss me off.2009-07-26 09:20:20 PM isilwath hey dllas2009-07-26 09:20:21 PM Eric's Donor i agree lafemme i don't like the"deal" between Eric and Lorena and all, that's just not Eric's nature2009-07-26 09:20:22 PM isilwath :D2009-07-26 09:20:25 PM True Blood in Dallas Hello don't2009-07-26 09:20:26 PM FANGbangerxxx ohh she will lafemme2009-07-26 09:20:30 PM VampsBloodMoney enter the room2009-07-26 09:20:30 PM Guest9681 enter the room2009-07-26 09:20:45 PM lafemmetopaz why does everyone not like TB eric

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