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The Vampire Daughter

The Vampire Daughter



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Published by belkisaris
A girl who's parent and brother is turn into vampire is force to choose between her family and the love or her life...

This got strong sexual content, so read at you own risk... it might be a little strong...
A girl who's parent and brother is turn into vampire is force to choose between her family and the love or her life...

This got strong sexual content, so read at you own risk... it might be a little strong...

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Published by: belkisaris on Aug 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1My name is Linda Harris. I was born in… well to be honest I don’tremember much of my life. I woke up one day in this white room, with onesmall bed, small desk, and no clothes. Just this stupid white hospital clothes.I sigh. I’m surrounded with kids my own age, but they are crazy. They sayI’m not crazy that I got a nerve break down. What they are really saying is:You’re the craziest and you can’t know about it yet, because we are afraid of you. I sigh again. I really hate this place. Every time I ask for my parentsthey just have this horrible look on their faces, but just for a moment beforesaying.“Linda you’ll know about them when you are ready.”“But that’s why am asking you. I hate this…” I shake my head really angry.“I hate not knowing who am I, what horrible thing I did to be here, and whyon visit day nobody shows up for me.” She had that look. God how much Ihate that look.“Linda.” She starts. I look at her really angry. “Linda you are not… you haveto remember for you self, because you block them out your self…” She breath really loud not knowing what to say. “Can we get to therapy? Please!”I gave up for today.“Sure go ahead with therapy doctor.”“Did you eat today?” She knew how picky I could be with food, andsometimes I would go on strike. Telling them either they let me go or Istarve my self.“Yes.”“Did you like it?”I put my arms across my chest. “No, but if I don’t eat you guys would find a painful way to put in on my stomach.” She laugh.
What a bitch!
“I know you might think that we are out to get you or make you suffer, but…” I glare at her, and for a moment I saw the most beautiful guy I ever…well I haven’t see here that’s for sure. Now that’s not true either becauseMarc is really cute. Marc is the only person in this horrible place that can get
me talking. Anyways back at my flash back. The guy was smiling atsomeone. He had beautiful green eyes, beautiful black hair that felt to hisface, he had a white t-shirt that show how muscular he were… “Youremember something Linda?” I came back with the psychologist.“Hum?”“You had a flash back?”“What makes you think that?”She look at me skeptically. “The smile that is still on your face. You wereabout to kick my but and then you smile. Was it about your parents?” Ifrown.“HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOST TO KNOW?” I lost my cool. “ I don’tknow how they looked like. You won’t tell me.” Again the stupid look. Isigh. Then another flash back. I was being hold against my will by… a police? A parent? Family member? I don’t know, but in front of me were two body one of a woman and the other of a man the had a hole on their heart? Ihad a stake with bloody hands, but I was not sorry I just wanted to burn the body’s, but they took them away and say they were going to have a smallfuneral and buried them. I was crying and telling them not to…“Let me go! You don’t understand they have to be burn!” I was looking atthem with hate. Somebody slap me.“You just kill our parents! And you want to burn them without a Christianceremony?”“They are evil! They are…”“WHAT! Linda?” The guy that was holding me prick me with a needle andeverything went blank.“Linda are you ok? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Miss Lewis cameto my side and touch my cheek 
“ What did you remember?”“Did I kill my parents?” I whisper. She sigh. It was obvious she was waitingfor this day.
“Yes.”“Can I know why?” She eye me for a second.“Your parents gave your brother a ticket to France as a birthday gift. Youwere 17 back then. You call your brother telling him that your parents turninto vampires and they send him away so they could turn you. He ask whynot turn the both of you and you said…” She looked at me worried.“What did I say?”“You told your brother that they knew your brother could kill them easy before they turn him, but not you, because you were only a girl and youwere 17, so there was no way you could stop them. And after you were likethem you were going to thank them.”“Why would I believe that crap?”“Well, your brother ask the same exact question, and you told him they biteyour neck and snack on you.” I wince.“Did he actually saw a bite?”“No, but he did find you fighting with your parents. He try to hold youdown, but you grab a bat and knock him down.” I wince at that to. “You broke the bat in half and use it as a stake and I really don’t know how. Youkill both of your parents.” I started to cry.“Oh my God! That’s why Anthony don’t come to see me. He hates me!”“How you know your brother name?” Great! She went back to be all psychology on me.“It came to me.”“That’s so good! It’s a.”“Can I go to my room please!”“Sure. The section it’s over.” She smile at me, but I just ran towards myroom.

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