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32 Emanations

32 Emanations



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Published by bgeller4936

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Published by: bgeller4936 on Aug 02, 2009
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32 EMANATIONS (Revised and Enlarged) by Bill Heidrick (ASCII Version)Copyright (c) 1989, 1993 e.v. All Rights reserved.Bill HeidrickP.O.Box 430Fairfax, CA 94978 USA(415) 454-5176LIMITED LICENSEThe text on this file down to the next row of asterisks must accompany allcopies made of this file.In particular, this paragraph and the copyright notice are not to be deleted orchanged on any copiesor print-outs of this file. With these provisos, anyone may copy this file forpersonal use or research.Copies may be made for others at reasonable cost of copying and mailing only, noadditional chargesmay be added.*************************************************************************Where Hebrew is rendered below by English letter transliteration, thefollowing substitutions have been used:A = Aleph ------- not correct for pronunciation.B = BetG = GemelD = DaletH = HehV = VauZ = ZainCh = Chet ------- not correct for pronunciation.T = TetY = YodK = KophL = LamedM = MemN = NunS = Samekha'a = AyinP = PehTz = TzaddiQ = QofR = ReshSh = ShinTh = Taw -------- not correct for pronunciation.*************************************************************************-oOo-[FIGURE #1: A large Hebrew letter Aleph]
PART ONEThe Path of InitiationThis approach to self-realization through Qabalah takes inspiration fromthe lodge initiationsystem of the Order of the Golden Dawn and the schema of Crowley's A.'. A.'.. AKircher Tree ofLife is used as a trellis for the growth of consciousness from the most physicalstates to the mostspiritual. Each of the ten Sephiroth is treated as a type of consciousness thatcan be attained throughorderly passage over twenty-two connecting paths. The Sephiroth are representedby circles and thenumbers from ten (10) to one (1). The Twenty-two paths are represented by linesconnecting thecircles of the Sephiroth and by the numbers from thirty-two (32) to eleven (11).[FIGURE # 2:Full page illustration of the Tree of Life goes hereThe Sephiroth are circles with only the numbers 1 to 10inside them. The Kricher paths are drawn in, connectingthe Sephiroth with simple lines. Only the numbers 11 to32 are placed on the paths. Curved around the outer topof each Sephira is the name of the Sephira in Hebrew,while curved around the outer bottom of each is the Englishtranslation.][FIGURE # 3: Circle with "MALKUT" at the 10top inside, "10" in the center and "Physicalconsciousness" in the lower half]The Sephira Malkut10Malkut is the Kingdom of the physical.Consciousness at this level is limited to physical existence and physicalsensation. Little occursthat could be called self aware thought. Reflex, instinct and undigested memoryof physical events arethe highest qualities of Malkut consciousness. This is the mental state of onewho thinks only ofliving from moment to moment. There is no True emotion here and no true reason,only themechanics of existence on earth. A purposeless life is lived by nearlyunconscious beings. The Hadesof Greek and Roman legend is the lowest level of existence, the level ofspiritless, soulless shells.Malkut is Hades unless it is joined to higher states of consciousness.
[FIGURE # 4: Same as # 3, but there is a vertical lineextending directly upward from the circle. The line islabeled "Taw 32"]The Path of Taw32Malkut to YesodMotion in the physical world of Malkut has a way of continuing. Insectsmake rhythmic sounds.Babies cry until their needs are met. Yet sometimes the insects seem to singwithout need. Soundsmade by a baby are often made for their own sake. Even the growling offrightened beasts tends tomimic language. Such sounds and actions are music and dance to natural rhythms.Efforts to attracta mate or parent or to repel an enemy gradually develop into primitive art,religion and law.[FIGURE # 5: Same as # 4, but now add Yesod.]The Sephira Yesod9Yesod is the Foundation of imagination.When a peacock spreads his rainbow, he sees an astral peahen of greatbeauty. Children feelangels bending down to love them. Fear summons nightmares of devils and gape-jawed horror. Fromexperiences of the physical, dreams, visions and legends are woven. These forma consciousness onceremoved from the earth, a lunar dream of lands unseen by mortal eye and filledwith music that nevercame from lips or instruments.Yesod is beginning self awareness. Boundaries between self and otherbecome dim. Harshphysical edges of Malkut soften into mental pressures. Yesod does not know thefiery wall betweenideas that produces Hod or the touch and flow that blends and separates inNetzach.[FIGURE # 6: Same as # 5, but now add path 31.]The Path of Shin31Malkut to HodFrom the pain and necessity of Malkut a harsh power grows. In the physicalworld there are teeththat cut and claws that rend. The farmer wounds earth that life may rise fromred clay. A rose prickswith thorns to guard her bloom. Among the hungry, "stranger" and "enemy" areone word. From therule of tooth and claw, fiery judgment rises. This is the fence about a mindthat keeps away harm and

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