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The Way of Enderase Amen

The Way of Enderase Amen



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Published by Ras Nahmir Amun

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Published by: Ras Nahmir Amun on Aug 02, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Enderase AmenEnderase Amen
 Nobel Servant of God Nobel Servant of GodIs a spiritual, social, based philosophy based on historical, ancestral and cultural normsand literature of black people the world over with a general reverence for the Nile ValleyCivilizations. The path of Enderase is a way of life. It is not a new religion or cult or newage phenomenon. Moreover it is the marriage of African ancestral norms, philosophy,culture and literature. We declare there is no one way to enlightenment, salvation or glorythere is only Amen's way; all knowledge is of Amen confusion is mans alone. Weworship no images, idols or a Human or Gods. All people are born spiritually equal.Without Knowledge and Order people revert back to their baser animal instincts, ignorethe Mind and Soul and forget to walk with Amen and fall to chaos: we follow theexample of the Prophet and High Priest Imhotep (Enoch) in wisdom and character.African traditional religion is often connected with the communal aspect of life.Examples include social behaviors such as the respect for parents and elders,appropriately raising children, providing hospitality, and being honest, trustworthy andcourageous.Through Self Knowledge and Order one can obtain and master Power, Peace andPurpose; to commit to action to find wisdom through wisdom to know justice. To be justis to be fair and to be fair is to know peace.We share in the old tradition of student and teacher. Through discourse, reflection,meditation, prayer, drums music and physical conditioning, Yoga, Capoeira etc.Our Ministers or like teachers because none is holy and good but Amen!We honor our Amen, Earth, Family, Friends Community and Ancestors; through Loveand Libation.
Amani – Customs and Norms
There is only one true creator the All in All Amen; Amen is all things all forms and allnames and receives All Praise; Amen alone is God.All begins within and without know thy self.Purified Prostrate with hands in front open palms to elbows slanted forward from bodyto the East toward Ta-Iterw (Nile Valley) and Merita (Africa) home of our ancestors3 times a day Dwira Ha (Praise and Blessings) Ratuk – Sunrise, Raya – High NoonRatum – Sunset – NightFirst Dwira Ha– 'Holy is Amen' from the Shat’Sila Ma’at Second Book,The Divine Sesen vs 92-105Second Dwira Ha- “Mind of Amen” from the Shat’Sila Ma’at Fifth Book,The Seen and Unseen Amen vs32-49Third Dwira Ha –“Praise of Amen” from the Shat’Sila Ma’at Seventh Book, His SecretSermon on the Mound vs 73-87Overstanding the twelve torments of Mankind and the 10 virtues by the Seventh Book His Secret Sermon on the Mound. Vs 28-46In all things live by Ma'at Amen's law of truth and order Absolutely No worship of spirits, idols or images of people and things alive or dead. Todo so is Blasphemy against Amen's Law Ma'at.In the tradition of the Prophet Imhotep; Amani constantly seek wisdom in the Sciences,Crafts, and Arts. We are the learned of the Earth; Wisdom is Mans salvation.Representations are allowed. But not consecrated.Amani respect but do not worship any scripture or book or believe they are infallibleAmen is the only truth fault is in the ignorance of Man.Pour water libations as an acknowledgment to the family, ancestors, Neter that you wishto ask blessings. Do not worship or prostrate down to Neteru or Ancestors.
Food offering in the honor or remembrance of an ancestor, friend, family, event or allowed but do not waste or misuse maintain cleanliness do not leave out perishableoffering longer than 8 hours.Invoking and divining the forces as an individual family or community should only bedone by the learned Initiated.All tree’s and plants and herbs are given for medication; be disciplined of thereapplication.Libations are poured three times, in honor of Amen, Earth, Man,Amani believe in refined reincarnation and reciprocity. It is like a man who dips a bucketin a deep well. The weight of the bucket when lifted up from the well would tell whether it is full of water or not. If it is felt to be light and not full, down goes back the bucket . . .until the weight assures the man the bucket is full. So is the soul's coming forth and going back into the source. He is not lifted up and taken into service with the source until his bucket of 
individual essence or destiny conferred by Amen is completely filled withgood -- until the destiny of the soul is fully realized. And then it is a glad home going for the fully integrated soul. The return of a soul to earth is not therefore like a condemnedcriminal to be hanged, but more like a little child ready to learn more and to do better.Through education and training Amani are expected to intensify spiritual energy,through, spiritual maturity and discipline.Amani recognize our beliefs through the complex of songs, dance, histories, stories andother cultural concepts which make up our spirituality and society and precedent for arbitration.Amani women (Wives) praise the men (Husbands), the men are thankful to the women,the young express appreciation for the old, and the old recognize the contributions of theyoung. Bless and honor the family.Amani never rushes into business without first making a few polite inquires on health andfamily summary disposition.In their dress and behavior the Amani symbolizes the Teachings of The Shat NesuEnderase
Amani act on and by the System of Four- Conception, Design, Construction, and Use; throughdaily
Mantra, Meditation, and Prayer Amani are to build our Par’ur (Temples) and Cities to Amen, Knowledge and NaturalHarmony.

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