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Muslim Face of the EU

Muslim Face of the EU



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Published by Steve Diggins
Rise of Islam in the EU.
Rise of Islam in the EU.

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Published by: Steve Diggins on Aug 02, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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by R. Cort Kirkwood 
n early May, Libyan dictator Muam-mar Gaddafi predicted Europe’s fu-ture: “We have 50 million Muslimsin Europe. There are signs that Allah willgrant Islam victory in Europe — withoutswords, without guns, without conquests.The 50 million Muslims of Europe willturn it into a Muslim continent within afew decades.” And he is right, if presenttrends hold. Muslims will dominate Eu-rope if Turkey, which contains 77 millionMuslims, is allowed into the EuropeanUnion, as is now proposed, and its citizensare allowed to live anywhere in the EU.That is about the only conclusion one candraw from the growing Muslim populationof the continent, which shows no signs of slowing. The demographics prove it. About1.5 million Muslims live in Great Britain.Another 890,000 live in the Netherlands,with 380,000 in Belgium and 280,000 inSweden. Nearly 200,000 live in Austria.France and Germany have more than 6million and about 3 million respectively. Inall, some 50 million Muslims have enteredEurope since the 1950s, when virtually noMuslims lived there. They now compose 7percent of the population.As Muslim birth rates surge, native Eu-ropeans are aborting and contraceptingthemselves to death. The collapsing birthrates across Europe aren’t just low; theyare below replacement levels, meaningthat Europeans will soon go the way of the dodo bird. The bare minimum replace-ment rate is 2.1 children per woman (or210 children per 100 women). Germanyand Italy, at 80 births per 100 women andnegative population growth, are headedfor literal extinction. The German gov-ernment predicts that the land of Goetheand Beethoven will be a Muslim coun-try by 2050. France isn’t far behind with125 births per 100. The Netherlands’ andSpain’s rate is about 100 births per 100women. The European Union as a wholeis 102.5 births per 100 women.The concern is what Europe’s face willlook like when Muslims are ascendantdemographically, and how much that facewill remotely resemble what used to becalled Christendom.
Cultural Change
Naturally, as the Muslim population hasgrown, so has its visible presence. Rot-terdam’s mayor is an immigrant Mus-lim. Another Muslim immigrant sits inthe British House of Lords. In SouthernFrance, mosques are more numerous thanCatholic churches. As European Christian-ity declines, its churches become mosquesas well. Minarets poke into the skyline of Europe’s old cities and towns. In Brussels,Belgium, Muslim squatters simply beganholding services in Our Lady of PerpetualSuccor, apparently with the permission of the bishop. Open-air meat markets line citystreets. Schools serve Halal food (foodspermissible under Islamic law), not just
 R. Cort Kirkwood is managing editor of the
in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
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As overall birth rates throughout Europe collapse, falling well below replacement levels,the birth rates and immigration rates of Muslims have been high. Because Muslims oftendon’t assimilate, strife is inevitable.
Muslim Face of the EU
to Muslim children but also to Christianswithout their knowledge, while so manyMuslims populate Norway’s prisons thatthe authorities gave up trying to serve dif-ferent foods and adopted an all-Halal dietfor prisoners to keep the Muslims quiet.Public swimming pools now segregatemen and women into different times of the day. In London, the Croydon Counciladopted a Muslim-only swim time.The Muslim transplants often do not ac-cept cultural differences and are not hesi-tant to show their disdain of non-Muslims.As the late Oriana Fallaci observed, Mus-lims in Europe often show their contemptfor Christianity by publicly urinating onchurch properties. Others urinate in bap-tismal fonts or defecate on altars.
This sacrilege and cultural jihad is just thetip of the iceberg when it comes to whatEuropeans face every day, for the illegalimmigrants from North Africa and else-where are also conducting a crime wave.A quick Google search of the Internetreveals just what radical Muslim immi-grants and their European-born childrenhave done, and are doing, to the continent.A few years ago, a Muslim fanatic mur-dered Theo van Gogh because he producedthe film
, which documents Is-lam’s inherent misogyny. The woman whoproduced it with him, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, isunder sentence of death by Muslim radi-cals. In November 2005, Paris and othercities in France went up in flames when“youths,” as the media described them,went on a rampage after police killed an-other “youth” they were pursuing for acrime. Of course, the “youths” were Mus-lims, and cars burned around Paris for threedays. In the City of Lights, the police knowwhich areas they had better not go into.In Scandinavia, European girls havesuffered under what the European bloggerFjordman calls a “rape wave.” As he re-ported in 2005, “according to a new studyfrom the Crime Prevention Council, Brå, itis four times more likely that a known rapistis born abroad, compared to persons bornin Sweden. Resident aliens from Algeria,Libya, Morocco and Tunisia dominate thegroup of rape suspects. According to thesestatistics, almost half of all perpetrators areimmigrants. In Norway and Denmark, weknow that non-western immigrants, whichfrequently means Muslims, are grosslyoverrepresented on rape statistics. In Oslo,Norway, immigrants were involved in twoout of three rape charges in 2001.”And then, of course, Europe is sufferingwith its share of “honor killings,” the Mus-lim practice of killing wives, daughters,and sisters who displease their husbands,fathers, and brothers by considering di-vorce, dating non-Muslims, or adoptingwestern attitudes or accouterments.On February 7, 2005, the
Boston Globe
 reported in 2006, a man walked up andshot his sister to death because she fledthe husband in her arranged marriage andreturned to Germany with their son. Shealso refused to wear the hajib, the Mus-lims’ scarf, and instead adopted west-ern wear, including earrings, makeup,and jeans. Frighteningly, all three of herbrothers planned it. Students at a Muslimschool outside Berlin, the
reported,“greeted news of her slaying with loud ap-proval. Her brothers were hailed as localheroes.”
Der Speigel
, in its article on thesubject in 2005, put an even finer pointon the schoolboys’ approval of these kill-ings. “She only had herself to blame,” oneboy said. “She deserved what she got. Thewhore lived like a German.”
Muslims ascendant:
In the 1950s, few Muslims lived in Europe. Now Muslims are 50-million strong and growing, while the population of people ofChristian heritage plummets. Because Muslims often live in enclaves and don’t assimilate, many expect violent cultural clashes to occur.
   A   P   I  m  a  g  e  s
Nor is Britain spared these grisly murders.In London in 2004, Iraqi Kurd AbdullahYones held his 16-year-old daughter over abathtub, then slashed her throat. Her crime?She wrote love letters to a classmate. In Bir-mingham in 1998, 19-year-old RukhsanaNaz, pregnant by her lover, tried to leavean arranged marriage. Her brother strangledher with a jump rope while her mother heldher down. Fadime Sahendal also refused anarranged marriage and planned to marry aSwede. In 2002 in Stockholm, her fatherput a bullet in her head.These honor killings are so widespreadthat European police forces convened ameeting in The Hague in 2004 to discussthem. As
Der Speigel
reported, “The Turk-ish women’s organization Papatya hasdocumented 40 instances of honor killingsin Germany since 1996. Examples includea Darmstadt girl whose two brothers pum-meled her to death with a hockey stick in April 2004 after they learned she hadslept with her boyfriend. In Augsburg inApril [2005], a man stabbed his wife andseven-year-old daughter because the wifewas having an affair. In December 2003, aTuebingen father strangled his 16-year-olddaughter and threw her body into a lakebecause she had a boyfriend.In its article from 2006, the
report-ed that police in Germany and England areinvestigating cold-case murders. In 2005alone, eight women in Berlin were murderedsuspiciously, along withnearly 50 in the six yearsbefore the
articlewas published. In 2005,British police reclassified18 murders as honor kill-ings: “Scotland Yard hasreopened probes into 109suspicious deaths, cover-ing a 10-year span, thatseem to have been familyconspiracies to kill Mos-lem women.” London’smetropolitan police beganreviewing files as well. In 2004, they beganreinvestigating 52 murders in London and65 across England and Wales.Nothing has changed since that reportwas filed in 2005. In May last year inHamburg, Germany, a Muslim man, alsoa career criminal, stabbed his sister 20times because she was not living the se-date life of an obedient Muslim woman ashe thought she should. She paid for that“crime” with her life. A year later, also inMay, the Voice of America disclosed that“a report compiled by the Council of Eu-rope warns that the killings of women byfamily members to protect their so-calledhonor is far more extensive in Europe thanpreviously believed. The report was pub-lished by the council’s gender equalitycommittee at a meeting in Istanbul.”Given that Europeans are consider-ing admitting Turkey to the EuropeanUnion, they may want to consider whatthey might be importing. “Here in Tur-key the figures for 2007 show that over200 women were killed here in the nameof family or community honor,” a Brit-ish parliamentarian told VOA. “And it’s just the tip of the iceberg: In the UnitedKingdom; in Germany; in Belgium; inFrance; in Norway, there is evidence of honor crimes and honor killings.”
The End of Free Speech
Aside from criminal violence, Muslims inEurope, particularly politically active Mus-lims, are perpetrating another crime againstthe Frenchmen, Italians, Germans, and oth-ers who welcomed them. Those who wouldprotest the Islamization of Europe have forseveral years suffered criminal prosecutionfor violating hate-speech laws.The most prominent amongthe last is Dutch Parliamentar-ian Geert Wilders. Alarmed bywhat Muslims are doing to theNetherlands, Wilders produceda 14-minute film called
,which documents the violence,misogyny, and anti-Semitismwith which the Koran, the Mus-lims’ holy book, imbues its re-ligionists. As reported on
breaking-news website, Wilders has beensubject to all manner of indig-
Given that Europeans are consideringadmitting Turkey to the European Union,they may want to consider what they might be importing. “Here in Turkey the figures for 2007 show that over 200 women were killedhere in the name of family or communityhonor,” a British parliamentarian told VOA.
Worth screaming about:
Asculpture entitled “Scream” isunveiled near where filmmakerTheo van Gogh was stabbed andshot to death in Amsterdam bya Muslim for producing a filmcriticizing Islam’s treatment ofwomen.
   A   P   I  m  a  g  e  s

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