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1 Week 31, Day 1: Monday, 3 August 2009 Nehemiah

1 Week 31, Day 1: Monday, 3 August 2009 Nehemiah



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Published by Rob Callison
For the Defenders of Freedom Reading Plan
For the Defenders of Freedom Reading Plan

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Published by: Rob Callison on Aug 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1Week 31, Day 1: Monday, 3 August 2009Nehemiah 9, 10Why did the Israelites separate themselves from all foreigners to worship God? (9:2)What is the longest amount of time you have spent in confession before the Lord?(9:3)What is usually one of the first things God’s people proclaim about Him? (9:6)What commandment is singled out for mention by the Israelites? (9:14)What begins the path to destruction? (9:16, 17)What is the result of following men as leaders? (9:17)Why aren’t God’s people totally destroyed? (9:19)What instructs God’s people? (9:20)What is the first sign of rebellion? (9:26)How and why does God punish? (9:27)What is God’s instrument for spiritual development and sanctification? (9:29)What does every man need to understand about God? (9:33)What commitment did all the Israelites reconfirm? (10:29)How did the Israelites’ commitment to honor the Sabbath impact the whole world?(10:31)What helped the Israelites prevent the temptation of usury? (10:31)Proverbs 3What brings health to the body? (3:8)Who does the Lord discipline? (3:12)Who does the Lord take into His confidence? (3:32)
2Luke 6What did Jesus teach concerning the Sabbath? (6:1-10)How did Jesus pray? (6:12)How will the world characterize God’s people? (6:22)How are we to treat our enemies? (6:27-36)How is the “judging” we are forbidden from related to “condemnation?” Is aChristian in a position to condemn anyone? (6:37)Does God forgive you in the same manner you forgive others? (6:38)What does what you do and say reveal about your heart? (6:43-45)Did Jesus consider obedience to be vital to a healthy relationship with the Lord?(6:46-49)Week 31, Day 2: Tuesday, 4 August 2009Nehemiah 11-13Are there many ways to serve the Lord that may not be considered by most to bespiritual? (11:19)How much planning, organization, training, discipline, and attention to detail wentinto the ceremonial Worship of the Lord? (12)What does God due to evil directed at His people? (13:2)What happens without the continual supervision of godly, committed leadership?(13:4-12)Why are laws and regulations required for God’s people? (13:19-22)Are God’s servants always peaceable? (13:23-25; see also John 2:15)What led Solomon to sin? (13:26)Proverbs 4How does Proverbs 4 relate to Luke 6?
3Luke 7What did the centurion understand apparently better than anyone else in Israel?(7:1-10)Why did Jesus help the widow? (7:13)Was John’s faith weakened in prison? (7:19)Can the proud of spirit and the arrogant be reached by any approach? (7:29-35)Can any man make amends to God for His sins? (7:42)Did Jesus mince words in order to avoid conflict or an awkward situation? Did Jesusspeak to the Pharisee out of compassion for him? (7:44-47)Week 31, Day 3: Wednesday, 5 August 2009Ester 1, 2What was occurring culturally in Xerxes’ kingdom the so greatly troubled the wisemen? (1)How terrible was Xerxes’ command to captive Jews? (2:8)Does God work through circumstances, transparent to most, to bless His people?(2:19-23)Proverbs 5What does a lack of discipline and obedience lead to? (5:14)Is there such thing as secret sin? (5:21)Luke 8Who supported Jesus’ ministry financially? (8:3)What impact does God’s Word have on you? (8:11-15)Does God expect a response to His Word, and does your spiritual growth depend onhow you respond to what you currently understand? (8:18, 21)

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