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Jeff Cooper Isms

Jeff Cooper Isms



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Published by oblivionboyj

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Published by: oblivionboyj on Aug 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Joy To The World!!
`Tis the season to be jolly - so let's! The most important element of anyone's lifeis a sense of humor. No matter how rough the road may be, if you cannot see the joke, your life has been a waste of everybody's time. As we close out the year 2002, we have plenty to gripe about, but gallows humor is the prime virtue of thesoldier, and there seems to be plenty of it hanging around. It is said by one of thechurch fathers (I forget who) that one of the ecstasies of the blessed is leaningover the ramparts of Heaven and enjoying the torments of the damned in Hellbelow. That may not be a very inspiring thought, but we cannot help likening it toour appreciation of the political discomforture of the Left. Those other people -not mentioning any names - make very miserable sounds at this time. May theyindeed continue to do so!We continue to be asked whether we prefer the straight or the arched mainspringhousing on the 1911 pistol. In my early days, a good many of my mentors gavethis matter a great deal of thought, but I was never convinced one way or another. I rather liked the appearance of the arched housing, but both fittingsworked well for me in formal competition.We hear of a new triumph for the old reliable in Vietnam. It appears that a sailor in a downed helicopter was able to repel boarders with splendid success, usinghis own personal 1911. He was almost the only man to survive the crash, but heleft no less than 37 gooks flat on the field. The Internet has it that he wasrecommended for the Medal of Honor, but downgraded to Navy Cross. Internalcopy is impossible to check out, but we can look up the awards of Navy Crossesand get the story straight. This tale, if true, is the best single episode on my list of 45-caliber triumphs. Even if it is not true, something pretty fancy must haveoccurred. We will get back to you.At this season you may remember the response of the little boy who was askedto name the Four Seasons by his school teacher. His list was: Duck Season,Trout Season, Deer Season, and Christmas. Now there was a little boy beingbrought up right!As we continue to deplore egregious semantics, we note thus the term "sniper"applied to the miserable jihadis of Maryland. As we have said before, a sniper isa highly trained technician. A loathly murderer should not be dignified by theterm. A man who kills noncombatants at random is simply a murderer, andshould be so called. It takes no particular skill to hit a man-sized target with arifle, slow-fire, across a football field. These people should be spat upon, notdignified.
is an emotion.
is a policy. Neither is a target nor an enemy. Letus then nominate something we can shoot at.
 Reports from the field continue to point out that the shotgun is not a preferredinstrument on dangerous game. A properly designed slug, such as theBrennecke, in 12 gauge and confined to ranges of 25 yards or less, can do goodthings on lions and bears, but a good rifle will do the job better in every case. Theservice shotgun is best using heavy shot, outdoors, after dark, but it is also goodusing bird shot indoors as house defense. It is not, however, first choice for biggame.You may recall a recent movie about the siege of Stalingrad which was entitled
"Enemy at the Gates." 
In our present situation we find that the enemy is not atthe gates, but rather well within them. These goblins who blew up theskyscrapers were well inside. It is time we went looking for them at their point of origin.The modern technique of the pistol, evolved between the wars, is now fairly wellunderstood in the right circles. Unfortunately, however, not everyone has theword, and a good deal of doctrine is being formulated without basis in practice.To say, for instance, that sighted fire is too slow, simply reveals that the speaker has not put the matter to a proper test. To say that people cannot be taught to dothings correctly when under severe stress simply denies the experience of history. Theorizers can claim anything they wish, but they need not be taken asauthoritative."In a free country you have the right to be offended anytime and any place byanything, but you do not have the right to be taken seriously."Angus MacDonaldIt has been said that if you are not a socialist by twenty, you have no heart; and if you are still a socialist at thirty, you have no head. Guru say: If you are not acurmudgeon by eighty, you have not been paying attention.This talk of biological warfare reminds me that in Command and Staff School atQuantico we were treated to a session on the subject by a group of senior medical men from Washington. The program was kept as secret as possible,even to the elimination of texts or notes. What sticks in my mind, however, is thefact that the use of any known disease appeared inefficient to the practitioners. Itwas claimed that any sort of symptoms could be created by almost any sort of distribution system, but that no existing disease would be used. To be efficient,an entirely new microbe or virus would be created in a laboratory which could notbe combated because it could not be identified. Nothing as simpleminded asanthrax or smallpox would be used, but rather something called "Q-27," or thelike, to which all of our people would be immunized in advance. The messagewas pretty frightening at the time, but it seems to have been dropped bysubsequent generations of lab men.
In this troubled age in which we live, we should note that a cell phone hasseveral times been mistaken for a hand grenade, with lethal consequences. If you must use one of those things, keep it in your pocket until you are in a serenesetting!We have been reading extensively into Islam since the atrocities of September 11th. The more we read, the more difficult the problem is to understand. ThisMoslem doctrine has enormous appeal to a great many people, but we aredefeated by the question of 
this is so. The Koran is the Word of God, asrevealed by his prophet. (In Arabic the word prophet does not signify one whoforetells the future, as in English, but rather the messenger of God, in this case.)After he became convinced that he was indeed the messenger of God,Mohammad had only to consult the most high in order to get the straight word onanything, from how many times to pray to how to beat your wife (carefully so asnot to break any bones). The appeal here, it seems to me, is to the universalhuman failing of intellectual laziness. A Moslem does not have to think aboutthings, but only to consult the Koran. There are certain problems in this wherecontradictions occur, but they are usually laid to inaccurate translation from thatform of Arabic which is being consulted. Since Arabic is not a precise language,the mullahs can discuss these matters at length without arriving at definiteconclusions.This is a tough faith to combat, since it simply does not admit to any validcontradiction. We strongly recommend Serge Trifkovic's new book
"The Sword of the Prophet," 
to those who wish to go into the matter.The 376 Steyr seems to be doing very well, both in Alaska and in the Africanbush. We also have two nice action reports on moose in Canada. There is noreason why it should not, since it is only one click below a 375 Holland. Thevirtue of the 376, of course, is that it can be had in Scout configuration, withattendant advantages. Its ammunition is not easy to come by, but if you load your own that is not an important matter.We have been receiving a lot of queries recently about whether the 45-70cartridge will suffice for buffalo. (That is
not bison.) I have alwaysmaintained that one should opt for a heavy rifle for buffalo, if possible -something on the order of the 458 Lott or the 470 Nitro - but various case studieshave come back from the field reporting that the 45-70, properly loaded, willshoot clear through a buffalo from side to side at buffalo distances, which are 30paces or less. If the penetration is there, the damage will be done, assumingcorrect placement. Thus a "Co-pilot," in the hands of a good man, should begood and plenty. My own experience has not been broad enough to justify apositive opinion, but I think a 45-70 will do. I do not recommend it as first choiceas a buffalo gun, but I think it will do. I look forward to further case studies fromthe bush.

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